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Hanumaan Jee

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Hanumaan Jee

Hanumaan Jee is said to be the son of Anjanee Devee and Kesaree (so named on account of his being as brave as a lion), that is why he is called Anajanee Putra or Kesareenandan. Anjanee was a maidservant to Brihaspati who cursed her to be born as a she-monkey. On asking how she would be released from his curse he told her that that when she would have an Avataar of Shiv as her son, she would be free from his curse. So both Kesaree and Anjanee did severe Tap for Shiv Jee to get his Avataar as their son. As a result Hanumaan Jee was born to her as the incarnation of Shiv Jee.

When Dasharath, the King of Ayodhyaa, was given the sacred Paayas (pudding) by Agni Dev to share among his wives so that they may have children, by divine ordinance, a bird snatched a fragment of that pudding and, whilst flying over the forest, dropped it where Anjanee Devee was worshipping. Pavan Dev (the deity presiding over the wind) delivered that fragment of pudding to the outstretched hands of Anjanee who immediately swallowed it. With that grace, she, in due course of time, gave birth to Hanumaan Jee. That is why he is also called Pavan Putra.

Thus Shiv Jee incarnated as Hanumaan Jee in the bodily form of a monkey through the grace and blessings of Hanumaan's god-father Pavan Dev, with Anjanee and Kesaree as his earthly parents.

It is said that in the childhood itself Hanumaan Jee put Sun in his mouth thinking it a fruit, since it looked red, and kept it for three days. Later on Sun was released for the good of world.

He is a great Raam Bhakt. The very first quality of a Bhakt is "He who acts for his Lord". The very birth of Hanuman is to accomplish Shree Raam's tasks as says Jaambvaan - "You are born to work for Shree Raam." He became Sugreev's minister to do Raam's work. He went to search Seetaa Jee to Lankaa Puree. He was the first person to cross the ocean and go to Lankaa as the emissary of Raam. He found Seetaa sitting in Ashok Vaatikaa. He dropped Shree Raam's ring for Her. There he killed Akshaya Kumaar (Raavan's youngest son) and burned Lankaa while coming back. Thus he searched for Seetaa, became helper to kill Raavan and got Seetaa back.

When all were going back from Ayodhyaa after attending Raam's Rajya Abhishek, Seetaa Jee gave him Her valuable pearl necklace. He bit many pearls out of it but couldn't see Raam and Seetaa in any one of them. He said - "Maa, There is no Raam and Seetaa in any of these pearls, so this is useless to me." and he threw that precious necklace.

In Dwaapar Yug he appeared to one of the five Paandav brothers, Bheemsen. Bheemsen was his younger brother, because he was also Pavan's son, born from Kuntee. Bheem was very proud of his might. Once he was going in the forest, that he saw a monkey lying on the ground, his tail lying across his way. Bheemsen asked him to move his tail so that he could pass through. Hanumaan Jee said - "Brother, I am very old, you can move it wherever you want and pass through." Bheemsen tried and tried but he couldn't move it even an inch. Hanumaan Jee said - "What kind of mighty you are? You can't even move a monkey's tail."  Then Bheem asked Hanumaan Jee - "You don't look like an ordinary Vaanar, who are you?"

Hanumaan Jee got up saying "Raam, Raam" Then Bheemsen recognized Hanumaan Jee - "Oh, So you are Hanumaan Jee, Raam's servant?" Hanumaan Jee said - "Yes, Brother, I am your elder brother." Bheem said - "We are only five brothers. And Maa Kuntee never told us that we had an elder brother too." Hanumaan Jee said - "I am your elder brother because I am also Pavan's son, that is how you are my younger brother. And there is no difference between Raam and Krishn. But I prefer Bhagavaan to see Him with bow and arrow, so I am Raam Bhakt."

Why Hanumaan Jee's body is red? Once Hanumaan saw Seetaa putting a red dot on Her forehead. He asked - "What is this red dot you wear it always, Maa?" Seetaa Jee said - "I wear it because it pleases Shree Raam and increases His life." Since Hanumaan Jee's objective was to please Shree Raam, he colored his whole body in red by rubbing the red Sindoor." When Shree Raam heard about his devotion, He had tears of love in His eyes.

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