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3-Mars (Mangal, Kujaa)
[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]
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Mars is known as Mangal, Bhaum, Kujaa, and Angaarak also.

Mangal himself is a very good benefic Planet and alone can give a Raaj Yog.
Mars is not debilitated in Cancer in 10th house.
Mars is in Retrograde 1.26' in Leo in 11th house.

Mars is a Benefic Planet
Mars is the Lord of Scorpio Raashi
Mars is the Lord of Mrigshiraa, Chitraa, Dhanishthaa Nakshatra
Mars' enemy is Saturn

The Moon and Mars are supposed to be friends but Mars is debilitated in the Moonís sign Cancer while the Moon is debilitated in Marsí sign Scorpio.

Mars and Saturn are inimical but
Mars is exalted in Saturn sign Capricorn whereas
Saturn gets debilitated in Marsí sign Aries.

Mars is the significator of these matters. All about one's strength (physical and mental), products produced from the Earth, qualities of the brothers and sisters, cruelty, battle, courage, antagonism, the fire of the kitchen, gold, kinsmen, weapons, thieves, enemies, enthusiasm, sexual intercourse with another man's wife, falsehood, prowess, high thinking, sin, wounds, and acquisition of the position of a commander-in-chief should be ascertained from Mars.
[Phal Deepika by Mantreswara, Ch. 2, Sl. 2]

If Mars is in the Ascendant the native will have wound marks in the body or marks left behind by boils. The native will have a stout body, will have stealing habit, a big navel and reddish hands. He will be cruel, strong, stupid, of angry temperament, extraordinarily valourous, wealthy, unstable and he will suffer from peculiar diseases, sufferer of mental troubles. He will also be of wicked disposition.

If Mars is in his own signs (Aries or Scorpio) or is exalted (is in Capricorn), the native will be healthy and of strong constitution, and will get honors from Government enhancing his reputation. He will also be long lived.

If Mars is in conjunction with a malefic or enemy planet, the native will be short lived, will have few children, will have an ugly appearance and will suffer from diseases and pains on account of rheumatism.

If Mars is exalted in the Ascendant, the native will be wealthy and will be fond of sight seeing. If Mars is associated with or aspected by malefic or is in enemy sign, the native will suffer from eye diseases. Bhrigu Sootra, Mars in the 1st house.

Mars is an accident prone sign, impulsive, quick temper. So Mars in Aries, as Aries rules head - accident is expected. Everything that happens to us has a reason.

If Mars is not in his own House, the Native's education can suffer being Mercury in debilitation, affliction etc.

Mars in 5th House always gives some kind of problem in delivery - some complication, surgery or breach presentation, gynological problems, unromantic mental life in case of males as well as females, even though the marriage is turbulent. So is true with the Saturn in 5th House.



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