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According to Aangiras (p 312) Raadhaa is a short name of Rukminee used by her father, Vrishbhaanu Bheeshmak who left Vrindaa Van to become the King of Vidarbh. Raadhaa again met Krishn in Saandeepani school where the two fell in love and later got married. She is considered the incarnation of Lakshmee.

Beloved husband of Raadhaa, means Krishn.

(1) In Indian music specific sequence of notes. There are hundreds of them.
(2) Attachment


Raaj Yog
(1) The main ingredient of Raaj Yog is Hath Yog which controls the mind through Aasan (postures) and Praanaayaam. Aasan are physical postures for improving body and mind functions and Praanaayaam is for systematic regulation of breathing for a given period. Kundalinee Yog is a system considered a part of Raaj Yog by the followers of Tantra.
(2) In astrology, Raaj Yog shows good fortune, prosperity and all kinds of comfort like a king.

Raajaa        see also          Raajya
King. Its synonyms are - Narendra, Naresh

One of the three Gun - Saatwik, Raajas and Taamas. It is called Taijas also.


A Kshatriya who has achieved the status of a Rishi. Vishwaamitra is most suitable example of Raajarshi.

Blue lotus.

Whose eyes are like blue lotus - Raam.

King of cowherd. Another name of Shree Krishn.

(1) Politics. (2) Diplomacy.

Raajsooya Yagya      see     Yagya



Raakshas Vivaah    see also    Vivaah
One of the eight types of Vivaah (marriage). Consummating a marriage by forcibly obtaining a girl without her consent and after fighting successfully with her parents and other relatives (Manu Smriti, 3-33) is called Raakshas Vivaah.


Raam Navamee
Chaitra Shukla Navamee is Raam Navamee day - birthday of Shree Raam. His story is enacted and sung in Brahmaa (Mynmaar, or Burmaa), Jaavaa and Sumaatraa islands (Indonesia), Malaya Dweep Samooh (Malayasia), Shyaam (Thailand), and Kambuj (Cambodia). For centuries, the kings of Thailand have been named Raam. There is a city in Thailand named Ayodhyaa and some of the prominent institutions there have Ayodhyaa as part of their name.

Raam Raajya
The government of Raam. The rule of Raam was perfect, a situation in which people lived in complete bliss - perfect governance..


Raamchandra    see    Raam
(1758-1660 BC) The eldest son of King Dasharath, the king of Koshal, and Kaushalyaa. He is popularly known as Shree Raam. He was an ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband, ideal friend and an ideal foe. He lived His life as an ideal life that is why He is popularly known as Maryaadaa Purushottam Raam. The words "Raam Raajya", literally mean the reign of Shree Raam, mean a government which is ideal and just and where people are happy and satisfied.
[I do not challenge Aangiras giving these dates for Raam's existence, but I do not agree with them. First of all every Yug's period is defined in Hindu religion - Sat Yug (1,728,000), Tretaa Yug (1,296,000),  Dwaapar Yug (864,000), Kali Yug (432,000). If he dates Krishn's birth and death 1150-1064 BC, the with these years of Yug, how this is possible that Raam's birth and death dates are 1758-1660 BC? Raam did not die just only 500 years ago? And he also did not live only for 102 years? According to Vaalmeeki Raamaayan His ruling period was 11,000 years. Thus these dates raise a considerable doubt.]

Raam Charit Maanas

A type of Dance form favorite of Krishn with Gopee. This folk dance is very popular in Vrindaa Van and Gjaraat and is gradually gaining popularity throughout the Hindoo world. Gujaraatee Daandiyaa with wooden sticks is the variation of Krishn's Raas.

Raashi   see    Jyotish
(1) Pile,  (2) Sum,  (3) Quantity,  (4) Zodiac Signs

(1) Raatri means Night. Its synonyms are Nishaa, Raat, Rajanee, Yaaminee etc.
(2) There are 12 Raatri - (1) Veer Raatri - Hadee Raatri, (2) Mahaa Raatri - Kadee Raatri, (3) Kaal Raatri, (4) Moh Raatri, (5) Krodh Raatri - Sadee Raatri, (6) Ghor Raatri, (7) Achal Raatri, (8) Divya Raatri - Kahadee Raatri, (9) Taaraa Raatri - Neel Raatri, (10) Shiv Raatri - Prasaad Raatri, (11) Siddhi Raatri - Oordhwa Raatri, and (12) Daarun Raatri. Veer Raatri is the Tuseday of any Krishn Paksh (Dark Moon Period). Veer Raatri is the Siddh Muhoort for doing the Purashcharan of certain Mantra.

Raatri Jaagaran   see   Jaagaran


(1) Name of the grandfather of Shree Raam.

Another name of Lakshmee.

(1) Amusement theater.  (2) Arena.

Rangolee   see also   Mandal
Beautiful diagrams drawn on floor to beautify the place. They can be made by simple plian flour, rice flour, Geroo (red clay) or other colors to make them colorful.

The whole area of amusement, including the amusement theater and seating arrangement for audience etc.


Ras Mani

Ratjagaa    see    Jaagaran

Gems, Jewels, Precious Stones.

Ratn in Astrology

Ratn in Ppuraan


Sun. Synonym of Soorya.

One of Praanaayaam's four processes - others are Poorak, Kumbhak and Shoonyak. Exhaling the breath.

Reincarnation   see   Punarjanm

The animals which walk on their belly.

(1) Name of the 5th Nakshatra (constellation) from among 27 Nakshatra. (2) Name of the wife of Balaraam.

Three brothers mentioned in Rig Ved, who through their continuous performance of virtuous works reached perfection and hence were elevated to Divine status in the eyes of men.

Sacred verses in praise of the Lord.

Rides of Devtaa  see   Vaahan

One of the four Ved - Rig Ved, Yajur Ved, Atharv Ved, and Saam Ved. Some take Aayur Ved as fifth Ved.

Rig Ved Sookt

(1) Debt of money or anything in this mortal world.  (2) Credit.  (3) Obligation.  (4) Due.  (5) Negative amount.  (6) When a soul takes birth, he comes with three Rin - (1) Dev Rin - paid by doing Yagya, (2) Pitra Rin - paid by producing children, especially son, and (3) Brahm Rin - paid by acquiring Brahm Gyaan. And one is supposed to pay all these Rin before he dies.

Rin Vimochan Stotra

(1) Bull.  (2) The best, the excellent.  (3) The second note of North Indian music.


Whatever seems to be Dharm (duty), for example speaking truth, but sweet, is called Rit.


Season. In India there are six seasons - (1) Vasant (Spring), (2) Greeshm (Summer), (3) Varshaa (Rainy), (4) Sharad (Autumn or Fall), (5) Hemant (Winter), and (6) Shishir (mild Winter).

Ritual is to do a certain action in a prescribed way.


Ritwik     see    Ritwij

Disease. [Agni Puraan, p 564] says Rog are of 4 types - physical, mental, acute and natural. Fever, leprosy etc are physical diseases; anger etc are mental diseases; injuries etc are acute (Aagantuk) diseases; and hunger and old age are natural diseases.

(1) Red.  (2) Cow.  (3) Name of the mother of Balaraam, wife of Vasudev, Krishn's step mother.  (4) Name of the 4th wife, of the 27 wives, of Chandramaa. She is a Nakshatra also.

(1) Fur. 

Rom Koop

Rom Rom Pulakit Honaa
Horripilation (caused by excessive joy or fear).

(1) Form.  (2) Beauty. 


Rudra Adhyaaya   see   Rudram Chamakam

Rudra Ekaadashee   see   Rudram Chamakam

Rudra Prashn
A long prayer to Rudra consisting of two parts - Namak and Chamak. It is also known as Namakam and Chamakam. The text as appearing in the Taittireeya Sanhitaa of Krishn Yajur Ved and is followed throughout India.

Rudra Sookt    see    Sookt

Rudra Upanishad   see   Rudram Chamakam

Rudra Yaamal   see   Yaamal


Rudram and Chamakam


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