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6-Shiv Marries to Umaa

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6-Shiv Marries to Umaa

Now there was a great Raakshas, named Taarak, who was very mighty and was invincible. So all Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and told their plight. Brahmaa Jee said - "This Raakshas will be killed only by Shiv Jee's son. Satee, after leaving her body, has taken rebirth in Himvaan's house. She is doing Tap to get Shiv Jee as her husband, and Shiv Jee is sitting in Samaadhi. Let us send Kaam Dev to Shiv Jee and when he will create Kshobh (agitaion) in his heart then we will go to him and pray him to marry her. Then only this Raakshas will be killed."

Hearing this Devtaa went to Kaam Dev and prayed him to go to Shiv Jee. Kaam Dev thought "Now I cannot save myself from Shiv Jee's anger" but still to do good to Devtaa he accepted to go to Shiv Jee. He picked his bow of flowers and started displaying his powers. He controlled all the worlds in two Ghadee period. Then he went to Shiv Jee. As he went near him, Shiv Jee opened his eyes; and as Shiv Jee opened his eyes Kaam Dev was immediately burned to ashes. His wife Rati came crying and asked for Shiv Jee's grace. Shiv Jee said - "Do not worry about him. He will take birth in Dwaapar Yug as the son of Bhagavaan, when He will appear as Shree Krishn. Till then he will live without body." Rati went away hearing this.

As Shiv Jee's Tap was broken all Devtaa became very happy and they all went to pray Shiv Jee individually and separately. Shiv Jee asked them as  why did they come to him. All said - "Hey Omnipotent, You know everything still you ask us? We all want to see you to be married. Paarvatee Jee has done very intense Tap to get you as her husband, so now you should marry her. Shiv Jee assured them that he would do that. Devtaa got very happy hearing this and went away. 

Sapt Rishi also came there to pray him, then they went to Bhavaanee's house and said to her - "When we told you before you didn't listen to us, now see, Shiv Jee has already burned Kaam, so now your intention will not be fulfilled."  Bhavaanee said smilingly - "Hey Munivar, You are right. In your thinking he has burned Kaam now, and till now he was Sa-Vikaar (with ill-will), but in my thinking he has always been Yogee. This is only your A-Gyaan (ignorance), because this is fire's nature that whosoever will be near it, will be burnt, so today he went near Shiv Jee and was burnt by him. By the grace of Bhagavaan, He will fulfill my intention."

Then Sapt Rishi went to Himvaan and told everything. Himvaan happily sent invitations to all Devtaa, Rishi etc for Paarvatee's marriage. All Devtaa with their wives started for Himvaan's house to attend Shiv Jee's marriage. They didn't go with Shiv Jee, only his Gan went  with him. They all had different forms - some had many mouths some had no mouth; some had many hands and some were without hands. All Bhoot Pret etc started singing while going to Himvaan's house. 

At Himvaan's house children were got frightened seeing the groom, and when they told about him to Mainaa, she herself got frightened hearing about Mahesh's Roop (attire and look). Well, Shiv Jee's marriage was performed happily and all went back to their Lok." Paarvatee Jee came to Kailaash Parvat and lived there happily for a long time. Then they had a son with six mouths, named Kaartikeya."

Hearing about Shiv Jee's marriage, Bharadwaaj Muni got very moved in his heart and his desire to hear Raam's Kathaa increased more.



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