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3-Shiv-Satee Dialog

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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3-Shiv-Satee Dialog

Yaagyavalkya Muni said smilingly - "I understood your intentions, you want to listen to Raam's Kathaa. I tell you now the Shambhoo and Umaa dialog which will clear all your doubts, you listen to it attentively. First I tell you the root of this dialog.

Once, in Tretaa Yug, Shambhoo went to Kumbhaj Rishi together with Maa Bhavaanee. Rishi worshipped him considering him the Swaamee of the Universe. There Rishi told Raam Kathaa and Shambhoo Jee listened to it. Rishi, in turn asked him about Hari Bhakti, which Shambhoo told knowing him the right person for it. Thus they passed some time there telling and listening Raam Kathaa. Later Shambhoo started for his home with Daksh's daughter Satee Jee. At the same time Hari took Avataar in Raghu Vansh as Raam. At that time by the order of His father, He was in exile and was wandering around in Dandak Van. Raavan's death was written by a human being, so He wanted to make it true.

Everybody knew about this Avataar, so Shiv Jee thought that he should also do His Darshan while He was on Prithvi. He was thinking thus that at the same time Raavan abducted Seetaa Jee by showing Her a golden deer of Maayaa. When Shree Raam came back in His Aashram after killing the golden deer, He found His Aashram empty. Without Seetaa Jee He became very sad and wandered around in search of Seetaa Jee. Who is beyond Yog (meeting) and Viyog (separation) He looked in great sorrow and grief.

At the same time Shambhoo saw Him with his full Bhakti, but because of Shree Raam's bad times he did not meet Him. He just said, "Jaya Sachchidaanand" and headed towards His Ashram. He was very happy to have His Darshan. Satee Jee also noticed his state of mind. She thought, "All human beings, Devtaa, Muni bow to Shambhoo. And Shambhoo bowed to one king's son saying  "Jay Sachchidaanand" and he is so happy to see Him that he is unable to hide his feelings, what is the reason of this. She thought and thought and thought, but couldn't understand the reason.

Although Satee Jee didn't say a word but her feelings were not hidden from Shambhoo Jee. So he said to Satee Jee - "Do not doubt in your heart. He is the same Raam whose Kathaa you heard from Kumbhaj Rishi. He is my Isht Dev (to who I worship) who has taken Avataar in Raghu Kul on Prithvi."  But, under the spell of Kaal, Satee Jee did not believe it. At this Shambhoo said - "If you still doubt it then go and test Him yourself. I wait for you under this Vat (banyan) tree. In whatever way your doubt is cleared, do the same, but whatever you do, do it with logical thinking."

So with the permission of Shiv Jee Satee Jee headed to test Shree Raam. Shiv Jee thought  "Today is not a good day for Daksh's daughter, but the same will happen whatever Raam Jee has written already, then why to think about it." So thinking thus Shiv Jee sat under the Vat tree and started Jaap of Hari's name while Satee Jee went out to test Him.

Satee Jee thought and thought and thought and then took Seetaa's form and headed on the way on which Raam was coming. When Lakshman Jee saw Umaa in Seetaa's form, he was very surprised to see Her there. He knew the power of Prabhu, so he kept quiet. Satee Jee wants to hide from Him who knows everything? This is woman's nature. So extending His Maayaa power Raam spoke in a sweet voice. He greeted her joining His palms, telling His name along with His father's name and then asked - "Where is Vrishketu? Why are you wandering alone in this forest?"

Hearing these sweet words Satee Jee felt very embarrassed. She went back to Mahesh fearing that it was not good that she did not listen to him and showed her foolishness to Shree Raam. What she will say now to Shiv Jee? Raam knew that Satee was very sad, so He showed His more powers to Her. Satee saw Prabhu with His brother and Seetaa Jee going in front of her, then she saw at her back, she saw the same at her back also. Then she saw Him everywhere along with Siddh, Muni worshipping Him. She saw many Shiv, Brahmaa and Vishnu and all were more powerful from the previous one. She saw many Devtaa, all kinds of creatures worshipping Prabhu. Seeing this Satee Jee got frightened and sat on the way itself, and closed her eyes. After some time when she opened her eyes, she saw nothing. She bowed to Raam repeatedly and came to Shiv Jee.

Mahesh asked smilingly her welfare, and the way she tested Shree Raam. Now Satee knew Raghuveer's powers so fearing His powers she did not tell the truth, she just said - "I did not test Him, just bowed like you." But Shankar Jee knew everything through his Yog power. He bowed to Raam's Maayaa which inspired Satee Jee to lie to him. Shiv Jee thought,  "If I love Satee now, My Bhakti is destroyed and it is not justified. At the same time she is my wife, so I cannot leave her too, and it will be a great sin if I love her." Now Shiv Jee is not saying anything but he is in great confusion. Then he bowed to Shree Raam and he intended that,  "I cannot make love to Satee with this body".

The then there was Aakaashvaanee (Divine voice) - "Jaya to Mahesh, Your Bhakti is very strong. Nobody else can take such a difficult vow except you. Only Bhakt of Bhagvaan can do it."  Hearing this Satee Jee asked Shiv Jee - "What kind of vow you have taken, Prabhu?" Although Satee Jee asked this in several ways but Tripuraaree didn't tell her anything about it. Satee Jee guessed that it seems Shiv Jee has known everything whatever I tried to hide from him being a fool by nature." Water and milk are so intense lovers that when both mixed, they become one color and nobody can identify them separately, but when anything sour (enemy) comes in between then both separate from each other and they never meet again.

She knew that Shiv Jee had left her, so she got extremely sad. She could not say anything except feeling sad. Shiv Jee saw her very worried, so he told her many stories on the way to Kailaash. There he remembered his vow so he sat in Padmaasan under the Vat tree and took Samaadhi.

Satee lived on Kailaash with a great sadness thinking, "I insulted Raghupati and I took My husband's words as a lie. I am bearing the fruits of the same Karm. Now I do not want to live without Shiv Jee, so Hey Prabhu, if you are known as Deendayaal (kind on grieved) then give me Mukti from this body. If I love Shiv Jee's feet, then I should be able to leave my body without any pain." Thus 87,000 years passed.

Shiv Jee woke up from his Samaadhi. Satee Jee went to him and worshipped his feet. Shankar Jee asked her to sit in front of him and started telling her Hari Kathaa. At that time Satee's father Daksh Jee was appointed as Prajaapati. Daksh Jee became very proud of his position and intended to do a great Yagya. So he invited all Devtaa in his Yagya to take their share. Everybody, including Brahmaa Jee and Vishnu Jee, started going to his Yagya with their wives. 

When Satee Jee saw all Devtaa going thus, she asked Shiv Jee about this. He told her all about her father's Yagya. She got very happy hearing this, and thought "If Mahesh permits me, I can also go there and live there for some time." So she said - "My father has now some occasion in his house, if you permit me then I can also go to see it."

Shiv Jee said - "Whatever you are saying, I also like it, but it is not good on his part that he has not invited us. He has invited all his daughters, but he has not invited you because of the enmity with me. He felt bad in Brahm Sabhaa (Devtaa's gathering), so he has been insulting me till today. If you will go without invitation, it will not be all right. Although there is no harm in going to friend's, Prabhu's, father's and Guru's house without invitation, but if there is any enmity, then going like this is not good." In spite of saying repeatedly Satee Jee did not agree with him, then Tripuraaree sent her with a few of his Gan.

When Satee Jee arrived at her father's house, Daksh Jee did not talk to her, her mother met her affectionately, and sisters also met her happily. Then she went to Yagyshaalaa. There she didn't see Shankar Jee's share, then She understood what Shankar Jee said to her, it was true. She thought who is worshipped by the whole Universe, her father is insulting the same.

She filled with a great rage and spoke - "Hear everybody, whosoever has done to and heard bad about Shankar Jee, they will all bear the result of that today. My father has given me this body, and because my father insulted my husband, I cannot keep this body any more. I leave this body remembering Chandramauli Vrishketu (Shiv Jee) in my heart." Having said this she sat in Samaadhi and burned her body through Yog in the Yagyashaalaa.



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