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Brahmaa, one of the three main Gods of Hindu - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh - appeared from the lotus flower appearing from the navel of Bhagavaan. Everywhere was darkness after the Pralaya. He couldn't see anything, He couldn't know where he had come from and what he had to do. So to find out where he had come from, he entered the lotus stem and reached at the bottom of it, but still couldn't find anything. After passing thousands of years in the lotus stem he came out of the stem and sat again on the lotus flower. Now he had the knowledge but still he could not see what he wanted to see. Then he heard two letters "T" and "P", means Tap. So he did Tap for 100 divine years. Then only he could see what he wanted to see, and he started his Creation.

First he produced four sons Sanakaadi Muni - Sanak, Sanandan, Sanat Kumaar, and Sanaatan; and asked them to help him create the world. But since they were created through Tap, they did  not get ready to create anything. They became busy in doing Tap.

So Brahmaa had to produce more sons. He produced 10 Maanas Putra (sons) - Mareechi, Atri, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Daksh and the tenth one was Naarad. Naarad Jee came out from Brahmaa Jee's lap, Daksh from his thumb, Vashishth Jee from his Praan, Bhrigu from his skin, Kratu from his hand, Pulah from his navel, Pulastya Rishi from his ear, Angiraa from his mouth, Atri from his eyes and Mareechi from his heart.

He had a daughter also - Saraswatee. She came out from his mouth. She was very beautiful. Brahmaa Jee himself got attracted to her. His sons said to him - "Father, you are so powerful, still you are doing this Paap (sin) of attracting to your own daughter. It is not right for you." Brahmaa Jee got ashamed of this, so he immediately left his body. The directions took his body that was called mist or darkness. Then he took another body and started producing things.

When he saw that his 10 sons are not able to produce as many children as he thought, he started thinking as what to do, and in this process his body was divided in two - a man and a woman, Manu and Shataroopaa. Since then only sexual reproduction started. Thus Manu is the creator of this creation. There is only one temple of Brahmaa Jee - at Pushkar Jee.

[This is given in Bhaagvat 3/7  and  Bhaagvat 3/13 mentions about a Manu who appeared through Brahmaa Jee's mind. Now these two seem to be contradictory]


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