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7-Reasons of Raam Avataar-1

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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7-Reasons of Raam Avataar-1

Kailaash Parvat is very beautiful place where Shiv and Paarvatee live. There is a banyan tree there on that Parvat. It is always green and tender. Once Shiv Jee went there and sat under the shade of that tree. 

Paarvatee Jee also came there and sat near Shiv Jee. She recollected her previous life's story, so she requested him to tell her Raam's Kathaa. She said - "When I saw Raam's greatness, while I was testing Him, I got scared and I didn't say anything to you, but now you tell me His Kathaa." Shiv Jee knew that now Paarvatee Jee's heart was clear, so he thought that he should tell her Raam's Kathaa. 

He said - "There is no difference between Sa-Gun and Nir-Gun Brahm, all Muni, Puraan, Ved say so. Who is Nir-Gun (attributeless), and formless the same becomes Sa-Gun (with attributes) and takes form because of the Bhakti and love of a Bhakt. As ice and water are not different, only names and forms are different, in the same way Bhagvaan's both forms are not different, only the names and forms are different.

Paarvatee Jee asked - "Hey Naath, Now you tell me why did He take human being's body?" Shankar Jee said - "Now you listen to His Kathaa. Kaagbhushundi told this Kathaa to Garud Jee, (see Uttar Kaand for the whole story) the same Kathaa I will tell you now. Raam's Leelaa are many, and the reasons for Raam's Avataar are also many. Shree Raam is beyond logic, wisdom and speech, I understand Him thus. Still I will tell you whatever I can. When A-Dharm (Paap or sins) and Asur increase, then Prabhu takes various kinds of bodies to comfort good people. And the way He does it, the same Leelaa are sung by His Bhakt later. There are many reasons of Raam's Avataar, I tell you a couple of them.

Story of Jaya and Vijaya
There were two gatekeepers of Vishnu who were very dear to Prabhu. Their names were Jaya and Vijaya. Because of a Braahman's Shaap they got Asur's body. They were born as Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh. So to kill them Bhagavaan took Avataar as Nrasinh and Varaah respectively. They did not get Mukti even after being killed by Bhagavaan, rather they were born in Asur Yoni (body) three times according to the Braahman's Shaap. So after that [after being born as Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh], they were born as Raavan and Kumbhkarn. For the welfare of the same He took Avataar in Dasharath and Kaushalyaa's house (Dasharath and Kaushalyaa were Kashyap Jee and Aditi in their previous life). So in one Kalp He took Avataar because of this reason.

Story of Jalandhar
In another Kalp, there was an Asur named Jalandhar whose wife was a great Pativrataa (loyal to husband), that is why he could not be defeated by even Shankar Jee. Then Prabhu broke her Vrat and killed him. When she came to know about this deception, she gave Him Shaap. Bhagvaan respected her Shaap. Jalandhar became Raavan and Shree Raam killed him in a fight. Thus the reasons for Raam Avataar are many.

Once Naarad Jee gave Shaap to Bhagavaan, that is why He took Avataar as Shree Raam Chandra Jee." Girijaa got surprised to hear this, She asked - "Naarad Jee is a great Bhakt of Vishnu, then why did he give Shaap to Vishnu Jee. Tell me this story, I am highly surprised to hear that." Shiv Jee said - "Hey Girijaa, Neither anybody is Gyaanee, nor anybody is a fool. As Raghupati wants somebody to behave he behaves in that way."

Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "Hey Bharadwaaj Jee, Now I tell you that story."



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