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Activities by Krishn 

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Activities By Krishn
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The following activities were performed by Shree Krishn during His lifetime. They are given here chronologically according to Skandh 10 of Bhaagvat Puraan.

Incident in Brij or Nand Graam and Vrindaa Van

(1) Pootanaa Vadh
The first one was Pootanaa whom Krishn killed when He was only a few days old. She tried to breastfeed Him, and He sucked it so hard that she got killed.

(2) Shakat Bhanjan
Krishn killed Shakat Bhanjan Raakshas when He was over two months old. At that time He was lying under the Chhakadaa, He turned it over by hitting it by His feet.

(3) Trinaavart (in the form of a storm)
Next was Trinaavart Raakshas. He was a personal servant of Kans. He had sent him by the help of Jaraasandh, so by the order of Kans he came to Gokul in the form of a storm. It took Krishn in the sky and covered the whole Gokul with dust. Nobody was able to see anything. It stayed there for two Ghadee (48 minutes). Yashodaa could not see her son because He was not there. She cried and fainted. Krishn became so heavy for Trinaavart that he could not bear His weight. His speed was decreased. Krishn held his neck so tightly, that he could not free himself, rather he became just powerless and fell on a stone dead. Krishn also fell down with him. He killed him when He was only one year old.

(4) Yamalaarjun Uddhaar
They were not Raakshas but they were two Gandharv and had to born as a tree because of a Shaap. They were to be freed from this Yoni (species) by Krishn. So once when Yashodaa tied Krishn with pestle, He pulled the pestle and took it in between those two large trees. The pestle got horizontal and could not pass through the narrow space between the trees. Krishn pulled it hard and the tree felled by that force. They got released from the Shaap. He did this when He was two years old.

(5) Krishn Fills the Basket of Fruit With Jewels
One day a fruit-seller woman was selling her fruits, but she was unable to sell her fruits. Hearing her call Bhagavaan took some grains in His little hands and ran to buy fruits from her. Hands were very small so all the grains fell from His hands on the floor on the way while He was running to the door to buy the fruits. But the woman filled His both hands with fruits. When she got home, her basket of fruits was filled with jewels.

(6) Vatsaasur
This event occurred in Vrindaa Van. One day when Krishn and other Gwaal Baal were grazing their animals. a Daitya (Vatsaasur) came there to kill Krishn. Krishn saw that he had changed himself into a calf and got mixed up among His animals. He pointed this to Balaraam Jee from His eyes and reached close to him. Krishn caught him with his tail and hind legs, gave it circles in the air and threw him on a tree. Daitya got killed.

(6) Bakaasur (in crane form)
One day Gwaal Baal took their animals to a pond to make them drink water. They saw a very huge living being there. It was like a broken piece of a mountain. They got frightened to see it. Actually it was Bakaasur (Bak Asur) who came in the form of a crane to eat Krishn. His beak was very sharp and he himself was very mighty. He immediately swallowed Krishn. All other Gwaal Baal got fainted seeing this. When he was swallowing Krishn, Krishn became so hot for his mouth that his mouth started burning, so he immediately spit Him out. Then he ran towards Him to kill Him with his beak. In the meantime Krishn held both parts of his beak in His both hands and pulled them apart. Thus He killed him.

(7) Aghaasur
Aghaasur (Agh means Paap, and Asur means Raakshas or Demon) was a great Daitya. He was the younger brother of Pootanaa and Bakaasur and Kans sent him to kill Krishn. When he saw Krishn and Balaraam he thought - "Oh, He is the one who has killed my brother and sister. I will not leave Him today. I will kill Him along with Gwaal Baal." So he changed himself into a python whose size was like one Yojan long Parvat (mountain). He opened his large mouth like a door of a cave. His tongue looked like a red colored road. His breath was like storm and eyes were like fire. Children thought this was something like a decoration piece of Vrindaavan. They imagined him as a decorative python and entered his mouth. Krishn thought - "These children are taking the real python as a fake python." Till then they had already entered his mouth, but the python had not swallowed them, because he was waiting for Shree Krishn to come inside. So Krishn also entered his mouth. Now the python was about to swallow all of them that Krishn started increasing His body size so much that he got restless. His eyes came out and his soul also left his body. Then all children came out of his body. A light came out of his body and entered in Krishn's body. He killed him in His 5th year, but the Gwaal Baal told this incident to their parents in His 6th year.

(8) Dhenukaasur Vadh
Dhenukaasur lived in Taal Van in the form of a bull. Once Krishn and Balaraam, with other Gop boys, went there to graze their cows. There they saw very sweet fruits and Gop boys requested Krishn to fell some Taal fruits. Balaraam felled some fruits.

(9) Kaaliya Naag Daman
Once Krishn and other Gop boys were playing with ball, that their ball fell in Yamunaa River. Nobody us to Yamunaa, because there lived Kaaliya Naag and he has poisoned Yamunaa's water. Krishn got ready to jump into the water to bring their ball. In spite of stopped by Gop boys He jumped in Yamunaa, found Kaaliya Naag there and destroyed his pride. On his and his wives' prayer Krishn released him and sent him to live in the sea with his family.

(10) Pralambaasur Vadh
Pralambaasur was a friend of Kans. Kans sent him to kill both Krishn and Balaraam. He found that Krishn was difficult to win so he joined Gop boys while they were playing. Balaraam defeated him in the game, so he was supposed to carry Balaraam Jee on his back, but he started flying in the sky carrying Balaraam Jee, so Balaraam Jee killed him.

(11) Lifting Govardhan Parvat
Once Krishn stopped Brij people to worship Indra. This made Indra very angry, so he rained heavily. Water filled Brij and Gop, Gwaal Baal etc got worried. So Krishn lifted Govardhan mountain on His smallest finger of His left hand for 7 days and 7 nights. After all Indra got tired and stopped clouds to rain. Then he worshipped Krishn and asked the Var to protect his son Arjun. This He did when He was 7 years old.

(12) Mahaaraas
Krishn promised to Gopee that their wish, to get Him as their husband, will be fulfilled. So one day in Sharad Ritu He played Mahaaraas with them and gave them pleasure they wished for.

(13) Sudarshan Vidyaadhar
Because of Ashtaavakra Muni's Shaap, this Vidyaadhar was born as a python. One day Nand Jee was sleeping on the banks of Saraswatee River after worshipping Bhagavaan Shankar and Paarvatee Jee on a Shiv Raatri day, he came there and being hungry took him to his place. Nand Jee called his son, so Krishn came immediately and touched His foot to python's body. Sudarshan's all sins were washed away and he went to his Lok.

(14) Shankhchood Yaksh
One day Shankhchood Yaksh abducted a Gopee. Krishn hit him on his head. His head fell off and Krishn took his Choodaa Mani which was in the form of a Shankh (conch) from his head and gave it to Balaraam Jee. Balaraam Jee blew it.

(15) Arishtaasur or Vrishabhaasur Vadh
One day when Krishn was entering Brij, Arisht named Asur came in Brij in the form of a bull. He had broken many houses and trees while he was coming. Gopee got frightened seeing that bull, so they called Krishn for help. Krishn broke his horns and killed him by hitting him in his stomach.

(16) Keshee Vadh
When Naarad Jee told Kans about the birth of Raam and Krishn, Kans sent Akroor Jee to Gokul to bring them in Mathuraa for a wrestling, but sent Keshee Asur also to kill them as well. So Keshee came to Gokul in the form of a horse in Gokul before Akroor Jee came there. Krishn put His arm inside his mouth and expanded it so much that he died.

(17) Vyomaasur
Vyomaasur was the son of Maya Daanav. Once when krishn was playing with other Gop boys, he assumed a form of a Gop boy and started stealing Gop boys from there. One by one he took all the children and kept them in a cave and closed the mouth of that cave. Krishn caught him, but Vyomaasur tried to expand himself but Krishn did not let free him and killed him by hitting him on the ground. Thus Krishn saved Gop children and killed him.

Incidents in Mathuraa

(18) Washerman's Vadh
When Raam and Krishn came to Mathuraa, they met a washerman who was washing Kans' and other royal clothes. Krishn asked some clothes from him but in his pride he insulted Him. so Krishn killed him with His palm only.

(19) Tailor's Incident
Krishn gave the tailor who altered Kans' clothes for Him, lots of wealth and comforts in this life and Moksh after death.

(20) Sudaamaa Gardener Incident
After killing the washerman, they met a gardener. He gave some flowers to Him. On getting flowers from him, Krishn blessed him with lots of wealth, health to his descendents up to one Manvantar.

(21) Kubjaa Incident
Next Krishn saw Kubjaa carrying sweet smelling Ubatan He asked some Ubatan from her which she gave Him very affectionately. He made her upright and beautiful by just touching her.

(22) Kuvalayaapeed Vadh
Kuvalayaapeed was an Asur in elephant form. Kans asked his servant to kill Krishn and Balaraam as they would come to the stadium. So as they were entering the stadium, Kuvalayaapeed attacked them, but was killed by them.

(23) Chaanoor and Mushtik Vadh
They were the great Daitya wrestlers. Chaanoor was killed by Krishn and Mushtik was killed by Balaraam while they were contesting with them.

(24) Kans Vadh
Kans was Krishn's mother's brother. He was the son of a Raakshas. A Divine voice had already announced at the time of Vasudev and Devakee's marriage, when Kans was taking them to their palace; that Devakee's 8th son will kill Kans. Kans put both Vasudev and Devakee in prison and killed her 6 sons. 7th son was transferred to Rohinee's womb (Vasudev's another wife) and was born as Balaraam. Krishn was 8th son. He saved Himself by instructing His father to transfer Him to Nand and Yashodaa's house. There He lived for 14 years. Kans came to know about His wonderful acts, so he called Him to Mathuraa for wrestling contest. There He killed Chaanoor, Kuvalayaapeed elephant and Kans himself.

(25) Panchjan Vadh
After finishing their education, Krishn and Balaraam paid their Guru Dakshinaa to their Guru Saandeepan Muni by bringing back his dead son from His Lok. During searching him He killed Panchjan Daitya. He was living in sea. He killed him and took his body as His own conch - Paanchjanya.

Incidents of His Adulthood

17 Battles with Jaraasandh
As Jaraasandh heard that Krishn killed Kans, his son-in-law, he invaded Mathuraa to kill Krishn. He went there 17 times, each time with his 23 Akshauhinee army. Krishn dfeated him all the times. But when he was about to come 18th time, Kaalyavan also came at the same time. He knew that He could not fight with both of them so, as Kaalyavan came first, He first killed Kaalyavan, then inhabited Dwaarakaa to save Mathuraa people from Jaraasandh.

Kaalayavan Vadh
Kaalayavan came to fight with Krishn to take the revenge of ... Krishn took him to a cave where Raajaa Muchukund was sleeping. He had a Var from Devtaa that while he was sleeping, if he was awaken by anybody, and he cast his sight on him, he will burn to ashes. Krishn covered him with His yellow cloth. Kaalyavan thought that he was Krishn pretending to sleep there. So he woke him up by hitting him by his foot. Muchukund woke up and as he cast a glance at Kaalyavan, he burned to ashes.

Rukminee's brother Rukmee did not want to marry Rukminee to Krishn, he wanted to marry Her to be married to Shishupaal; but since Rukminee loved Krishn, She called Krishn secretly. Krishn came and abducted her Seeing this Rukmee etc followed Krishn and challenged to fight. During the fight, Krishn wanted to kill him, but seeing Rukminee trembling with fear, Balaraam Jee stopped Him doing so, later Balaraam Jee himself killed him on the occasion of his son Aniruddh's marriage. (see below in Balaraam Jee's Incidents)

Shatadhanvaa Vadh
He killed Shatdhanvaa by His Chakra to take Syaamantak Mani from him to clear the blame of stealing Symantak Mani on Him, but He did not find the Mani on him.

Mur Daitya Vadh
Bhaumaasur had taken Aditi's earrings, Indra's Mani Parvat, Varun's Chhatra (royal umbrella), and imprisoned 16,000 princesses (some say that they were 16,100), so once Indra came to Krishn to tell this. Krishn rode on His Garud along with Satyabhaamaa and went to Bhaumaasur's capital Praag Jyotish to take all these things back. Mur Daitya was his guard, so Krishn killed him during this fight. Mur had five heads.

Bhaumaasur or Narakaasur (son of Prithvi) Vadh
Later He killed Bhaumaasur also. Bhaumaasur was Prithvi's son. He was born from Prithvi when Bhagavaan was bringing Prithvi out of the water after fighting with Hayagreev Daitya. Varaah Bhagavaan's touch with Prithvi produced this Daitya. At that time Prithvi asked the Var from Him that her son should be killed by Vishnu only. [It is also said that at that time Prithvi asked the Var that he should be killed only by his mother. Since Satyabhaamaa was the incarnation of Prithvi, krishn took her along with Him when he went to kill Narakaasur, and He killed him only after getting the orders from Satyabhaamaa only. This story comes in Bhaagvat Puraan.]

Paundrak or Second Krishn Vadh
He considered himself another Krishn an lived in the guise of Krishn. Krishn killed him by His Chakra.

Kaashee Raaj and His Son
When Krishn attacked Paundrak he was at his friend Kaashee Raaj's place, so when he came to fight with Him, Kaashee Raaj also came with him being his friend. Krisn killed him also. Seeing his father killed by Krishn, Kaashee Raaj's son pleased Shiv and produced a Krityaa to kill Krishn, but it failed to kill Krishn so the Krityaa killed the Kaashee Raaj's son himself.

Shishupaal Vadh
Krishn killed Shishupaal in Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya. He had already given him permission to abuse Him for 100 times, so as he abused him 101st time He killed by His Chakra. Shishupaal and Dantavakra were the incarnation of Jaya and Vijaya.

Shaalv and His Saubh City
Shaalv was Shishupaal's friend. When Krishn had killed Shishupaal, he came to take revenge of the killing of his friend.  Krishn destroyed his Saubh Viman city, moving in the skies, and killed him.

Dantavakra Vadh
As Krishn killed Shaalv, Dantvakra came to take revenge of his brother Shishupaal, but was killed by Krishn. Shishupaal and Dantavakra were the incarnation of Jaya and Vijaya.

Vidoorath Vadh
As Dantvakra was killed, Vidoorath, Dantvakra's brother came to fight with Krishn. He killed him also.

Who Were Killed by Krishn's Chakra?

(1) Shishupaal Vadh
First of all Shishupaal was killed in Yudhishthir's court at the time of his Raajsooya Yagya

(2) Shatadhanvaa Vadh
Shatadhanvaa who killed Satraajit for Syaamantak Mani, was killed by Krishn's Chakra.

(3) Paundrak Vadh
Second was Paundrak (the fake Krishn) who was killed by His Chakra

(4) Bhaumaasur Vadh
Later Bhaumaasur was killed with His Chakra.

Who Saw Krishn's Viraat Roop and Chaturbhuj Roop

Krishn showed his Viraat Roop only to Arjun in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. It was seen by Sanjaya also because of he had the Divine sight given by Ved Vyaas Jee.

(1) First Krishn showed His large Chaturbhuj Roop in Yudhishthir's court just before killing Shishupaal.
(2) He showed His Chaturbhuj Roop to King Muchukund sleeping in the cave after he had killed Kaalayavan Raakshas just by his look.

Krishn's Meeting With Vyaas Jee

The only time Krishn explicitly meets Vyaas Jee in Mahaabhaarat is, when after Duryodhan’s death, Krishn goes to Hastinaapur to meet Dhritraashtra. He finds Vyaas there and touches his feet.

How Krishn Died
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Coming of Kali Yug

Vishnu Puraan, 5/15 says "Kali Yug came on the same day on which Krishn left this Prithvi Lok and went to His Param Dhaam.

The following were killed by Balaraam Jee

(1) Pralambaasur (at the time of playing with Gop)
(2) Mushtik (He was the wrestler in Kans' stadium in Mathuraa)
(3) Sumaalee (Kans' brother, he came to fight to take revenge of his brother Mushtik.)
(4) Rukmee (while playing Chausar with him at the time of Aniruddh's marriage)
(5) Dwivid (while in Raivat gardens on Mandaraachal Parvat)
(6) Soot Jee (while on Teerth Yaatraa)
(7) Balval
(8) Hans (His name is mentioned by Krishn to Yudhishthir, at the time of doing Raajsooya Yagya, saying that he and Dimbak were the great friends of Jaraasandh. They were invincible also as they could not be killed by any weapon. Balaraam killed Hans after a fight for 18 days. As Dimbak could not live without Hans, hearing his killing, he committed suicide by jumping in Yamunaa River. G-3-Youth/20)

Sunaman - King of Shoorsen
He was second brother of Kans with one Akshauhinee army.
Pradyumn (Krishn's son) Killed Shambaraasur


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