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1. Who was Arjun
2. Arjun's Marriage to Draupadee
3. Arjun's Other Marriages
4. Arjun in Exile-1-12 years
5. Arjun in Exile-2-Agyaatvaas
6. Arjun in War-1
7. Arjun in War-2
8. Arjun After War
9. Arjun After War-2
11. Arjun's Special Characteristics

Arjun in War-2

Drone's Chakra Vyooh

One Version,  Another Version
Arjun was the best archer and had a very thorough knowledge of other warfare games. Arjun was the only one who knew to fight in Chakra Vyooh. He knew to enter it as well as to come out from it. And he was the bravest warrior in Paandav's army. Till he was in the battlefield nobody could defeat Paandav. Paandav also knew this and Kaurav also knew this. So there seemed no end of war. Duryodhan thought if they could arrest Yudhishthir, Indra Prasth will be defeated and the war will be over. So Dronaachaarya planned it in this way that if Arjun should be kept away from the battlefield, automatically Yudhishthir will come to fight, and since nobody else knows the operation of Chakra Vyooh, they could easily arrest Yudhishthir and the war will be over. But nobody knew that Abhimanyu knew at least entering the Chakra Vyooh - not Kaurav, not even his uncles. So thinking thus Drone handed over its organization to Jayadrath.

In this Vyooh, there are four circles, one inside the other. It works like this that the outermost circles soldiers stood facing front, and as the opponent entered the first circle its warriors turned around showing their back so that nobody else could come inside. In the innermost circle warriors were standing facing outside, that was why no one could come out of the innermost circle unless he backstabs any one warrior to make space for himself, which is illegal. Inside the innermost circle there was another circle of 6 warriors and in between them was standing Karn.

Now the situation was that Kaurav wanted to arrest Yudhishthir or kill Arjun which was difficult for them. Krishn wouldn't lift any weapon according to His vow. Arjun cannot kill Karn because he had Kavach and Kundal. So it was very easy to kill Arjun, as only Karn could kill Arjun, Arjun should be allowed to enter the Chakra Vyooh, and then Karn should kill him. After that war was easy. But Krishn was not in favor of happening this.

So next day Drone's plan was implemented. In the battlefield, the Chakra Vyooh was created by Dronaachaarya. Inside the innermost circle were 7 people to fight with Arjun: Duryodhan, Dronaachaarya, Kripaachaarya, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Shakuni and Jayadrath.

Now Krishn knew that Drone had planned for Chakra Vyooh and if Arjun had gone there, he could not be saved, so He cleverly instigated Arjun to fight with two kings. The two kings got scared of Arjun and ran away from the battlefield. Arjun followed them and they took him very far. So far that he could not return till evening.

In the battlefield all were waiting for Arjun to come there, but later they found only a child coming towards them. In fact nobody else knew to break that Vyooh except Arjun. Paandav tried to look for Arjun but they couldn't see him anywhere. Abhimanyu said - "I know how to enter it, but I don't know how to come out from it." His all uncles said - "We will be there as your backup. As you will break the first gate (there are four gates of the Vyooh) we will also enter behind you. Thus we will always be behind you." Besides Paandav were sure that there will be no injustice in the war.

Abhimanyu got ready. Paandav also followed Abhimanyu. But unfortunately as he entered the first gate, Paandav were stopped then and there only. They could not enter even the first gate. Abhimanyu freely entered the Vyooh. There he fought alone very bravely with six great warriors - Duryodhan, Dronaachaarya, Kripaachaarya, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Shakuni and Jayadrath.

Since Abhimanyu didn't know coming out from it, he could not come out of it. Soon he lost his weapons, chariot, Saarathee etc. He had no weapon to defend himself. Seriously wounded he fell down on the ground. Kripaachaarya Jee advised Kaurav not to attack him as he had nothing to fight, but Jayadrath didn't listen to him. He kicked him with his foot and killed him with his sword. He was only 16 years old at that time.

When evening was about to fall, Arjun remembered, that he was away from the battlefield for the whole day, what would have happened there back in the battlefield without him? So he immediately rushed back. But by then his brave son had been killed by Kaurav army by cheating in an unjustified way.

Arjun and Jayadrath
In the evening when Arjun came back after following the two kings, he came to know about his son's death. He also came to know that Jayadrath killed his teenage son in an unjustified way, so he vowed to kill Jayadrath before the sunset next day; or if he could not kill him before the sunset then to immolate himself.

When Jayadrath knew about this he got frightened. He asked refuge to Duryodhan. Duryodhan assured him for his safety. Next day, the whole day Kaurav army surrounded him. Many soldiers lost their lives, but it was almost impossible to attack Jayadrath. Morning turned to noon, and noon into afternoon. Paandav were getting worried, because Jayadrath was so secured that Arjun was not able to kill him. Kaurav appeared to rejoice seeing their plan successful and imagining Arjun's immolation at the end of the day.

As the evening fell, Jayadrath got very happy that now he was saved and Arjun would have to die. He thought he was out of danger so he started dancing with joy. Skies had got dark, and it seemed to all people that the Sun had set and Arjun had to die according to his vow. Seeing evening fall, Arjun started preparing a pyre for himself, as he could not fulfill his vow. On the other side Jayadrath came out of his security saying, "The Sun has set, your vow is not fulfilled, you will have to die now."

Arjun was sorry for this and as he was about to enter the Agni, the Sun came out. Krishn immediately said to Arjun, "Arjun, Wait, the Sun has come out. Now you can fulfill your vow. What are you waiting for? Kill Jayadrath, it is still daytime." Immediately Arjun picked his bow and shot an arrow at Jayadrath. It cut his head and threw it in his father's lap. Krishn had already warned him before that he should cut Jayadrath's head in such a way that it should not fall down on the ground, but should fall in his father's lap.

1. There are two versions of this incident (of sunset). According to one version on that day, at that hour, there was a solar eclipse, so because of the solar eclipse it seemed to all that the evening fell, while the Sun was not seen only because of that eclipse. When it came out of the eclipse, it was seen and thus it was still day time.

2. Another version is, that Krishn played this trick to bring out Jayadrath from Duryodhan's security by bringing some clouds and cover the Sun for some time towards the evening. When Jayadrath had come out, Krishn moved those clouds away and the Sun came out.

3. Yet according to another version, on that day evening occurred two times.

My Note
Shree Krishn was Arjun's maternal uncle's (Maamaa) son and both of them loved each other very much. Shree Krishn always guided Arjun throughout his adult life.

Arjun and Karn
Karn did not fight for the first 10 days in MBH war. When Drone was appointed as the Army general of the Kaurav army after Bheeshm, he was brought in. He helped Duryodhan to kill many mighty people of Paandav army. After 5 days, under Drone's leadership, Karn was appointed the Army General. Karn stayed there or two days. The second day, he was killed by Arjun. Karn had several curses on his head - Parashuraam, his Guru's curse; Braahman's curse; and Bhoo Devee's curse. Unfortunately all curses worked together for his death. Fighting Karn's chariot's wheel stuck in the ground, and when he disembarked from the chariot to take it out from the ground, he could not take it out.

Seeing this Arjun held his hand to shoot the arrows. Krishn suggested him to use he Brahm Astra. Seeing this Karn wanted to use his own Brahm Astra, but because of Parashuraam's curse he could not remember it, and because of Braahman and Bhoo Devee's curse he could not take ou his chariot's wheel out of the ground. On Krishn's advice, he killed him wherever he was.



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