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Abhimanyu is the youngest character of Mahaabhaarat who lost his life in MBH war. His life span is the shortest in the whole Mahaabhaarat according to his work, but he is very important and powerful. In fact Mahaabhaarat doesn't complete without the mention of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was the youngest and the bravest teenage warrior of Mahaabhaarat war. He was only 16 years old and he fought with seven greatest warriors of Kaurav army. It was the black day in Mahaabhaarat war when he alone was killed by seven greatest warriors of Kaurav army in an unjustified way.

Abhimanyu was Arjun and Subhadraa's (Krishn's younger sister) son. He was the disciple of Shree Krishn. Abhimanyu was married to Uttaraa, princess of Viraat Desh, daughter of Raajaa Viraat. When he was 16 years of age, he was killed in Mahaabhaarat's war fighting with a great bravery.

Drone's Chakra Vyooh

One Version,   Another Version
Everybody knew that till Arjun was in the battlefield, it was impossible to defeat Paandav in war. And Duryodhan was desperate to win Paandav. So he threatened Drone to do something.

In fact Duryodhan found a way to win Paandav. If he could arrest Yudhishthir, the war will end as the King will be in his control. So he instructed Dronaachaarya, that if he could not defeat Paandav or kill them at least he should ai to arrest Yudhishthir. He agreed, but still he told that if Arjun was in the field he could not do anything, so if Duryodhan could manage to move Arjun away he might do his work. So Duryodhan asked Susharmaa to do this job. Although he did it successfully but still Drone could not arrest Yudhishthir on that day. Drone asked one chance more, so next day Susharmaa again took Arjun away from the battlefield. On the same day Drone planned for Chakra Vyooh,  because he knew that nobody else knew to fight with Chakra Vyooh except Arjun and krishn and both of them were away from the battlefield. He thought that Yudhishthir would come to fight with Kaurav army and he would be arrested; but he did not know that Abhimany would come there. As he saw Abhimanyu he got stunned - "This child?" His all plans failed.

After some thoughts, Drone created a Padm (Chakra) Vyooh (a special arrangement of army) for Paandav which was impossible to break in for all except Arjun and Krishn in Paandav army. So Drone planned it in such a day that Arjun should be taken away somewhere far from the battlefield on that day, so that he cannot attend that Vyooh, and Drone could arrest Yudhishthir. In fact he promised to Duryodhan to arrest him, but two days had passed and he was not able to arrest him because Arjun's vigilance. That is why on 3rd day of his commandership he planned it like this.

So the day he created this Vyooh (13th day of war), Arjun was intentionally kept away from the battleground. Susharmaa took him away. Abhimanyu knew how to enter it, but he didn't know how to come out from it. So when Paandav heard about the creation of Chakra Vyooh and didn't find Arjun among them, Yudhishthir got very worried. Seeing worrying great uncle, Abhimanyu offered him that he could go inside, but he didn't know how to come out of it. At this his uncles assured him that they all will work as his backup and as soon as he would enter the first gate (there were seven gates in it) they would also enter the gate along with him and this way they would be able to follow him till the end. So he went there and his all uncles also went with him.

He bravely went inside the Vyooh. As the soldiers stood outside were instructed to let come anybody who wanted to come inside so he had no difficulty in entering but Kaurav army was not a fool, they let Abhimanyu come inside but stopped Paandav outside the gate and didn't allow them to enter. So Abhimanyu was alone there inside the Vyooh. He proceeded forward, rather Kaurav army allowed him to come in. He killed Rukmarath (Shalya's son) and Lakshman (Duryodhan's son).

He fought with all seven great warriors (Dronaachaarya, Kripaacharya, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Brihadwal and Kritvarmaa) together alone. Since he did not know coming out of that Chakra Vyooh, he could not come out and he had to fight till his last breath. He could not hold them all together for long. He lost his bow to Karn, his horses were killed by Kritvarmaa, his two charioteers were killed by Kripaachaarya. Drone cut his sword and Karn cut his shield. Soon he was without any weapon to defend himself. He fought with a wheel of chariot also but for how long he could fight with that wheel with those six warriors? Dushaasan's son hit him on his head and bleeding and dazed he fell down on the ground.

Although Drone advised others not to attack him further but Jayadrath didn't listen to him. He kicked him with his foot and killed him with his sword. The news of Abhimanyu's death spread all over very quickly. Kaurav were shouting with joy and Paandav were very angry and sad. That was the black day of the war period.

How Did Abhimanyu Know to Enter the Chakra Vyooh
How he knew entering that Vyooh at such a young age while other Mahaarathee did not, that is quite a story. When he was in the womb of Subhadraa, she was living with Krishn. So one day Krishn was telling all this to Subhadraa. Abhimanyu was listening it in the womb. But when the time came to tell about coming out of this Vyooh, Subhadraa slept. Seeing Subhadraa slept, Krishn stopped His taling, thus he could not hear Krishn's words any more. Since then he remembered how to enter the Vyooh, later when he was born and grown up, he asked Krishn the way out to that Vyooh. At that time Krishn told him to find it out this from his father Arjun.

He was trained in the art of war by Krishn Himself. He passed his test of fighting only when he could defeat Saatyaki. Krishn used to say to Subhadraa, "Your son will be a great warrior in the history of Bhaarat Varsh and people will take his name with a great honor." Subhadraa was so young that she could not understand its meaning. And it was true, when he died fighting with seven great warriors, he was only 16 years old and without his name Mahaabhaarat is not complete.

My Note
1. Perhaps Krishn knew that Abhimanyu was going to die that way, that is why he trained him that way, that is why he didn't tell Abhimanyu the way to come out of that Vyooh, that is why he did not stop Arjun to follow those kings up till very far, so that he cannot return to the battlefield until evening.

2. "We also know that Krishn could not have fought, because He had already vowed not to take any weapon in His hand during the whole war. That is why He could not help Arjun in fighting with Karn. Karn had only one aim "to kill Arjun" and Karn was capable of doing that. But Krishn couldn't let have Arjun killed by Karn and Karn also could not be killed by anybody else, because of his Kavach and Kundal.

It means that if Arjun had gone to Chakra Vyooh, Karn must have killed him, because he was looking for him only. Since only two people knew in Paandav's army "how to enter Chakra Vyooh", - Arjun an Abhimanyu. Now Abhimanyu was the second choice left in absence of Arjun with no other alternative.  -- But if Krishn knew so much then why didn't He plan to take Karn's Kavach and Kundal away from him even when Bheeshm was the Commander-in-Chief of Kaurav army? Maybe it was not in His control. So one of them had to be sacrificed, either Arjun or Abhimanyu; and Krishn had to sacrifice Abhimanyu, because He had already promised Indra to take care of His son, Arjun, at the time of lifting Govardhan Parvat in Gokul."

Actually I read this plea somewhere on Net, but I am not clear about this plea, because Karn's Kavach and Kundal were already taken by Indra even before war began. Then what was the fear? And Arjun was invincible, that is why there was no fear for him too. There was no fear from that Power also which Indra gave to Karn in exchange of his Kavach and Kundal, because it was meant to be used only once, not on Arjun. Indra had already made this clear to Karn, that his Power will not affect Arjun, but Karn just wanted to console himself by using it on Arjun.

Although Karn could not have afforded to lose it on anybody else, but by his bad luck on that day Ghatotkach came to fight and he created such a havoc in the Kaurav army that Duryodhan had to request Karn to use that Power, otherwise Ghatotkach would have destroyed Duryodhan's whole army. That is why Karn had to use that Power on Ghatotkach and Krishn took a sigh of relief. Although Bheem got very sad and angry on the death of his such a mighty son. One had to make a choice - Arjun or Ghatotkach. Since Krishn had to save Arjun, He put Ghatotkach forward to be killed. Otherwise also he was a Raakshas.

How the Chakra Vyooh was Created?
There are 7 circles in Chakra Vyooh. Abhimanyu entered the first circle of Chakra Vyooh easily, because he was allowed to enter, means the soldiers were standing facing outside. But other people couldn't enter the Vyooh, because as Abhimanyu had entered the Vyooh, the soldiers turned their face inside that means when Paandav wanted to enter they could not enter in this situation, because they met their back. In that situation they could enter only after backstabbing any soldier which they could not do according to war rules.

After Abhimanyu entered the first ring, he found second ring solider faced toward outside, so he entered the second ring. After Abhimanyu crossed the second ring all solider kept their face outside, so Abhimanyu couldn't come out of the second ring because second ring soldiers' back was towards Abhimanyu so Abhimanyu also couldn't backstab any solider; and if he did that was A-Dharm. Same way he entered inside the other circles and couldn't come out of the Vyooh because of the soldiers' positioning and died inside only.



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