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Kalp Vriksh

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Kalp Vriksh
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Kalp Vriksh - Means the tree which fulfills wishes in higher worlds. This tree appeared from the sea when it was churned for Amrit by Devtaa and Daitya. It was planted in Indra's Nandan Van. Once Krishn brought it to Dwaarakaa and planted it in Satyabhaamaa's palace to please her. But when Krishn left Prithvi, all Divine things went to their own places along with Him - Sudharmaa Sabhaa, Kalp Vriksh etc.

Kalp Taru, the Divine tree of life being guarded by mythical creatures Kinnar and Kinnaree, flying Apsaraa and Devtaa. 8th century Pawon temple, Java, Indonesia.

Kalp Vriksh is a mythological, wish-fulfilling divine tree that is a common trope in Sanskrit literature from the earliest sources onwards see Rig Ved (1.75; 17.26). Along with the Kaamdhenu, or 'wish-giving cow', The Kalp Vriksh originated during the Saagar Manthan or "churning of the milk ocean", and the King of the gods, Indra returned with it to his paradise. While there is no attested Sanskrit source conclusively identifying this mythological tree with any real, known tree, Kalp Vriksh can figuratively refer to a source of bounty.

Different trees are referred to as the Kalp Vriksh.
(1) According to the Padma_Puraan, this tree is the called "Paarijaat" - Night-flowering Jasmine.
(2) At Josheemath in Uttaraanchal, which commemorates the residence of Aadiguru Shankaraachaarya, there is a large, ancient Bodhi tree known locally as the Kalp Vriksh. This tree is the Peepal tree - Sacred Fig tree.
(3) Some persons refer to the Banyan tree as the Kalp Vriksh.
(4) Some parts of India, especially its coastal areas call the Coconut tree as Kalp Vriksh or Kalp Taru because of its ability to amply provide for human needs.

Kalp Vriksh : It is a very rare species. Probably only five KalpVriksh can be found in India out of which four are in Raanchee in the Doranda area. Its botanical name is Adansonia Digitata. It is of the baobab family and so it is also commonly called the Baobab tree.

There are a few Kalp Vriksh are at Raanchee... look for Kalp Taru in links also 362zwEWMM

If it is Baobab then Pune can also boast to have one Kalp Taru... . The said Baobab tree is in main Abhinav chawk. On the crossing of Bajirao Chawk and Tilak Road opposite to Cilai showroom.
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