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3-Childhood Events-1

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3-Childhood Events-1
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Krishn is growing. He has started walking around the house and even outside the house. One day a Gwaalin complained Yashodaa that her son was eating soil. Yashodaa immediately came there rushing and asked Kaanhaa - "Did you eat soil Kaanhaa?" Kaanhaa said - "No" "OK, then show me your mouth, open it." Kaanhaa opened His mouth wide and showing it innocently said - "See, I have not eaten soil." As He opened His mouth, Yashodaa didn't the soil but saw the whole Universe in His mouth - numerous Moon, Suns, stars, rivers, mountains, forests, seas etc etc. Seeing all this in such a small mouth Yashoda got fainted. Krishn smiled and shut His mouth. When she came to senses, she just warned Him - "Never eat soil in future, otherwise I will beat you." Krishn shook His head smilingly in agreement with her.

Now Kaanhaa has grown a little more. He has started stealing butter in Gopee's houses with his friends - other cow-boys, so people started calling Him "Maakhanchor". Gwaalin get happy also seeing all this, and complain also Yashodaa that "your Kaanhaa steals our butter". If they don't see Him then also they get worried, if they see Him then also they complain about Him. Sometime He steals somebody's butter, sometime He drives somebody's cow away, sometimes He break somebody's water pitcher.

Once Kaanhaa ate butter stealing from some Gwaalin's house. She saw Him  eating it. She caught Him red-handed and tied Him tightly with a pillar and went immediately to Yashodaa to complain about Him that "you used to say that my Kaanhaa doesn't steal butter from other's houses, now you come and see yourself. I have caught Him red-handed and tied Him with a pillar."

Yashodaa laughed - "I told you my Kaanhaa is not like that, He has enough butter in His own house, why should He steal your butter?" The Gwaalin said - "You come yourself and see Him." Yashodaa said smilingly - "But why should I go there to see Him when He is right here with me." Gwaalin was surprised to hear this. When she went inside, she saw Kaanhaa eating His food. Kaanhaa smiled at her. She was astonished to see this. If this was Kaanhaa, then who was He to whom she tied with her pillar; and if that was Kaanhaa then who is He?"

So she ran immediately towards her house to check, but to her amazement she found Kaanhaa tied with the pillar smiling at her in the same way. She got satisfied to see this. She again went to Yashodaa's house but again found Kaanhaa eating His food there. Now she got perplexed and got unconscious that how Kaanhaa could be at two places.

Yamalaarjun Uddhaar

One day Yashodaa caught Krishn red-handed in a Gwaalin's house  stealing and eating butter. Kaanhaa told her that He had not eaten butter Himself, rather His friends had smeared it on His mouth. At this Yashodaa got very angry and came back to her house. Krishn also came back following her. She tried to tie Him with a pestle but whatever string she used to tie Him it always fell short by two fingers. She tried many strings, short or long or two strings tied together but could not succeed in tying Him. She got angrier. Seeing mother angrier Krishn Himself got tied with that pestle.

Now there were two Yamalaarjun trees in Nand's courtyard. They were Yaksh in their previous life and were born as trees by Shaap, so when Yashodaa had tied Krishn well, she left Him there for other household jobs, He moved with that pestle and tried to pass through those two trees. He Himself passed through the trees but His pestle got stuck between them. When He pulled it hard it caused those trees to fell down. They were to be freed by Krishn. So Krishn freed them from this Yoni (species) of tree. They became Yaksh again and went to their Lok after praying Him.

Kaaliya Naag Mardan

Now Krishn has grown a little more and go to play outside the house with His friends. Once Kaaliya Naag who used to live in Yamunaa  River got very proud of his power, so he made the River water poisonous. This caused Nand village's cows dying by drinking that water. One day Kaanhaa and His friends were playing ball near Yamunaa River. Their ball fell in Yamunaa's water. Kaanhaa offered to bring their ball out of Yamunaa water. Although His friends tried to stop Him to go there as Yamunaa's water was poisonous, but Kaanhaa didn't listen to them and jumped into the river.

He went to the river bed and found Kaaliya Naag. He asked him to take his poison back from Yamunaa's water, but he didn't listen to Him, so He threatened him. At this his wives prayed Him and assured Him that from then on the river water will be all right. Then He came out dancing on the heads of Kaaliya Naag. Since then he left that place and went to other place to live there and Yamunaa water became all right. Till Kaanhaa didn't come above the water, his friends, parents and other people of the village were very scared, but as He came out dancing on the heads of the Naag, all became very happy.

Teasing Gopee and Raas Dance

Now Krishn has grown a little more and He had started attracting Gopee by playing His flute. When Gopee hear His flute, whatever they are doing, leave everything and rush to Him to listen to His flute. Not only Gopee, but even cows and calves also used to gather around Him to listen to His flute.

Once some Gopee entered Yamunaa River to take bath. They kept their all clothes under a tree near the river. Krishn came there,, picked their clothes and sat on a branch of tree. When Gopee wanted to come out of the water, they looked for their clothes. They looked here and there but couldn't see them, then one of them spotted Kaanhaa sitting on a branch of a tree with their clothes. They requested Him a lot to give back their clothes otherwise how they would come out of the water but Kaanhaa teased them for long time saying that "as you went in you come out". After a long teasing He returned their clothes. Then at one time He danced with many Gopee on a Full Moon night which is famous as Mahaa Raas (means the great dance)


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