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Many Hindi words, used in Hindu religious books, do not have English equivalent words to explain them correctly. They explain their meaning better as they are, or by explaining them in a few words or phrases. Many such words are given here for reference. These words are not referenced there but may be sought here as people feel the need to understand them.

Some most common English words are also given here just for definition sake, such as day, night, star, time etc

Although most of the words are given here, still if somebody wishes to know something else which is not given here, he or she is most welcomed to write me on the following address. I will try to include that in this list.

"The Aangiras Dictionary of the Hindu Religion and Culture", by the Aangiras Muni (Sacred Books, 1999) has been consulted for many words, but wherever it is consulted, its reference is given there.


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/06
Updated on 06/09/11