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Chapters 5-8



5-Devtaa Go to Brahmaa Jee

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Now the fifth Manvantar was the Raivat Manvantar. Raivat was the real brother of the fourth Manu Taamas (son of Priyavrat). He had several sons named Arjun, Bali, Vindhya etc. Indra's name was Vibhuh and Bhootaraya etc were chief Gan of Indra. Hiranyaromaa, Vedshiraa, Oordhwabaahu etc were Sapt Rishi. Among them was a Rishi named Shubhra. His wife's name was Vikunthaa who gave birth to Hari Avataar named Vaikunth. He created Vaikunth Dhaam to please Lakshmee Jee. It is the best Lok among all Lok. In fact only he can count all qualities of Bhagavaan Vishnu who has counted the Paramaanu of Prithvi.

Sixth Manu was Chaakshush - son of Chakshu [of Chaakshush Manvantar]. He had several sons named Puru, Poorush, Sudyumn etc. Indra's name was Mantradrum and Aapya etc were the chief Gan of Indra. Havishyamaan and Veerak etc were Sapt Rishi. Shree Hari was born to Vairaaj and Sambhooti as His Ansh Avataar Ajit. He gave Amrit to Devtaa at the time of Saagar Manthan and He also took Kashchap Roop as the base of Mandaraachal Parvat"

Pareekshit said - "I want to hear the Saagar Manthan story." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Once Devtaa and Asur had a great fierce fight and Devtaa were defeated. Because of Durvaasaa's Shaap he lost three Lok and became poor. Dharm Karm also disappeared. Then Devtaa joined together and went to Brahmaa Jee and told their plight. Brahmaa Jee could not think of anything else, so he took all Devtaa along and went to Bhagavaan Ajit. But when they arrived there, they did not see anything. So Brahmaa Jee started praying Him. [a long prayer is given here]

6-Preparation for Saagar Manthan

Hearing Brahmaa Jee's prayer Bhagavaan appeared in the midst of them. His body was shining like thousands of Sun appeared together. Devtaa's eyes got closed seeing so much light. Only Brahmaa Jee and Shankar Jee did His Darshan. They prayed Him and asked Him to guide Devtaa and Braahman. Ajit said - "You have only one way. At this time Kaal is kind on Asur, so until your stars are good, go and extend your friendship with them. Enemies should also be made friends before doing anything big. Later we can behave like the snake behaved with mouse. You immediately plan to take Amrit out of Ksheer Saagar. Amrit can make even a dying person immortal. First you throw all kinds of straws, creepers, medicinal plants in the sea and then churn it with Mandaraachal Parvat using as the churner and taking Vaasuki Naag as the churning rope with my help. Daitya will get only labor and sorrow and you will get Amrit. Whatever Asur want from you, give those things to them. First the poison will come out of the Saagar, but you don't be scared about it and don't be greedy for anything. First of all one should not desire anything and even if you have a desire then do not be angry on not being fulfilled."

Instructing thus Bhagavaan disappeared from there. Everybody went from there to his Lok. Then Indra etc. Devtaa came to Raajaa Bali. When Daitya saw Indra coming without any weapons they wanted to arrest him, but Bali was a religious king. He had all the three Lok. He stopped them to do so and asked them to let him come in. Indra went to Raajaa Bali and explained everything what Bhagavaan told him. Bali got assured and then both Devtaa and Asur started planning to get Amrit from Ksheer Saagar. Daitya dug out Mandaraachal Parvat and carried it towards the Saagar. But that gold Parvat was very heavy so they could not carry it up to its destination and dropped it in the middle of the way. In the processing of dropping many Devtaa and Asur were killed. At the same time Bhagavaan appeared there. He made Devtaa alive with His words only and then He put that mountain on the neck of Garud and put it on the sea shore.

7-Saagar Manthan and Shankar's Vishpaan

Shukdev Jee said - "Devtaa and Asur promised to give Vaasuki his share in Amrit and Vaasuki agreed to help them in return. Then they used him as the churning rope and started churning the sea. First Ajit started with Vaasuki's head side, so Devtaa came to that side. But Asur did not like this, they said - maybe snake's tail is not a good thing to hold it, his head is a good thing to hold that is why Devtaa are holding his head, so they said - "Snake's tail is inauspicious part of snake's body that is why we will not hold that part. We are not less than Devtaa in any way." So Bhagavaan dropped the head of Vaasuki and held his tail and Asur held his head.

When churning had begun, Mandaraachal could not stay stable because of its weight and there was no base for it. Then Bhagavaan took the form of Kashchap Avataar and held it on His back. His back was like a Jamboo Dweep - 100,000 Yojan long and wide. Now he felt like somebody was itching His back so He entered Asur in Asur Roop and Devtaa in Devtaa Roop to increase their power and Vaasuki in Nidraa (sleep) Roop so that he doesn't get hurt much. Then He pressed the mountain with His hands so that it doesn't move much. Thus He secured everybody from below, from top, from Devtaa, from Asur and from Vaasuki Naag. Vaasuki Naag was emitting poison through his thousands mouths, so Asur got weaker and many sea animals were also dead. So Bhagavaan inspired rain. When Devtaa and Asur could not get Amrit then Ajit Bhagavaan Himself started churning the sea.

Then first of all came out Halaahal Vish (poison). It was given to Shiv Jee and he drank it at the request of Prajaapati etc. Poison made his neck blue. Since then he is called Neelkanth. When he was drinking poison, some fell on earth which was taken by poisonous living beings like snakes, scorpions and medicinal plants etc.

8-Appearance of Amrit and Mohinee Avataar

After the (1) poison, came out the (2) Kaamdhenu cow. It used to produce things related to Agnihotra that is why Brahmarshi took it. After that, (3) Uchchaishravaa horse came out. It was of white color like Moon's. Raajaa Bali took that horse. Indra did not express desire to take it because Bhagavaan had already advised him before. After that (4) Airaavat Haathee (elephant) came out. It had very large four tusks. Indra took it. Then came out the (5) Kaustubh Mani. Ajit Himself took it. Then came out the (6) Kalp Vriksh. It fulfilled every desire, so it was planted in Swarg Lok. Then came out (7) Apsaraa, they were taken by Indra.

Then came out (8) Lakshmee Jee. Everybody wanted to take Her. Indra brought an Aasan for Her to sit on, rivers brought water in gold pitchers for her Abhishek, Prithvi offered all medicines, cows gave milk, Vasant (spring) brought all kinds of flowers and fruits. Rishi performed her Abhishek, Gandharv sang songs, Apsaraa danced and clouds played orchestra. Lakshmee sat on her Aasan with a lotus flower in Her hand. Samudra gave Her yellow silken clothes to wear, Varun presented Her Vaijayantee Maalaa. Prajaapati Vishwakarmaa brought various jewelry, Saraswatee brought pearl necklaces for her, Brahmaa gave her a lotus flower and Naag gave her a pair of ear-rings. After Braahman finished her Abhishek etc, She took the lotus flower garland to put in the neck of the best man. She thought - some are Tapaswee but they have not won their anger, somebody is knowledgeable but he is not completely desireless, some are very important but they have not won Kaam, some are very rich but they have to take others' help, so it is only Vishnu who is the treasure of all qualities, but does He like me? Still she put the garland in Vishnu's neck. Because of ignoring Devtaa and Asur, they became very weak, greedy, shameless, and lazy.

Then appeared (9) Vaarunee Devee who was taken by Asur. Then appeared a (10) strange man whose arms were long and fat but he himself was very handsome. He had the pitcher of Amrit. He was Dhanvantari - Ansh Avataar of Vishnu. When Asur knew about Amrit they snatched the pitcher from him and ran away from there. Devtaa got very sad at this. Bhagavaan consoled them. He changed Himself into a very beautiful attractive woman and went to Asur to attract them. This is His Mohinee Avataar.



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