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4-Satee's Rebirth as Umaa

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4-Satee's Rebirth as Umaa

All got worried with this unexpected event - Satee's dying in Yagyashaalaa of Daksh Jee. Seeing this, Shambhoo's Gan started destroying the Yagya. Bhrigu Rishi tried to protect the Yagya and in this process some of Shiv Jee's Gan ran away to Shiv Jee and told the whole story. Shiv Jee sent Veerbhadra to destroy Yagya and to punish all. The whole Universe knows the Gati (result) of Daksh Jee. While dying, Satee asked a Var from Shree Hari that she should always love Shankar Jee's feet. For the same reason Satee took birth in Himgiri's house as Paarvatee Jee. When she took birth there, all kinds of Siddhi came to live there.

Naarad Jee got this news so he came to Himaalaya's house. Shail Raaj respected him, washed his feet and offered Aasan to sit upon. He put his daughter in Muni's feet and said - "You know everything of all the three times (past, present and future), please tell us bad and good things of my daughter's future."  Naarad Jee said - "Hey Raajan, Your daughter has all the qualities. She will be called by Umaa, Ambikaa, Bhavaanee etc names, and will be very lovable to her husband. She will always be Suhaagin (whose husband is alive at the time of her death) and thus will spread the glory of her parents. The whole world, whosoever want to be Pativrataa (to be loyal to their husbands), will worship her. Now you listen to some bad things about your daughter. Her husband will be without any qualities and parents and will be indifferent. He will be a Yogee and will not have a good apparel. She will get such a husband, that is what her hand says."

Both Himvaan and his wife Mainaa got worried and very sad hearing this, but Umaa got very happy. Naarad Jee also could not understand this secret. All knew that Naarad Jee's words could not be wrong, so Umaa also took Naarad Jee's words to her heart. Himvaan asked Naarad Jee as what to do about it. Naarad Jee said - "Whatever is written in her fate, I have told you and nobody can change it, still I tell you a way. Whatever type of husband I have described to you, there is no doubt that she will get the same type of husband, but all those characteristics are in Shiv Jee. If she is married to Shiv Jee, then all bad traits will turn into good qualities, because as Hari sleeps on a Naag (serpent) but nobody calls it bad, or as Fire burns everything but nobody calls it bad, or as both types of water flow in Gangaa Jee but nobody calls it unholy water, in the same way who is mighty, nobody calls him  bad like Shree Hari, Sun, fire and Gangaa Jee. If some human being acts in that way, he goes to Narak for one Kalp. Shambhoo is a mighty Bhagavaan, so your daughter's marriage to him will be all good. If she will do Tap then she can get him. Now you leave any doubts, Bhagavaan will do all good." And Naarad Jee went away.

Himvaan said to Mainaa - "Take it for granted that Naarad's words are not a lie, so now you go and teach Umaa to do Tap to get Shiv Jee as her husband." So Umaa got ready to do Tap. Her parents were very sad to send such a young girl to do Tap but there was no other way.

Then Paarvatee Jee said to her mother - "Maa, I had a dream in which a fair complexioned Braahman said to me that Tap will relieve you from many kinds of sorrows. With the power of Tap Brahmaa creates the universe, Vishnu maintains it, Shambhoo destroys it, and with the power of same Tap Shesh Jee balances Prithvi on his head. Thus the whole creation is based on Tap. Thinking thus in your mind you also do Tap." Consoling thus Paarvatee Jee went to do Tap.

All family members were extremely sad. They couldn't utter a word. Then Vedshiraa Braahman came and explained everything to them, then they got consoled.

Every day a new love arose in her heart for Shiv Jee. She ate only Mool (roots) and fruits for 1,000 years, then she ate only leaves for 100 years. Then she drank only water for some time, then did difficult fasts for some time. Then she ate only dried leaves fallen from trees for 3,000 years. After that she left eating even those leaves also, so she was called as Aparnaa. Then there was Aakaasvaanee (Divine voice) - "Hey Giriraaj's daughter, You will get whatever you want, so leave this Tap and go home. You have done a very difficult Tap. Now when your father comes to take you, you go home. When you will see Sapt Rishi then you will see the proof of this Vaanee."  Umaa got very happy hearing this.



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