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Daksh Jee was one of the ten Maanas sons (Mareechi, Angiraa, Daksh, Pulastya, Pulah, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Atri, Kratu, and Naarad) of Brahmaa Jee. He was married to Manu and Shataroopaa's one of the three daughters - Prasooti (others were Aakooti - married to Ruchi Prajaapati and Devahooti - married to Kardam Rishi). Daksh and Prasooti had 16 daughters. He married his 13 daughters to Dharm (Shraddhaa, Maitree, Dayaa, Shaanti, Tushti, Pushti, Kriyaa, Unnati, Buddhi, Medhaa, Titikshaa (contentment), Hree, and Moorti); one daughter Swaahaa to Agni and all Pitra Gan, and one daughter Satee to Shiv Jee.

Once Brahmaa Jee performed a Yagya in which all Devtaa, including Vishnu, Mahesh came. Daksh Jee also came. He noticed that when he came, everybody got up and greeted him except his own son-in-law Shiv Jee. He became very angry at that, abused him and went away from there. Since then he had some enmity with Shankar Jee.

Daksh's Yagya, Satee's Immolation, Daksh Dies, Daksh Lives
Once when Raam was in exile, and was roaming around in the forest in search of Seetaa, Shiv Jee told Satee that He was Raam who was wandering in search of Seetaa and on whom he himself meditated upon. Satee Jee got confused that if He was Bhagavaan then why He was behaving like this. So she expressed her wish to test Him that whether He was the same Raam. Shiv Jee tried to explain her that she should not do so, but she insisted on testing Him. Shiv Jee thought that Kaal is not favorable to him and Satee that is why Satee was talking like this, so he gave her permission to test Him. He himself sat under the shade of a tree while Satee went to test Shree Raam. She took the form of Seetaa and went on the same path on which Shree Raam was going. When Shree Raam saw her going like this, He asked - "How come you are roaming around alone in this forest, O Beloved of Shiv? Where is Shiv Jee?" Hearing this Satee Jee felt very embarrassed and she came back silently from there.

Shiv Jee asked her "Have you tested Him? How did you test Him, let me also know." Satee Jee said - :" did not test Him, I also just greeted Him as you did." Shiv Jee doubted on her statement so he knew everything through his Yog power and thought since she has taken the form of Seetaa Jee, now I cannot have her as my wife. He got very sad and after reaching at Kailaash Parvat he sat in Samaadhi. Satee Jee also got very sad knowing that Shiv Jee had left her.

In the meantime Brahmaa Jee appointed Daksh Jee as Prajaapati so Daksh Jee got very proud of that. He arranged a large Yagya. He invited everybody in that Yagya except Shiv Jee. So everybody was going in his Vimaan to attend Daksh Jee's Yagya. Satee Jee also saw this. She was already sad, she thought this is a good opportunity to see my mother and sisters so let me ask Shiv Jee if I could go to see them.

Shiv Jee was also up from his Samaadhi. Satee Jee asked, "Everybody is going to attend my father's Yagya, if you permit me then I can also go to see that Yagya and at the same time I will see my mother and sisters also."  Shiv Jee said, "They have not invited us, so it is not appropriate for you to go there. Your father is already angry with me."  Satee Jee said, "There is no harm in going to parents', friends' or well wishers' houses even if they have not invited, so I want to go."  Shiv Jee said, "But our relationship is not that sweet, but if you insist then go." And he sent his some Gan with her.

When Satee arrived in her father's house, she was not welcomed there. Only her mother met her affectionately. When she went to Yagya Shaalaa, she did not see the Yagya share for Shiv Jee. She got extremely angry and she immolated herself with Yog. 

It created fire which caused other people worried. When Shiv Jee's Gan saw this, they destroyed Daksh's Yagya. When Shiv Jee heard this from Naarad Jee, he was also very angry. He produced a Krityaa named Veerbhadra from his flock of hair and sent him to destroy Daksh's Yagya. There he also destroyed the Yagya and broke Daksh's head.

Later when this was decided that the Yagya should be completed, then a goat's head was fixed on Daksh's body and made him alive. Since then he has a goat's head. After that he became friendly with Shiv Jee.


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