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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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This is Samvat 1631, ninth day, Monday, of Madhu Maas (Vasant Ritu - spring season) and now I tell this Kathaa. Its title is "Raam Charit Maanas". There are four Ghaat (places) at this pond. There are seven Sopaan (steps) to this pond. Glory of Raam and Seetaa is its Amrit-like water, and its similes are its beautiful waves. All around are beautiful Chaupaayee (a structure of Hindi poetry) which are like beautiful shells in which there are beautiful gems. Chhand, Sorathaa, Dohaa (all are structures of Hindi poetry) are its various color lotus flowers. Their deep meaning is flowers' Paraag (pollen). People's Punya (good actions), (because of those Punya people are reading this Kathaa) are beautiful bees, and their Vairaagya  thoughts are beautiful swans.

Nine Ras, Jap, Tap, Yog, Vairaagya are all water creatures in this pond. Whatever saints sings in His praise they are wonderful water birds. There are saints who meet all around the pond are like mango tree shades. Their devotion is like spring season there. Forgiveness, kindness and Dam are the creepers there. Yam and Niyam are like flowers and fruits. And whatever short stories are around them, they are like cuckoo- and parrots-like birds. Thus this garden is full of beautiful birds and flowers and gardener waters them with his love-like water. Whosoever, men or women are listening to this Kathaa there, they are the only real legible owners of this pond. Whosever are evil, they are unfortunate cranes and crows and cannot get even near the pond. Because this Kathaa is not very interesting one to them, this is only Shree Raam's Kathaa, and only those people can come here on whom Raam is kind enough.

Once Bharadwaaj Muni was living in Prayaag. When Soorya becomes Dakshinaayan (enters Capricorn sign), in Maagh Maas (spring season), many Rishi come to take bath in Trivenee (see Sangam). There they take bath the whole month and do Satsang there. It happens every year, so it happened that year also. Every year they went back to their Aashram but that year all other went back to their Aashram but Bharadwaaj Muni requested Yaagyavalkya Jee to stay back in his Aashram.

He bowed to the feet of Yaagyavalkya Jee and said - "I have a doubt in my mind, if I don't say it then I am at loss, and if I say it I feel ashamed. But saints have said that if you hide something from your Guru then you don't obtain Gyaan properly. Thinking thus I wish to tell you that. I have heard the name of Raam. There is one Raam whose name Shambhoo chants, there is one Raam who was born to Avadh's king Dasharath. So is He the same Raam or is He some other Raam? Kindly clear my doubts."



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