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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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I pray Vaanee Vinaayak. I pray Bhavaanee and Shankar Jee, and I pray Guru who is Shankar Roop. Then I pray Shree Seetaa Raam Jee and Kapeeshwar (Hanumaan Jee). I pray Seetaa Jee who is Raam's beloved. Then I pray Brahmaa Jee etc Devtaa and Shree Hari. Then I write Raamaayan, Raam's story, for self happiness and self satisfaction.

First of all I pray to Braahman who take away all confusions, then I pray to saints who are like Sangam Teerth. Bathing in Teerth gives results late but saints give results immediately. Without Satsang (sitting with and talking to good and knowledgeable people) knowledge cannot be obtained. I pray to all evil people who want to create obstacles without any purpose. Then I pray to Devtaa, Raakshas, human beings, Naag, birds, Pret, Pitar and Gandharv, Kinnar, and whosoever roam around in night that all should be kind to me. I pray to all beings, dead or alive (conscious), with my both palms joined together considering them as Seetaa and Raam. I wish to tell Raam's story so all should pardon me if I make a mistake, because I am not so intelligent to tell it. If the evil people laugh at me, it will do my good because thus they will correct my mistakes.

Raghupati's name is very pious which destroys all Paap. Shiv Jee also chants it with Umaa. I have many disqualifications, I don't want to describe them all here, because they are so many that if I start describing them then this Kathaa will be so long that it will not have any limit. Everybody knows Prabhu's greatness, still nobody restrains telling them. For the same reason I also dare to describe Raghupati's Kathaa. Although it is like an ant wants to cross a limitless sea without any labor, but still I am trying. So everybody should be kind on me so that I can write Raam's Kathaa.

I pray the four Ved, Bramaa's feet dust, Saraswatee Jee, Mahesh and Bhavaanee. I pray holy Avadh Puree, sin-washer Saryoo River, Avadh's people, Kaushalyaa Jee who gave birth to Shree Raghupati. Then I pray Dasharath Jee and all his wives. I pray Janak Jee whose love was very intense in Raam's lotus feet. I pray Lakshman Jee, who is Shesh Jee, with thousand heads, who took Avataar on Prithvi to do good of world's people. I pray Shatrughn Jee, Bharat Jee and Hanumaan Jee. I pray Rikshraaj (Jaambvaan), Angad and other monkey community. I pray to all those who are worshippers of Raam. I pray Sanakaadi Muni, Naarad Muni, Janak's daughter Jaanakee Jee who is the beloved of Shree Raam. Then I pray Shree Raam.

Brahm has two forms - Nir-Gun (attributeless) and Sa-Gun (with attributes), but in my opinion Raam's name is higher than the both, which has controlled the whole world. Why? Raam freed only one Rishi woman, while His name can free millions of people together. Raam gave good Gati to Shabaree, Jataayu etc His servants, while His name can give good Gati to unlimited and evil people.

Everybody knows that Raam gave refuge to Vibheeshan. Raam's monkeys and bears put a lot of efforts in building bridge, but only His name is enough to dry up the whole Universe sea. Thinking thus, Hey good people, chant His name. Shambhoo, Shukdev Jee, Sanakaadi Muni etc know that Raam's name is greater than Him, so all chant His name only. Dhruv chanted His name and got immovable status. Hanumaan Jee chanted His name and and got His eternal Bhakti. Ajaamil, Ganikaa (see Pinglaa), Gaj elephant chanted His name and got freed because of His name. How can I describe all the qualities of Raam's name's, when Raam Himself cannot tell His Name's all qualities.

Although His name's importance is in three Lok and in all four Yug, but in Kali Yug it is especially important as people can be free from birth-death cycle only by chanting His name. Now I start telling Raam Kathaa which can destroy Kali Yug's all evils.

Shambhoo told this Kathaa to Umaa, He told this Kathaa to Kaagbhushundi Jee also. Kaagbhushundi Jee told it to Yaagyavalkya Jee, then Yaagyavalkya Jee told it to Bharadwaaj Muni. Listeners and tellers both know Hari Leelaa very well, both are very knowledgeable, how can a fool like me understand it? still since Guru told me it several times, whatever I could understand according to my mind, I tell you here.

Raam are numerous, His characteristics are limitless, and His Kathaa are also many that is why whose thoughts are pure, they do not wonder hearing His Kathaa. I bow to Shiv Jee and start the Kathaa.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on May 27, 2002
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