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Sampaati and Jataayu were two brothers. They were the grandsons of Kashyap and Vinataa and sons of Arun. Both brothers helped Raam in their own ways.

Once both brothers flew in the sky very high and thought to go near Sun. Both flew very high in the sky but then they felt the heat of the Sun, so Jataayu came back saying that he could not go closer than that, but Sampaati continued to fly towards the Sun. At last he burned his wings and fell down on the earth. In this situation he could not go in search for his food. He got fed up with his life, so he wanted to die but then one Rishi said to him that he should wait till Raam takes birth on Prithvi. He has to help Him. And as he would help Him, his wings will grow again and he will again be a beautiful bird.

So Sampaati waited for Raam to come. One day when he was just waiting something to appear as his food, he saw many Vaanar sitting on the seashore. He ot very happy to see them and thought that "Oh, Today Bhagavaan has given me a good food." But then he heard those Vaanar saying that "Jataayu was blessed who gave his life in the service of Raam."

Both words, Raam and Jataayu were of his interest. He has not seen his brother for long time. He got very sad to hear the news of his brother death; but at the same time got happy to hear that Raam has taken birth on Prithvi ad his brother had died in His service. So he forgot about his food and came somehow to those Vaanar and asked about their purpose to be there. Those Vaanar told him everything that they were in search of Seetaa Jee. He said that being a vultue he could see very far, and could see that Seetaa was sitting in Ashok Vaatikaa in Raavan's Lankaa; but since he was very old and had burnt his wings he could not fly there.

Then he reminded Hanumaan that he could go there because he had so much power to go there. As he reminded Hanumaan about his powers, Hanumaan got released from his Shaap and he again became powerful; and since Sampaati had helped Raam in this way, his wings started growing again.

Jataayu was a good friend of Dasharath. When Raam and Lakshman were wandering in the search of Seetaa, they met Jataayu wounded. When asked about his condition, he explained his struggle with Raavan while rescuing Seetaa. He told that it was Raavan who abducted Her to his Lankaa Nagaree. Thereafter he died. Raam requested Jataayu not to mention anything about their agony and Seetaa's abduction by Raavan to their father when he goes to Swarg. (Raam never wanted that His father should ever know about His troubles and get worried !!!) Raam Himself performed his last rites.



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