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5-Umaa Meets Sapt Rishi

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5-Umaa Meets Sapt Rishi

Yaagyavalkya Jee said to Bharadwaaj Muni - "I told you about Paarvatee Jee, now you listen to what happened to Shiv Jee. When Shiv Jee heard about Satee's death, he got Vairaagya. He started  to do Jap of Raam's name and hear Raam's Kathaa. He was very sad and used to wander remembering Satee. Raam appeared before him for His Bhakt. He tried to console him in various ways, told him about Paarvatee's birth too, and said - "Now you obey me if you love me. Go and marry Shailajaa (daughter of Parvat), give me this Var."Shiv Jee thought that although this is not right, but I have to follow the orders of my Swaamee, because one must obey mother's, father's, Guru's and Prabhu's words, so he promised to obey His orders. Prabhu also got happy.

Then Sapt Rishi came to Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee asked them to go to Paarvatee Jee and to test her love towards him. They went there and asked her - "Hey Shail Kumaaree, Why do you do such a hard Tap? What do you want to achieve through this?" Paarvatee Jee said hesitantly - "See my foolishness, that my heart wants to fix wall on water. It doesn't listen to me. Whatever Naarad Jee said, it took it as truth and now I want Shiv Jee as my husband."

Sapt Rishi said - "How come you considered Naarad's words true? Tell us whose home has got peace following his words? He guided Daksh's sons, and they did not see the palace after that. He destroyed Chitraketu's home. The same thing happened to Hiranyakashyap also. Whosoever listened to Naarad Jee, got destroyed. And by following his words you also want an indifferent type of husband who is attributeless, shameless, whose attire is not even acceptable, nobody knows his family line, lives naked without any house. What will you get to have such a husband? We tell you a more appropriate husband for you, that is Vishnu. He is the right husband for you."

Paarvatee Jee said - "Hey Muni, whatever you say is right, but now I have made up my mind, I can leave my body but not my intention. Gold can change into stone but my mind cannot change. I will not distrust Naarad's words. Who does not trust in Guru's words, he does not get happiness even in dreams. Whether Mahaadev has lot many disqualifications, and Vishnu has many qualities, but this is the matter of one's heart. If you had come before Naarad Jee then I would have obeyed you, but now I have given everything to Shambhoo so no consideration of qualities or disqualifications. If you want to help somebody then there are many other girls and boys in the world. I will either have Shambhoo as my husband or remain unmarried. Even if Mahesh himself comes to me to say the same thing, I am not going to obey him. Now it is getting late, so please go to your home."

Sapt Rishi understood that Umaa is in true love with Shankar Jee, so they bowed her, blessed her and went away from there. They sent Himvaan to bring Girijaa back home and went to Shiv Jee to tell everything about her. Shiv Jee was very happy to hear about Paarvatee Jee.



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