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(1) Raadhaa, The Wife of Adhirath
Raadhaa was the wife of Adhirath, the charioteer of King Shaantanu. Both were childless for some time until they found Karn in Gangaa River in a box. They brought him up like their own son. They later had some own sons also.

(2) Raadhaa, Krishn's Consort
Raadhaa is such a name without whose reference Krishn's life is not complete. Krishn had 16,108 wives, among which 8 were His Pat-Raanee (Chief queens), still Raadhaa's name always comes before His name - Raadhaa-Krishn; nobody says "Rukminee-Krishn" or Satyabhaamaa-Krishn". As legend goes, she was the daughter of Vrishbhaanu, that is why she is known by Vrishbhaanu Dulaaree, Vrishbhaanujaa etc names and used to live in Barasaanaa village.

There are three chief sources of Krishn's life - Bhaagvat Puraan, Harivansh Puraan, and Vishnu Puraan, but Raadhaa's name is conspicously absent from all the sources.

Raadhaa's name does not appear in Bhaagvat Puraan. It is believed that as Shuk Dev Jee heard Raadhaa's name, he used to sit in Samaadhi, so how could he tell Bhaagvat to anybody? That is why Vyaas Jee did not write Raadhaa's name in that.

Where One Can Find Raadhaa's Name?
In Mahaabharat? In Bhaagvat Puraan? In Harivansh? In Vishnu Puraan? - all of them are the main sources of Krishn's life account, but Raadhaa's name is nowhere found in these sources.

There is one reference in Bhaagvat (10.30.25), to a fortunate Gopee alone with Krishn just before Raas Kreedaa. The words used here - Anayaaraadhitah (being propitiated by her) might have provided the seeds for the later concept of Raadhaa as the Gopee dearest to Krishn."

I quote from Encyclopedia of Hinduism by Shree Swami Harshananda Jee ---
"......Raadhaa is nowhere to be seen in the four well known sources of Krishn's story: Mahaabhaarat, Harivansh, Vishnu Puraan, and Bhaagvat Puraan. There is a reference in Bhaagavat (10.30.25 ff) to a fortunate gopi who had gone alone with Krishn just before Raas Kreedaa. The words used here - Anayaaraadhitah (being propitiated by her) might have provided the seeds for the later concept of Raadhaa as the Gopee dearest to Krishn."

(1) Brahm Vaivart Puraan
The story of Raadhaa in detail appears in the Krishn Janm Khand of Brahm Vaivart Puraan, a late work. She is described here as His Shakti or power having emerged out of Krishn. She has been portrayed here as the wife Yashodaa'a brother Raayan, and so it seems that she was much older than Krishn.

(from Dattaatreya book, p 27-28) However there is another story written elsewhere, that once Nand Jee went to graze his cows. Rain started pouring heavily and thundering started. Krishn started crying. Nand Jee was unable to stop His crying. He did not know what to do, that Raadhaa comes there. Nand Jee is aware that Krishn and Raadhaa are the incarnations of Vishnu and Lakshmee, so he hands over Krishn to Raadhaa. Raadhaa takes Krishn to a nearby gem-studded canopy. Once they are under the canopy, Krishn become a handsome youth and reminds Raadhaa that She is His Power (Shakti). As soon as Krishn says this to Her, Brahmaa Jee comes there and marries each other and returns to his Lok. Krishn again becomes a child and Raadhaa returns to Vridaa Van with Him and hands Him over to Yashodaa.

(2) Jayadev's Poetry Geet Govind
It is perhaps the poet Jayadev that has immortalized her through his well known lyric Geet Govind.

(3) In Venee Sanhaar Play
In "Venee Sanhaar" play written by Bhatt Naaraayan (570-630 AD or 710-790 AD).

Bangaal Vaishnavism nourished by Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu and others has also given her a unique place in Krishn theology and metaphysics.

"It is plausible that the Prakriti-Pradhaan (other nature) of the earlier Saankhya system of philosophy has gradually got metamorphosed into Raadhaa personality of the later Vaishnav schools of theology".

Why Raadhaa's Name is Not in Bhaagvat Puraan?
Once Shiv Jee were telling Raadhaa's story to Paarvatee Jee in Amar Naath cave. There was a parrot also who was listening to Raadhaa's story. Listening to the story Paarvatee dozed. Shiv Jee did not know that Paarvatee Jee had dozed, so he continued his story. Now Paarvatee Jee's "Yes, Yes" stopped, so the parrot started saying "Yes, Yes" in place of her. When Paarvatee Jee woke up she asked Shiv Jee - "What did you say after that?" Shiv Jee asked - "Then who was saying "Yes, Yes"?" and looked around. He found a parrot so he ran after him. The parrot flew and sat in the womb of Vyaas Jee's wife. Now Shiv Jee could not do anything. he just said to Vyaas Jee - "Do not mention the name of Raaadhaa in your Bhaagvat." and came back. That is why Raadhaa's name is not found in Bhaagvat Puraan.

[We have never heard of any wife of Vyaas Jee. Who was this parrot - it is said that it was Leelaa Shuk and that is why when this parrot was born to Ved Vyaas Jee, his name was Shuk Dev]

A similar story is found about Amar Naath cave.



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