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[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]

Moon in the 1st House - pure water

Moon in the 4th House the exalted Moon shows tensions with mother.

Moon in 7th House is Avataar of Lakshmee - so one should not trade milk (Lakshmee)

Moon in the 12th House - only one house away from the Sun, and with Saturn. So I know the Moon's afflictions.
[Mark Kincaid]

Chandra and Shani Yuti, makes people depressed very fast and due to this one becomes more nervous.

Suppose the Moon is exalted in the 7th House, what results should be expected?
The Moon is inimical to Venus will it give inimical results in Taurus due to ownership of Venus or will it give the results of exaltation as Moon is exalted there? We find mostly, that when the Moon is in Taurus, in the 7th House, though the 9th Lord (Bhaagyaadhipati), gives inimical results.


Moon in Hast Nakshatra
Auspicious Activities :
Good for most activities done under the Sun; Arts & Crafts; Activities that stimulate laughter; All types of hobbies especially things like pottery and jewelry making; Planting seeds and Gardening in general; Domestic Work; Studying sciences & Astrology; Learning Languages; All activities requiring hand skills and repetition; Magic Tricks; Playing games; All business activities requiring tact & shrewdness; Good for marriage; Buying & Selling, especially items like grains, textiles etc.; Good for getting a good bargain; Dealing with children; Thievery; Holistic treatments of diseases; Travel and Change of Residence.

Inauspicious Activities :
Planning long-term goals and objectives; Sexual Activity; Does not support Relaxation or Inactivity; Unfavorable for all activities requiring executive ability and maturity; Not good for most nighttime activities.

Practical Examples
--His 10L from Moon is in Baadhak as Lagnesh - this means he should definitely go abroad, as he will not get any success in his birth country.
--Although Chandra does not become Maarak for Mithun Lagna.
He was running Ketu-Budh-Raahu Dashaa.
But Raahu is posited in this House that is why he gains the power of Maarak.
Raahu is placed in the star of Budh who is in the 6th House - House of Disease.
Raahu occupying a Sarp Drekkan seems to have played a very damaging role to his health.
Guru is in Sarp Drekkan, and while this Drekkan is a feminine one... references like "coming from the middle of a great ocean to the shore... dislocated from original place..." are very suggestive for his death.
Most damningly 7th Lord Guru aspects both 2nd Lord Chandra and the 2nd House.

[In case of Ramanujan]

Moon Aspected by Mars
(1) When Moon is in Aries or Scorpio and is aspected by Mars...
People may get eye or tooth troubles ... problems related with arms or poison. A dead person's curse may affect the native. However this will give good status to the native.

(2) If Moon is in Taurus and is aspected by Mars :
More lusty and might be away from his wife and children due to another woman Sambhandh. Might be attracted by young women. Less affection between the native and his mother or separation.

(3) If Moon is in Mithun and is aspected by Mars :
May be well educated and good looking and courageous. This may give wealth and vehicles too.

(4) If Moon is in Cancer and is aspected by Mars :
More courage and less physical comfort . bad for mother's betterment. Less affection between the parents. (father and mother)

(5) If Moon is in Leo and is aspected by Mars :
Native may be short tempered. May give a prominent place in the society. May get Sambandh in police or army field. Not bad for family life.

(6) If Moon is in Virgo and is aspected by Mars :
No happiness from uncle side. Good for education . Mechanic field also good. Good for wealth.

(7) If Moon is in Libra and is aspected by Mars :
Frequent anger. Intelligent. Narrow minded. like other women.

(8) If Moon is in Scorpio and  is aspected by Mars :
Immense courage, hard working, no defeat, acquires wealth.

(9) If Moon is in Sagittarius and is aspected by Mars :
High position in military. Fame ... head of a department .. good appearance and good spouse.

(10) If Moon is in Capricorn and is aspected by Mars :
Person may attract others (Vasheeya power) Good for money. helpful to others. but get angry quickly.

(11) If Moon is in Aquarius and is aspected by Mars:
Not good for much money. Also not in agreeable mood with others. May be away from mother and others.

(12) If Moon is in Pisces and is aspected by Mars :
Native may do sinful acts. Courageous. Mother's value may be not so good.



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