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3-Mars (Mangal, Kujaa)-2
[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]
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Birth of Mars
How Mangal was born? It is an interesting story.

It is said that once Daksh Prajaapati organized a great sacrifice in order to celebrate his position as the most powerful king in the universe. Daksh invited all the chief gods, demi gods, sages, and other eminent beings of the universe, except Lord Shiv, who was Daksh's own son-in-law. When Shiv's wife Satee came to know of this, she insisted on attending the event, even though Shiv persuaded her not to go there, because she was not invited. Satee pleaded that there was no harm in going to father's, friend's and Guru's house without invitation. But Shiv Jee said - "You are right, but since he is not happy with me, he has not invited you too. This is bad that is why I am not in favor of your going there." But Satee ignored her husband's reason and went to her father's house. She found that she was not welcomed there. To add to this insult, Daksh insulted Shiv also by not giving him his Yagya share. Sati who was overwhelmed with emotions and said in the Yagya Shaalaa - "I cannot tolerate any insult to my husband who is the supreme being of the universe and is worshipped by all Devtaa, and I don't want to keep this body also which is born of such a man who insults Devaadhidev." Saying this Satee then committed suicide by burning in the flames created from within her own body.

Naarad Jee told this to Shiv, and Shiv got very angry.  As we know, Shiv is as quick to anger as he is to please. As the fury rose within him, he started sweating a drop of sweat, filled with his rage fell from his forehead. No sooner did the drop of sweat fall on earth, it turned into a fiery being of unlimited Valor who after blazing his way through the earth stood in front of his father with folded hands and asked his father to give him a command. (Some say that in anger Shiv Jee uprooted his flock of hair and hit it on the ground which caused to produce this Veerbhadra.)

Shiv Jee said - "Go and destroy Daksh and his Sacrifice." The being, called Veerabhadra, went to Daksh's place at the sacrificial site and started destroying Daksh's Yagya. He then decapitated Daksh and then returned to his father in triumph. Pleased with his act, Shiv then said "You have done well to destroy Daksh. For this you shall live in the Heavens where you shall become the foremost of planets, and since you are born from the Earth, you shall be called Angaarak (Son of the Earth). Pleased, the relentless Veerabhadra frenzy abated and he was transformed into a planet, equal of the great Kaarttikeya.

What do we learn from this story?
1. The apple does not fall far from the tree. A fiery father gives birth to a fiery son.
2. Kujaa was born as a result of Anger and Wrath of Shiv, hence they are all Kujaa's significations too.
3. Since Kujaa used weapons to destroy Daksh, and thus Kujaa became the Kaarak for weapons too.
4. Kujaa also represents butchers, recollect that Kujaa butchered Daksh by slicing off his head, that is why he represents butchers too.

Now we have a myth that gives us logic to these significations being attributed to Kujaa



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