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1. Who was Arjun
2. Arjun's Marriage to Draupadee
3. Arjun's Other Marriages
4. Arjun in Exile-1-12 years
5. Arjun in Exile-2-Agyaatvaas
6. Arjun in War-1
7. Arjun in War-2
8. Arjun After war
9. Arjun After War-2
11. Arjun's Special Characteristics

Arjun's Other Marriages:

After marrying to Draupadee, at Naarad's advice Paandav set some rules about their Grihasthee. One of them was that when one brother will be with Draupadee, no other brother will enter in that room. If somebody will break the rule he will go for one year Teerth Yaatraa. Once some people were taking somebody's cows away, so the man came complaining to Arjun that he should help him to recover his cows. It was Arjun's duty to protect his property, but at that time his Gaandeev was kept in Yudhishthir's room and Draupadee was sitting with him. Following the rules Arjun should not have entered the room, but he did not care for the punishment and entered Yudhishthir' room to help that man.

Although Yudhishthir tried a lot to explain him that since he was elder to him, so it was not necessary breaking a rule for a youngedr brother but for Arjun it was not a breaking of a rule, so he did not listen and went on Teerh Yaatraa of 12 years as a punishment for that offense. During this period of Teerth Yaatraa he married all the three girls.

Marriage to Uloopee and Chitraangadaa
First Arjun married to Uloopee Apsaraa and then Chitraangadaa, the Princess of Mani Pur. He did not bring both of them with him. He had a son from Uloopee - Iravaan; and a son from Chitraangadaa named Babhruvaahan.

Abduction of Subhadraa
Among Arjun's other marriages, Subhdraa's abduction is very famous and important. Although he married Uloopee and Chitraangadaa also, but he left them at their places, but He brought Subhadraa to Indraprasth.

Subhadraa was Krishn's younger sister and Krishn wanted to marry her to Arjun. On the other side Balaraam lived with Duryodhan for some time to teach him Gadaa. Pleased with his progress, at the end of the training Balaraam asked what did he want. Duryodhan asked for Subhadraa. Balaraam said - "The final decision is of Subhadraa but from my side it is OK." And he returned to Dwaarakaa. Thus Duryodhan was also a candidate for her as he wanted to extend his relationship with this family. So when Balaraam returned home (Dwaarakaa) he had a proposal of Duryodhan for Subhadraa.

Krishn guessed that Balaraam had something fishy in his mind, so before he could do something which He never wanted to happen, He planned the abduction of Subhdraa by Arjun. Subhdraa also liked Arjun. Subhadraa had never seen Arjun. Krishn arranged a meeting of Subhadraa and Arjun. Subhdraa brought Arjun to her house. Krishn explained everything to Arjun. Arjun agreed to do the same.

Krishn asked Subhadraa if she wanted to marry Arjun. She said "Yes". Then Krishn explained everything to Subhadraa as well. Subhadraa got scared, then Krishn said "if you will be scared to do this then you will be married to Duryodhan. Are you ready for it?" Subhadraa said "No". Krishn said, "Then there is no other way for you. You are the sister of Krishn, be courageous and do as I say."

So according to the plan, Arjun already left the house and Subhadraa went to a temple with her friends. When she was coming out from the temple, Arjun was waiting for her in his chariot. Subhadraa climbed up the chariot and drove that chariot herself and proceeded towards Indraprasth. Thus Arjun took her away to Indra Prasth.

Subhadraa's friends informed her parents that Subhadraa was abducted by Arjun. Krishn tried to explain that - "Arjun has not abducted Subhadraa, rather Subhadraa has gone with him with her own will and wish, because Subhadraa was driving the chariot not Arjun." Later Balaraam Jee sent some people to bring her back but Arjun pushed all of them back. And Arjun took Subhadraa to Indra Prasth.

Subhadraa Meets Draupadee
Now Draupadee was indeed a proud woman. Lest she gets angry at Arjun or Subhadraa, Krishn told everything to Subhadraa as how to first meet her. She wore the attire of a Gwaalan (woman who sells milk) and went to see Draupadee saying - "Deedee, Your little sister greets you." Draupadee understood that she was Krishn's younger sister, so she welcomed her heartily and there was no need for anybody to introduce her to Draupadee. Subhdraa gave birth to Abhimanyu whose bravery is famous in Mahaabhaarat war.

Arjun's Children

Arjun had two main wives Draupadee and Subhadraa (Shree Krishn's sister). Draupadee had five sons from five Paandav. They were all killed by Ashwatthaamaa (Dronaachaarya's son) after the war. Arjun's son's name was Sutsom. He was born in the Kuru city named Udayendu. His face was like thousands of Moon that is why his name was Sutsom.

Subhadraa had one son from Arjun named Abhimanyu who was brave like his father and was killed cruelly in Mahaabhaarat war fighting alone with seven great warriors - Dronaachaarya, Ashwatthaamaa, Duryodhan, Karn, Kripaachaarya, Jayadrath, Shakuni at the age of 16 on the 13th day of the war.

He had two wives more who never lived with him regularly. While he was on his Praayashchit travel for one year (12 months of celibacy), he went on a Teerth Yaatraa. On the way he met Uloopee, the Apsaraa, who got attracted to him and asked to marry her. Arjun was on his Praayashchit travel, because he broke the rule of his family life; and for the same reason he could not marry Uloopee, but Uloopee explained him the true meaning of breaking that rule and its consequences, and thus made him agreed to marry her. He had a son from her named Irvaan.

After this he proceeded further and came to Manipur. He himself got attracted to its King Chitrabhaanu's daughter Chitraangadaa. When he asked the King for the marriage, the King said that it was in their family that the King's son would be the next king, and since he had no son, he would not be able to send his daughter with him after marriage, because her son would be the next King of that kingdom. Arjun agreed for that. He married her, stayed there for 3 months and left her there only. In fact Shiv granted a Var to the King of Manipur that he would have only males in his family, so when Chitraangadaa was born he raised her like his son. He taught her all kinds of things which a prince should have learnt - the art of weaponry and warfare etc. Arjun had a son from her named Babhruvaahan.

My Note
Shree Krishn was his maternal uncle's son and both of them loved each other very much. Shree Krishn always guided Arjun throughout his adult life.



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