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Chapters 2-4



2-Gaj and Graah

Shuk Dev Jee said - "There was a mountain in Ksheer Saagar named Trikoot. It was 10,000 Yojan long, wide and high. It had three peaks, one of gold, another of silver and the third one of iron. Its other peaks were also illuminated with their different kinds of gems. In its foothills there was a garden which belonged to Varun. Its name was Ritumaan. Many kinds of trees were there and there was a large beautiful pond too. The pond had golden lotuses blooming in it. In the forest of that mountain an elephant used to live with his many she-elephants. Once he was roaming around that he felt very thirsty, so he proceeded towards the pond. First he drank the water of that pond, then he took bath in it, then he started playing with his she-elephants and children by throwing water on them. At that time a Graah (a very big crocodile) caught his one foot and started pulling him inside the pond. Gajendra tried his best to free his foot but could not. His wives and children got afraid of this. Gaj and Graah struggled for 1,000 years. Elephant got weaker and weaker, so Graah was able to pull his leg deep inside the water. When Gajendra could bear no more, he started praying Prabhu.

3-Gajendra's Prayer and Being Free

Since he prayed only Bhagavaan, so only Hari came to his help. Seeing Hari he offered Him lotus flower picked up from that pond. Hari brought both of them out of the pond and then killed Graah with His Chakra." [This Adhyaaya contains a long prayer by Gajendra - 28 Shlok] See a note on this prayer.

4-Their Previous Lives

Shuk Dev Jee said - "At that time Shankar, Brahmaa etc Devtaa, Rishi, Gandharv etc showered flowers on Hari. Graah also appeared in his Divine body. In fact this Graah was a good Gandharv named Hoohoo. He got this Gati through the Shaap of Rishi Deval. He prayed Hari and then went to his Lok. Gajendra got also freed from his ignorance with the touch of Hari and he turned into the form of Hari. Gajendra was a King of Dravin Desh in Paandya Vansh. His name was Indradyumn. Once he abandoned his kingship and started living like a Tapaswee. Once he was worshipping Hari that Muni Agastya Jee came there with his disciples. He saw that a King had abandoned his Dharm and he was doing Tap there, so he got angry on this and gave him Shaap - "This King has not learned his Dharm. He is a fool like an elephant, so he should born as an elephant" After giving him Shaap Agastya Muni went away. Indradyumn took it as his fate.

He was born as an elephant, but by the grace of Hari he did not forget Hari even when he was born as an elephant. He remembered Hari in his difficult times and got freed from elephant Yoni. He became Hari like so Hari appointed him as His Paarshad. He took him to His Lok. This story stops bad dreams and spreads Yash and gives Swarg, that is why people read this story in the morning to get rid of bad dreams etc.

This was told by Shree Hari Himself to elephant - "Who, in the last Prahar (part) of night, will meditate on Ksheer Saagar, caves, Kaustubh Mani, Garud, Shesh Jee, Lakshmee Jee, Brahmaa Jee, Naarad Jee, Shankar Jee, Soorya, Chandramaa, Yamunaa, Airaavat Haathee, Dhruv, their sins are destroyed because all these are my forms only. Hey Gajendra, Whosoever will pray me with your prayer in Brahm Muhoort, I will make their mind pure and clear." After saying this Bhagavaan rode on His Garud and went away to His Lok."



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