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4-Childhood Events-2

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4-Childhood Events : Killing Pralambaasur
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Now Krishn had grown enough to handle complex matters. These activities of Krishn teach us that children do not only play or tease others but help also their community and village. He was now 11 years old. The people of Nand village used to go to Mathuraa to give butter to Kans. One day Krishn stopped them and told not to take butter to Mathuraa saying that "we graze the cows, we milk the cows, we extract the butter, and those people eat that butter? This is not justified, this will not happen from now." Cow-herds tried to convince Him that "This is tax, we will have to give tax to our Raajaa." Krishn said - "That Raajaa, who cannot protect his public, has no right to take tax. First right is ours, children, on this butter, only the remaining butter will go to Mathuraa." Cow-herds complained this to Nand, but Nand could not do anything against the wishes of his son Kaanhaa.

When the butter did not reach to Kans for a couple of days, he ordered his Chief Minister to send a group of his soldiers to Gokul to drive its cows to Mathuraa. So Kans' soldiers came to Gokul and drove away cows to Mathuraa. Seeing this cow-herds went again to Nand Raaya and told their plight. Nand glanced at Krishn. Krishn immediately picked His flute and started playing it. Hearing the sound of Kaanhaa's flute, all cows came back to Gokul and Kans' soldiers had to go back empty-handed. Everybody got surprised seeing this.

The soldiers told Kans, that they got successful in bringing the cows to Mathuraa, but a boy took them back to Gokul just by playing His flute. Hearing this Kans got worried. Then he thought of his other Asur friend - Pralmbaasur. He sent him to burn the whole village. He came and burned the village. Balaraam killed Pralmbaasur, and Krishn put out the fire with His Chakra (Divine disc). Thus Kans' attempt to trouble Nand village was also failed by Krishn.

Govardhan Dhaaran

The whole Nand village is preparing for Indra's worship. Krishn asked - "What is happening?" Nand Jee said - "Every year we worship Indra so that He gives us rains, so that we get good grass. If we will not worship Him He will be angry." Krishn said - "Why to worship Indra?" Nand said - "Don't say like this. Indra's anger is very severe." Krishn said - "Then why should we worship such a Devtaa who gets angry on not being worshipped, because to be angry is not good. To worship may be the duty of a human being but to get worshipped cannot be the Karm of Bhagvaan. So no worship for Indra. We are cow-herds, therefore we will worship only cows, Govardhan Parvat, Yamuna River etc."

So that year the villagers did not worship Indra, rather they worshipped Govardhan. Indra got angry at this and He ordered clouds to rain very heavily. The whole Gokul was filled with water. Krishn lifted Govardhan Parvat on His left little finger and protected Nand village. It rained heavily for seven days and seven nights continuously and Krishn lifted that Parvat for all that time. Since that time He was called "Giridhar", or "Govardhan Giridhaaree", or "Govardhandhaaree". Then Indra came and asked for His forgiveness. He requested Kaamdhenu to provide her milk for His Abhishek. She also requested Him that since He protected cows He should live in their Lok. So since then He started living in Go Lok. Indra asked Him to grant a Vardaan also that He should take care of His son Arjun who was growing on Earth.

Kans Uddhaar

This is the final chapter of Krishn's Leelaa as a child. Kans' people told him that Nand's son lifted Govardhan Parvat on His left little finger. Kans thought "I got the information that Pootanaa killed all male children born on previous night, then where did this Nand's son come from? It means He cannot be Nand's son. He should be Devakee's eighth son. Brahmaa Jee says that Devakee's eighth son will kill me, and I say that I will kill Devakee's eighth son. Let us see. I will call Him to Mathuraa and then I will kill Him. I will send Akroor Jee, Vasudev's fast friend, to Gokul, only he will bring Him here."

So he called Akroor Jee and told him that he was sick of such a life which had ruined his sister's life, therefore he wanted to take her eighth son as a gift to her and tell her that then she could kill him. So he should go to Nand village and deliver his message to his nephew Krishn that Kans has invited Him to see his Dhanush Yagya. He should bring Him there soon." First Akroor Jee was a bit reluctant to bring Krishn in Mathuraa, because he knew that Kans was playing some trick with Him, but then he had to go. Akroor Jee went away. Kans told his Chief Minister to get ready with  the wrestlers and elephant.

Akroor Jee came to Nand village and delivered the message to Nand Raaya. Nand Raaya asked - "But why Mahaaraaj has called my son only?" Akroor said - "You also know this and I also know this that whose son is Krishn." Nand Jee said - "But I don't trust Kans. We have sacrificed several children to save one child, do you think we did it for this day?" Akroor Jee said - "Nand Raay Jee, just think, who has lifted Govardhan Parvat on His left hand little finger for seven days and seven nights, who can kill Him? Why do you worry about Him?"

Krishn and Balaraam also came there. Nand told them that Akroor Jee had come there to take them to Mathuraa. Krishn said - "I have heard that Mathuraa Nagaree is more beautiful than Raavan's Lankaa. We will surely go there." Yashodaa said - "I am not letting Him go anywhere. Who is going to take care of Him there?" Krishn said - "Mathuraa is not very far, Maa, whenever you will call me I will come rushing here."

After all Krishn got ready to go to Mathuraa. Gopee asked Raadhaa - "Raadhaa, Do you know that Krishn is going to Mathuraa? Stop Him from going from here, because only you can stop Him." Raadhaa said - "Who belongs to all, don't make a mistake to consider Him your own only. It is not right to stop flowing air and water." Next day in the morning, Krishn and Balaraam went to Mathuraa. All were very sad - Gop, Gopee, cow-herds, friends, Raadhaa, Maa Yashodaa, all.

Akroor Jee said - "Krishn, Don't be so sad for leaving Gokul." Krishn asked - "Why? Here I have all my relations and friends. What is there for me?" Akroor said - "Relations are there also." "Who is there?" "One is Mahaaraaj himself, your Maamaa (mother's brother)." Krishn again asked - "Is he my mother Yashodaa's brother?" Akroor said - "No, He is your mother Devakee's brother." Krishn said - "I don't mind who are my parents, but I will always be my Yashodaa Maa's son."

They had come to Mathuraa. They went to see Mathuraa Nagaree along with their friends. On the way they saw a Kubadee (a hunch-backed woman) who was taking sandalwood paste to Kans' palaces. Krishn asked some paste from her for Himself, so she herself smeared it on His forehead. Krishn asked - "Why do you walk like this - bending. Try a little, you will be all right. We will help you." She tried and Krishn pressed her one foot with His foot and lifted her a little by chin. Immediately she became straight and a very beautiful woman. She prayed Him and went away.

Then they came to a place where Kans' laundry was done. Krishn asked for some good clothes for Himself but they wanted to beat them in return, but could not beat them. When Krishn beat one man with a fist, he went inside the ground and a fountain came out at its place. Seeing this all ran away.

Then they came to Dhanush Yagyashaalaa (where the bow was kept). There Krishn asked the guards their permission to touch the bow. The guards appointed there thought no harm in allowing a child to touch the bow, so they permitted Him. Then He asked the permission to lift the bow, which He got without problem being a child. He lifted up and broke it in a moment. Now the guards were frightened and ran here and there. That bow was so large and heavy that several hundred people were able to bring it there and this child broke it without any effort. As the bow got broken, it made a great noise and the noise reached to Kans' ears also. He got frightened and he visualized his end in front of him.

The then a man came and told him that a child had broken the Bow of Yagya. Kans got surprised to know that only a child broke that bow which he himself found difficult to handle. Kans warned his four very mighty wrestlers Chaanoor, Mushtik etc and asked an elephant got ready to attack Krishn.

Next day when Rangshaalaa (the place for entertainment for Dhanush Yagya) was on its full bloom, Akroor Jee brought Balaraam and Krishn there. Kans was waiting for them. He asked his Chief Minister to keep that elephant at the gate so that when Krishn comes, he could attack on Him and kill Him. But as they all entered the gate of Rangshaalaa, that elephant greeted Krishn bending his head and raising his trunk. Krishn blessed him and proceeded inside. Thus one way to kill Krishn was failed. Kans got very surprised to hear this.

Another way was waiting for them. They came inside and greeted Kans. Kans said - "We have heard that you had lifted Govardhan Parvat on your little finger of your left hand. Our public also wants to witness your extraordinary activities." He had four very mighty wrestlers there. First he ordered his wrestlers to show their own skills to public among themselves only. Then he asked Krishn to join them. Most people sitting there abused Kans that he asked a child to face these adult mighty wrestlers, while some said - "These are not ordinary children, so don't worry about them." Krishn and Balaraam fought with them and killed all in a few minutes.

Seeing this Kans got angry and worried, but showing love and affection he tried to embrace Krishn. But Krishn always escaped from his hold. After playing with him for a few minutes He killed him.


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