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Activities by Krishn-2

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Activities By Krishn-2

The following are the special activities performed by Shree Krishn during His lifetime. They are given here chronologically according to Skandh 10 of Bhaagvat Puraan.

Special Incidents of His Adulthood

(1) Krishn's Guru Dakshinaa
Krishn's adulthood incidents start from after His education at Saandeepan Muni's Aashram is finished. When He was leaving Muni's Aashram , He asked His Guru what Guru Dakshinaa he should give to him. Although Guru Jee felt embarrassed asking Guru Dakshinaa fom Bhagvaan, but Krishn insisted that he could not leave the Aashram without giving Guru Dakshinaa. Why? Because without paying Guru Dakshinaa His education was not complete. Then Muni directed Him to Guru Maa (his wife) saying - "Krishn, It is my good luck that I have you as my disciple, I am so fortunate to have you as my disciple, You have given me so much respect by accepting me as your Guru, that is enough for me. I don't need anything else, but if you want to give anything you may ask your Guru Maa if she needs anything." Krishn went to Guru Maa and Guru Maa asked Him to bring her lost son back (she did not know that her son was dead, not lost). Krishn and Balaraam went to Prabhaas kshetra, where Guru Jee's son was lost, and brought him back. That is how He paid His Guru Dakshinaa.

(2) Krishn and Syaamantak Mani
Satraajit did a severe Tap for Soorya Dev and got a Syaamantak Mani from him. That Mani used to give gold everyday. He did many Yagya etc religious works with that money. Once Krishn told him to give that Mani to King Ugrasen, because he could make its better use but Satraajit did not agree for it. Satraajit had a brother named Prasenjit. Once Satraajit gave that Mani to Prasenjit and Prasenjit went for hunting wearing that Mani. The Mani had to be worn on a clean body, but Prasenjit did not care about it, and was killed in the forest. When Prasenjit did not return from the forest, Satraajit thought that to take revenge, Krishn had killed him and taken that Mani. Since Krishn had not taken that Mani, He had to clear his blame. He went in search of the Mani. He followed the footsteps of Prasenjit and came in the forest.

There He found his horse lying dead and came to guess that the horse was killed by a lion. He followed the lion's paw's marks and came at a place where He found the lion dead and near it were a bear's feet's marks. He then followed the bear's footmarks and came to a cave where he found the Mani in the bear's child hands. That bear was Jaambvaan. To take that Mani, first He had to fight with Jaambvaan for several days. Then Jaambvaan recognized Him as His Prabhu, gave the Mani to Him and married his daughter Jaambvatee to him too. He brought back the Mani, gave it back to Satraajit and removed the blame from His head.

(3) Krishn Brings Devakees's 6 Sons Back
When Devakee heard that Krishn had brought His Guru Saandeepai's dead son back, she also longed to see her 6 dead son whom Kans killed cruelly. Krishn had to fulfill this wish of His mother. He brought those sons back, alive. When Devakee said to them that they were her sons, they asked her - "Of which life?" This opened Devakee's eyes and she returned them to their places.

(4) Krishn Brings Braahman's Sons Back
Once Arjun was sitting with krishn in Dwaarakaa, that a Braahman came and started abusing the king of Dwaarakaa and Kshatriya race that there was no Kshatriya on Prithvi who could save his sons. His sons used to die as soon as they were born. Krishn kept listening to it, but Arjun was very proud of his Gaandeev, so he could not tolerate this insult. He instigated Krishn to protect that Braahman's next son who was going to be born soon. In spite of all precautions Arjun could not save the Braahman's son and he died. Arjun had taken the vow that if he could not save the Braahman's son, he would immolate himself. So he got ready to immolate himself. Now Krishn had to intervene and He took him along to bring the Braahman's children back. Krishn went to Sankarshan and asked him to give the Braahman's sons back. Sankarshan told that that since He wanted to see them there, that is why he killed that Braahman's sons. After seeing them, he returned the sons back and they also came back on Prithvi with those sons and returned them to the Braahman. Braahman got very happy to get his sons back.

(5) Krishn Brings Pareekshit Back to Life
When the MBH war was over, and Duryodhan was lying near the pond dying, Ashwatthaamaa came and asked his last wish. He told him that He wanted to see only Paandav's heads. Ashwatthaamaa sincerely went to Paandav's camp, killed Draupadee's five sons and brought their heads for him. Luckily on Krishn's advice Paandav were not in their own camp on that night. When Ashwatthaamaa came to know that he had killed Draupadee's son by mistake, he got afraid of Arjun and ran away from there to hide. He came to Ved Vyaas Jee's Aashram and asked his protection. Later Krishn, Bheem and Arjun also came there searching for him. Seeing them Ashwatthaamaa got frightened and released Brahmaastra. Arjun also had to release his Brahmaastra, but Vyaas Jee stopped both of them using it. Arjun called it back, but Ashwatthaamaa did not know how to call it back so he directed towards Uttaraa's womb where Abhimanyu's son was growing. It affected the child and when he was born, he was dead. Krishn then brought him back to life and that is why he was named as Pareekshit.

(6) Krishn Brings Kritavarmaa's Dead Son Back to Life
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