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From   Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1    Read also   Budh

Sudyumn is very important to include and mention here, as he is the cause of starting Chandra Vansh,

Birth of Ilaa
Il was one of the 10 sons of Vaivaswat Manu, the Manu of this Manvantar (7th Manvantar). First, Vaivaswat Manu was childless, so he asked Vashishth Jee to give him a son. Vashishth Jee did a Yagya to give him a son. In the beginning, Manu's wife asked Vashishth Jee to give them a daughter, so when he poured the last Aahuti in the fire, that Yagya gave them a daughter. Although Manu was very happy to see this daughter, but still he wanted a son. So he told Vashishth Jee that how come his Yagya did not give them a son, and gave them a daughter. Vashishth Jee knew what had happened so he said to the King - "Your Hotaa has offered the Aahhuti with the intention of the girl, that is why you have got a girl, but I will give you a son with my Yog's power. So Vashishth Jee prayed Bhagavaan to convert Ilaa into a son. Bhagavaan kindly did so and Ilaa was converted into a son named Sudyumn

Sudyumn as Ilaa Again
Once Sudyumn went for hunting and came to a beautiful forest in the foothills of Meru Parvat. There lived Bhagavaan Shankar with Paarvatee Jee. So as he entered that forest, he became a woman. And not only he, but his all people were also converted into women. They started looking at each other in surprise and all got very sad at this."

Why were all converted into women? That is also a story. One day many great Rishi went there for Shankar Jee's Darshan. At that time Ambikaa Devee was also there and she was not wearing any clothes. Sudden arrival of Rishi made her embarrassed. Quickly she got up from Shankar Jee's lap and put on her clothes. Rishi also saw that Shankar Jee was enjoying with Paarvatee Jee so they also went back. At that time Shankar Jee said to Ambikaa Jee to please her - "Whosoever, except me, will enter this place will become a woman." Since that day men did not go to that place and if anyhow happened to be there became women. Converted to women all people including Sudyumn started wandering around that forest. Thus Manu's son again became a woman even after Vashishth's prayers.

Chandra Vansh
Once Budh saw beautiful Sudyumn wandering around, so he wished that this beautiful woman should be his, female Sudyumn also wished that this mighty handsome man Budh should be her husband. So Budh took her to his Aashram and after a while he had a son from her named Pururavaa. Thus he was the first earthly son of a Divine Devtaa. From here began the Chandra Vansh.

When Sudyumn did not return for some time, Manu got worried about him and asked Vashishth Jee to find out about him. On the other side Sudyumn also remembered Vashishth Jee. Vashishth Jee got very sad seeing the condition of Sudyumn, so he prayed Bhagavaan Shankar to convert him into a man. To respect Vashishth's request, as well as to keep his own words Shankar Jee said - "Vashishth Jee, Your person will remain man for one month and woman for another month. With this arrangement, he will rule the Prithvi." So Sudyumn started ruling Prithvi with this arrangement. When he was a man he was known as Sudyumn and when he was a woman, he was known as Ilaa. But his people did not respect him properly in this way. He had three sons - Utkal, Gaya, and Vimal. They all ruled Dakshinaapath. After long time when Sudyumn got old then he handed over his kingdom to Pururavaa and went to forest.


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