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[Naarad Puraan, p 93-94]    see also     Kalp   Time     Brahmaa    Manvantar

Or Manu-Epoch. Manvantar (Manu + Antar) means "the difference between two Manu. Brahmaa's one day (excluding night), one Kalp, is of 1,000 4-Yug period.

And thus one day of Brahmaa = 14 Manvantar (approximately 71 + 4 Mahaa-Yug or 154,285 years each)
                                           = 2,160,000 years

At the end of each Manvantar the human race is completely destroyed and every Manvantar starts with a new Manu and his children. Names of Manvantar according to Bhaagvat Puraan are - (1) Swaayambhuv, (2) Swaarochish, (3) Auttam, (4) Taamas, (5) Raivat, (6) Chaakshush, (7) Vaivaswat, (8) Saavarni, (9) Daksh Saavarni, (10) Brahm Saavarni, (11) Dharm Saavarni, (12) Rudra Saavarni, (13) Ruchi and (14) Bhaum.

We are living now in Vaivaswat Manvantar - the 7th Manvantar.

Manvantar Starting Days
As the four Yug were started on certain days (see Yug), in the same way Manvantar also have their starting dates. According to Skand Puraan :-

(1) Swaayambhuv Manvantar started on Aashwin Shukla 9, 
(2) Swaarochish Manvantar started on Kaartik Shukla 12, 
(3) Auttam Manvantar started on Chaitra 3,
(4) Taamas Manvantar started on Bhaadrapad 3,
(5) Raivat Manvantar started on Aashaadh Shukla 10,
(6) Chaakshush Manvantar started on Maagh Shukla 7,
(7) Vaivaswat Manvantar started on Shraavan Krishna 8,
(8) Saavarni Manvantar will start on Aashaadh Poornimaa,
(9) Daksh Saavarni Manvantar will start on Phaalgun Amaavasyaa,
(10) Brahm Saavarni Manvantar will start on Paush Shukla 11,
(11) Dharm Saavarni Manvantar will start on Kaartik Poornimaa,
(12) Rudra Saavarni Manvantar will start on Phaalgun Poornimaa,
(13) Ruchi Manvantar will start on Chaitra Poornimaa, and 
(14) Bhaum Manvantar will start on Jyeshth Poornimaa. 

Any kind of of Snaan, Dhyaan, Daan, Tap done on these days are said to be immortal.


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/06
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