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See also   Kaal Division,    Manvantar,   

1 Kalp = 1,000 Human 4-Yug period (14 Manvantar of 71+ 4-Yug each)

1 Human-year = 1 Divine day
360 Human-year = 360 Divine-days = 1 Divine-year

Brahmaa's age is 100 Divine years. A Paraardh is half of Brahmaa's age, that is 50 Divine years.
Brahmaa's one day+night = 8,640,000,000 Human-years
Brahmaa's one year = 8,640,000,000 x 360 Divine-days = 311,040,000,000 human years
And Brahmaa's age = 100 Divine-years = 311,040,000,000 x 100 = 31,104,000,000,000 human years

Presently, Brahmaa's one Paraardh age is finished.
In his second Paraardh, the first Kalp is continuing
In the first Kalp, 7th Manvantar is continuing   (see the names of Manvantar)
In the 7th Manvantar, 28th 4-Yug period is running
In the 28th 4-Yug period, Kali Yug is running
In the Kali Yug, more than 5,000 years have passed [more than 426,000 years still remain]

1st Paraardh = 50 Divine-years period

Braahm Kalp - in this Kalp Brahmaa Jee was born.  (see the names of Kalp)

Paadm Kalp - this was in the end of the first Paraardh, in which lotus appeared from Bhagvaan's navel.

2nd Paraardh = 50 Divine-years period

Varaah Kalp - This is the beginning of the 2nd Paraardh, and in this Kalp Bhagvaan took Varaah Avataar.

In this Vaivaswat Manvantar Bhagavaan took Avataar as the son of Maharshi Paraashar and Daashraaj's daughter Satyavatee - Shree Krishn Dwaipaayan Ved Vyaas Jee and divided Ved in four parts.



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