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(1) Kalp is the one of the six parts of Ved. It gives one the full knowledge of Karm, the procedures for the performance of religious ceremonies. They are like Yagya, Sanskaar etc. There are five Kalp - Nakshatra Kalp, Ved Kalp, Sanhitaa Kalp, Aangiras Kalp, and Shaanti Kalp.

(2) Kalp Vriksh

(3) A word in Sanskrit meaning "practicable, feasible, possible" and also "proper, fit, able" from the root Kalp "to be well ordered or regulated".

(4) Eon. or Epoch. According to Aangiras, p 101, a Kalp is Brahmaa's one day covering 4,320,000 years.

(5) According to Bhaagvat Puraan, 1,000 4-Yug or one Mahaa Yug period  makes up one Kalp. Every Kalp has 14 Manvantar in it. This is Brahmaa's day only, his night is also of the same time. Thus his one day and night is equal to two Kalp. Such 360 days (720 Kalp) make up his one year and his full age is of 100 years. His half age, 50 years, is called one Paraardh. Presently, one Paraardh has passed and the 28th Manvantar of the first Kalp of his second Paraardh of Brahmaa's age is continuing. In the beginning of the Kalp, this Creation is created and in the end of the Kalp it is destroyed. Then in the next Kalp Brahmaa will sleep and again in the next Kalp this Creation will be started. Thus Brahmaa creates this Creation in the morning and destroys at the end of his day. Then he rests for the same period and the strts his Creation again next morning - next Kalp.

There are 4 Yug - Sat, Tretaa, Dwaapar, and Kali. They are in the proportion of 4:3:2:1 thousands Divine-years:
Sat ........... 4,000 Divine-years + 800 years of Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh)
Tretaa ..... 3,000 Divine-years + 600 years of Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh)
Dwaapar .. 2,000 Divine-years + 400 years of Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh)
Kali ........... 1,000 Divine-years + 200 years of Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh)

In whatever Yug whatever thousand years are, its double the years in hundreds are in its Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh. The beginning of Yug is Sandhyaa and the end of the Yug is Sandhyaansh. So their duration is in hundred years and in between them is the Yug. Thus their total time period is:

Sat ............ 4,800 Divine-years x 360* = 1,728,000 Human-years
Tretaa ...... 3,600 Divine-years x 360 = 1,296,000 Human-years
Dwaapar .. 2,400 Divine-years x 360 = 864,000 Human-years
Kali ............ 1,200 Divine-years x 360 = 432,000 Human-years
4-Yug = 12,000 Divine-years x 360 = 4,320,000 Human-years

* because 1 Human-year = 1 Divine-day, that is why Divine year is multiplied by number of days in Human Year
360 Divine-days = 1 Divine-year
therefore 360 Human-years = 1 Divine-year
therefore 4,320,000 Human-years x 1,000 4-Yug period
                               = 4,320 million Human-years = Brahmaa's day and
                                  4,320 million Human-years = Brahmaa's night

Thus 8,640,000,000 Human-years = Brahmaa's one day+night
Thus 8,640,000,000 x 360 Divine-days = Brahmaa's one year
And since Brahmaa's age is 100 Divine-years

             4-Yug      = 4,320,000 Human-years
             1 Kalp      = 4,320,000,000 Human-years
             2 Kalp      = 8,640,000,000 Human-years = Brahmaa's one day and night
So Brahmaa's age = 8,640,000,000   x 360  days x 100 years =
   311,040 billion Human-years  OR   72,000 Kalp  OR  100 Divine-years   OR  36,000 Divine-days    

And beyond Tri-Lok - from Mahar Lok, to Tapah Lok, to Brahm Lok 1,000 Human 4-Yug period is one day and the same period of time, 1,000 Human 4-Yug, is one night in which Brahmaa Jee sleeps.
When Brahmaa Jee's night ends, then our Kalp starts on Prithvi, and it ends when Brahmaa Jee's day ends.

(1) Names of Kalp
Various scriptures give Various numbers of Kalp and various names for them.
(1) Matsya Puraan List No 1 gives 30 names of Kalp - 290.3-12
(2) I have also collected some names while reading scriptures, those are given in List 2.
(3) Vaayu Puraan (Ch 21) gives 28 different names of Kalp than Matsya Puraan Plus 5 more Kalp in its Ch 22.
(4) List 4 gives the names of Kalp from Ling Puraan.

(1) Names of 30 Kalp from Matsya Puraan

Names of Kalp (10) Names of Kalp (10) Names of Kalp (10)
(1) Shwet Kalp (11) Tamah Kalp (21) Tatpumaan Kalp
(2) Neel Lohit Kalp (12) Saaraswat Kalp (22) Vaikunth Kalp
(3) Vaamdev Kalp (13) Udaan Kalp (23) Lakshmee Kalp
(4) Rathantar Kalp (14) Garud Kalp (24) Saavitree Kalp
(5) Rarav Kalp (15) Koorm Kalp (25) Aghor Kalp
(6) Dev Kalp (16) Nrasinh Kalp (26) Varaah Kalp
(7) Brihat Kalp (17) Samaan Kalp (27) Vairaaj Kalp
(8) Kandarp Kalp (18) Aagneya Kalp (28) Gauree Kalp
(9) Sadya Kalp (19) Som Kalp (29) Maheshwar Kalp
(10) Eeshaan Kalp (20) Maanav Kalp (30) Pitra Kalp

(2) Some More Names of Kalp From Various Other Scriptures
The following 20 names, collected just randomly by me while reading various scriptures, are found at various places in scriptures. They are given here alphabetically in the absence of the information of their sequential order.

Names of Kalp (7) Names of Kalp (7) Names of Kalp (6)
(1) Aghor Kalp (8) Koorm Kalp, (15) Saaraswat Kalp - Dialog of Sanat Kumaar and Naarad in Naarad Puraan, p 481 - they are talking about 25 Kalp before this Kalp. It means that at least 25 Kalp had passed before this Kalp.
(2) Agni Kalp, (9) Lakshmee Kalp, (16) Shwet Varaah Kalp - the present Kalp
(3) Bhavishya Kalp, (10) Maanav Kalp, (17) Shraaddh Kalp
(4) Braahm Kalp - The very first day of Brahmaa when he himself was created (by Bhagavaan Vishnu). Pandit call him Shabd Brahm. (11) Paadm Kalp - Last Kalp of 1st Paraardh of Brahmaa (18) Taarkshya Kalp - Vishnu told this Puraan in this Kalp. (Agni Puraan, 550)
(5) Brihat Kalp - Naarad Puraan is based on this Kalp. (Naarad Puraan, p 508) (12) Pret Kalp (19) Tatpurush Kalp - Skand Puraan is based on this Kalp. (Agni Puraan, 549)
(6) Dhaum Kalp - Vaaman Puraan is based on this Kalp. (Agni Puraan, 549) (13) Puraa Kalp, (20) Varaah Kalp - 1st Kalp of the 2nd Paraardh - Varaah Avataar - Description of its Vaivaswat Manvanter is given in (Bhavishya Puraan, 3/Index) Vishnu Puraan is based on this Kalp. (Agni Puraan, 549)
(7) Eeshaan Kalp, (14) Rathantar Kalp - Brahm Vaivart Puraan is based on this Kalp. (Agni Puraan, 549). It begins on Aashaadh Chaturthee (Naarad Puraan, p 535).  

(3) 34 Names of Kalp From Vaayu Puraan
The following list is copied from this site -

Note: From No 11-16, 6 names are not on the list but are given below that list in a note found on another site

Names of Kalp (11) Names of Kalp (11) Names of Kalp (11)
(1) Bhava Kalp (12) Oushik Kalp (23) Chintak Kalp
(2) Bhuva Kalp (13) Kushik Kalp (24) Aakooti Kalp
(3) Tapas Kalp (14) Gandharv Kalp (25) Vigyaati Kalp
(4) Bhava Kalp (15) Rishabh Kalp (26) Man Kalp
(5) Rambhaa Kalp (16) Shadaj Kalp (27) Bhav Kalp
(6) Ritu Kalp (17) Maarjaaleeya Kalp (28) Brihat Kalp
(7) Kratu Kalp (18) Madhyam Kalp (29) Shwet Lohit Kalp
(8) Vahni Kalp (19) Vairaaj Kalp - The great Vairaaj Manu was born in this Kalp and his son was the great sage Dadheechi. (30) Rakt Kalp
(9) Havyavaahan Kalp (20) Nishaad Kalp - The race of Nishaad (hunters) were created during this period. (31) Peetvaas Kalp
(10) Saavitra Kalp (21) Pancham Kalp (32) Seetaa Kalp
(11) Bhuvah Kalp (22) Meghavaahan Kalp - The word Megh means cloud and Vaahan means to bear. In this Kalp, Vishnu adopted the form of a cloud and bore Shiv on His back. It is thus that the Kalp received its name. (33) Krishn Kalp
    (34) Vishwaroop Kalp

(4) Names of 29 Kalp from Ling Puraan - 1:4:45-49
The following list is copied from this site -

Names of Kalp (10) Names of Kalp (10) Names of Kalp (9)
(1) Bhava Kalp (11) Shuddh Kalp (21) Gyaan Kalp
(2) Udbhava Kalp (12) Majjaaleeya Kalp (22) Manas Kalp
(3) Tapas Kalp (13) Madhyam Kalp (23) Sudarsh Kalp
(4) Bhavya Kalp (14) Vairaaj Kalp (24) Braahm Kalp
(5) Rambhaa Kalp (15) Nishaad Kalp (25) Shwet Lohit Kalp
(6) Ritu Kalp (16) Mukhya Kalp (26) Rakt Kalp
(7) Kratu Kalp (17) Meghvaahan Kalp (27) Peetvaas Kalp
(8) Vahni Kalp (18) Pancham Kalp (28) A-Sit Kalp
(9) Havyavaah Kalp (19) Chitrak Kalp (29) Sarv-Roopak Kalp
(10) Saavitra Kalp (20) Aakriti Kalp



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