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Brahmaa Jee's day is 1,000 4-Yug period and of the same length is night. And in Brahmaa Jee's one day there are 14 Manvantar.  It means one Manvantar is equal to a little more than 71 4-Yug period. At present 7th Manvantar is going on. Brahmaa Jee creates the same world again and again on his every day and rule over it. Thus these Manvantar also repeat themselves again and again everyday of Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee's night is also of same length.

1st Manvantar - Swaayambhu Manvantar. Swayambhuv was the Manu and Shatroopaa was his wife. Devtaa appeared in this Manvantar. Kapil Jee and Yagya Purush were the Avataar of this Manvantar. Kapil Jee was the son of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti; and Yagya Purush was the son of Ruchi Prajaapati and Aakooti. Both Devahooti and Aakooti were Manu and Shataroopaa's daughters.

2nd  Manvantar - Swaarochish Manvantar.

3rd  Manvantar - Uttam (Priyavrat's son) was the Manu. Vibhu was the Avataar in this Manvantar

4th  Manvantar - Taamas Manvantar. Taamas (real brother of Uttam) was the Manu. Hari was the Avataar in this Manvantar and saved Gajendra from Graah.

5th  Manvantar - Raivat Manvantar. Raivat (real brother of 4th Manu Taamas) was the Manu.

6th  Manvantar - Chaakshush Manvantar. Chaakshush (son of Chaakshu) was the Manu. Bhagavaan took Kashchap and Mohinee Avataar at the time of Saagar Manthan.

7th  Manvantar - Vaivaswat Manvantar. Vivaswaan and Sangyaa's son Shraaddhdev (he was Satyavrat in previous Kalp, he roamed around in Pralaya Jal with Matsya Avataar) will be Manu in this Manvantar. Bhagavaan has taken Vaaman Avataar in this Manvantar. [Kashyap and Aditi had the son named Vivaswaan (Soorya). Vivaswaan married to Vishwakarmaa's daughters: Sangyaa and Chhaayaa. Sangyaa had three children - two sons and one daughter: Yam, Shraadhdev and Yamee]

8th  Manvantar - Saavarni Manvantar. Saavarni (Vivaswaan and Chhaayaa's son) will be Manu. Raajaa Bali will be Indra in this Manvantar. Parashuraam Jee will be one of the Sapt Rishi.

9th  Manvantar - Daksh Saavarni (Varun's son) will be Manu.

10th Manvantar - Brahm Saavarni will be Manu

11th Manvantar - Dharm Saavarni will be Manu

12th Manvantar - Rudra Saavarni will be Manu.

13th Manvantar - Dev Saavarni will be Manu

14th Manvantar - Indra Saavarni will be Manu



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