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1-Story of Ajaamil

Raajaa Pareekshit said - "Bhagavan,  You described the "Mukti Maarg" (whole Skandh 2) by which a Jeev can go to Brahm Lok, then you described the "Maarg" (Skandh 3) by which the Jeev can go to Swarg but then it does not really get free from birth and death cycle because it still has some desires left. You told us about the A-Dharm also which is the cause of Narak (Skandh 5/8), and you also described the First Manvantar (whole Skandh 4) whose Swaamee was Swaayambhuv Manu. You have described the account of Raajaa Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad's lives, Dweep, Varsh, seas, mountains, rivers and trees etc. (Skandh 4 and Skandh 5), position of Bhoo Mandal, its Dweep and Varsh (divisions), their characteristics and measurement, position of constellations and seven Paataal Lok and how they were created. Now I want to know the way by which humans can save themselves from going to Narak."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Man (mind) does Paap (sins) in three ways - by heart, by speech, and by body. If he does not do Praayashchit of those Paap in the present life, he has to do it by going to Narak after his death. Therefore one must judge his Paap according to their greatness and smallness before his death." At this Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavaan, In spite of knowing the Paap results and their respective Narak, man still does Paap because of his desires. How he can do the Praayashchit of his Paap in such situation. Some people do the Praayashchit also for their Paap, but still do the same Paap again and again because of their desires."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "In fact the action does not destroy the action from its root, because the doer is A-Gyaanee (ignorant), and till A-Gyaan (ignorance) is there, a man's desires do not end. Who eats good healthy food, he does not fall ill; in the same way who obeys rules ,only he can get the spiritual knowledge. There are nine ways by which one can destroy his all kinds of Paap. They are - Tapasyaa, Brahmcharya, Control on Indriyaan, Stabilization of Man, Giving alms, Truth, Shauch (cleanliness), Yam and Niyam (rules). Hey Pareekshit, There is a story in this regard, in which Vishnu's and Yam Raaj's Paarshad's dialog is described. I tell you that story now.

"In Kaanyakubj city (today's Kannauj in UP) there was living a Braahman whose wife worked as a maidservant. His name was Ajaamil. Because of living with a maidservant his own good qualities were destroyed. Sometimes he robbed travelers, sometimes he made people lost in gambling etc etc. In this way he brought up his children. He passed almost 88 years like this. He had 10 sons. The youngest son being named as Naaraayan. Both parents used to love him very dearly. Ajaamil was in intense love with him. Now the time came for him to die, still he was thinking about his son only.

One time he saw three fierce-looking Yam's Paarshad carrying a rope with a sliding knot. He got scared to see them. At that time his son Naaraayan was playing nearby, so he called him loudly - "Naaraayan, Naaraayan". As he called "Naaraayan, Naaraayan" Vishnu's Paarshad thought that he was calling their Swaamee Naaraayan's name, so they immediately ran to help him. At that time Yam's Paarshad were drawing the minute body of Ajaamil out of his physical body. Seeing this Vishnu's Paarshd stopped them to do so. Yam's Paarshad asked - "You look like Vishnu, who are you to interfere in our Yam Raaj's order? Are you some kinds of gods or some Siddh? We can see that your eyes are like lotus petals, you are wearing yellow clothes, crowns are on your heads, ear-rings are in your ears. We are Paarshad of Dharm Raaj. Why are you stopping us to do our duty?" Hearing this Vishnu's Paarshad laughed and asked - "If you are really the Paarshad of Dharm Raaj, then you tell us the characteristics and elements of Dharm. How the punishment is prescribed and who is worthy of punishment? Are all Paapee (sinners) punishable or only some of them?"

Yam's Paarshad said - "Whatever actions are prescribed by Ved are called Dharm, and whatever actions are prohibited by Ved are called A-Dharm. Ved are one form of Bhagavaan. All materials rest in Him only. Only Ved divide them according to their characteristics, name, actions and form. Whatever action a Jeev does, the Sun, the Fire, the Aakaash, the day, the directions, the water, the Prithvi, the Kaal and Dharm etc all are witness for it. They identify A-Dharm too and that is how we know about the A-Dharm done by somebody. Then the worthiness of punishment is decided. All beings have to get punishment according to their bad actions. Whatever Karm are done, they are always related to three Gun, that is why everybody does some good deeds and some bad deeds and whosoever has a body cannot live without doing any Karm or action. Whosoever does whatever good or bad in this Lok, he gets its results accordingly in Par-Lok (other world).

Hey Siddh Purush,  Jeev acts in this body through five Karm Indriyaan, enjoys five kinds of pleasures through five Gyaan Indriyaan and enjoys the pleasures of all the three jointly with Man (Man, Gyaan Indriyaan and Karm Indriyaan). Jeev's this minute body with 16 Kalaa and Sat, Raj, and Tam Gun has no beginning or end (A-Janmaa) and the same is the cause of joy and sorrow and birth and death. Whosoever does not win Kaam (lust and desires), Krodh (anger), Lobh (greed), Moh (intense love), Mad (pride) and Matsar (intense pride) - these six enemies, he has to do many Karm (actions) in spite of his unwillingness to do any Karm. No physical body can live without doing Karm. A Jeev gets his physical and minute body according to the Punya and Paap committed in his previous lives. His natural and powerful desires give him father's body or a mother's body. Being associated with Prakriti only, a man considers himself of opposite sex body. This confusion can be removed soon by Bhagavaan's Bhajan.

You know that Ajaamil was a very good Braahman. He didn't have any kind of bad habit or conduct. He was a very pious man. One day by the order of his father, he went to forest and brought flowers, Kush etc for Havan. When he was coming back, he saw a Shoodra enjoying around with a prostitute. Ajaamil got attracted towards her. He came home but he always used to think about her and gradually forgot to do his duties. He used to take many valuable things to her and tried to attract her. Finally he left his wife and served this prostitute and her children. This sinner has thus disobeyed Shaastra, he has eaten this prostitute's money for a long time, besides he did not do any Praayashchit also of his sins, that is why we will take him to Yam Raaj. There he will get punishment according to his sins."

2-Bhaagvat Dharm and Ajaamil Goes to Paramdhaam

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit,  Vishnu's Paarshad said - "Hey Yam Raaj's Paarshad, This is very surprising and sad that A-Dharm has entered the court of those people who know Dharm, because innocent people are punished there. This man has already done Praayashchit of all his sins of even hundreds of his previous lives, because he has already pronounced Bhagavaan's good name. As he pronounced "Naaraayan" from his mouth, at the same time his all sins were washed away. Even the greatest sinful man's sins are washed away only by pronouncing the name of Bhagavaan. Many learned people have told many Vrat for Praayashchit but none of them is as effective as pronouncing the name of Bhagavaan. That is why Ajaamil's sins are also washed away by taking Bhagavaan's name and you cannot take him with you. As the wood burns in fire when coming into contact with it, even without knowing, in the same way if a man pronounces Bhagavaan's name even unknowingly or without any intention, his all sins are washed away automatically. Great saints know that even if somebody pronounces Bhagavaan's name in signs, in jokes, in singing, or in being angry, then also his all Paap are destroyed and he is not worthy of punishment. As Amrit makes somebody immortal even if it is taken without knowing its characteristics, in the same way Bhagavaan's name also washes all sins even if it is taken unknowingly."

Thus Vishnu's Paarshad told them Bhaagvat Dharm and saved Ajaamil from Yam's Paarshad as well as from death. Hearing this Yam's Paarshad went to Yam Raaj and told him everything. Ajaamil got healthy. He bowed to Bhagavaan's Paarshad. Vishnu's Paarshad guessed that Ajaamil wanted to say something so they immediately disappeared. Ajaamil had heard everything what Vishnu's Paarshad said to Yam's Paarshad. Hearing all that he became very sad about his going so low that he produced a son from a prostitute, and did not care for his old parents. "Fie on me that I have misbehaved with my family. I did not take care my parents also. They were helpless, they didn't have anybody else except me still I abandoned them. Did I see a dream? Who were those four Siddh who got me freed from that sliding knot? Where did they go?"

He thought that he would do all good in future. He had only a little contact with Vishnu's Paarshad (they were not even Bhagavaan or Bhagavaan's Ansh, they were only His Paarshad) and from that contact only he developed Vairaagya towards this world. So he went to Haridwaar and sat in Samaadhi. Then he saw the same four Paarshad of Vishnu again. He bowed to them and left his physical body. Who tell and hear this account with devotion, they never go to Narak.

3-Dialog Between Yam Raaj and His Paarshad

Raajaa Pareekshit asked - "When Yam's Paarshad did not obey him then what Yam Raaj did? I have never heard of anybody disobeying Yam Raaj for any reason. Please clear my doubts." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit,  When Yam's Paarshad failed in their mission they said to their Swaamee - "Prabhu,  Jeev do three types of actions in this world, Paap, Punya and mixed ones. How many judges judge people's actions and give judgment to them? If there are many people for that, then people will not get uniform judgment for their actions. That is why we think that you are the only person to judge all living beings' actions. So far none has interfered in your judgment of punishment, but today four strange Siddh interfered in carrying out your orders. We were taking a Paapee (sinner) to Narak as per your order, but they released him forcefully from us. We want to know its secret. If you consider us worthy of that then kindly tell us. This is very surprising that as Ajaamil called "Naaraayan", immediately four people arrived there saying "Don't be afraid, Don't be afraid".

When Yam Raaj's Paarshad said that, Yam Raaj remembered the lotus feet of Shree Hari and said - "Besides me, there is one other Swaamee of this world. This world is inside Him. Only His parts - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiv, are responsible for this world's creation, sustenance, and destruction. He has tied this world with Braahman etc Varn and Brahmacharya etc Aashram. Thus all Jeev have surrendered to Him tied with Karm and name ties. Indra, Varun, Chandramaa, Agni, Shankar, Vaayu, Soorya, Brahmaa, 12 Aaditya, 8 Vasu, 49 Marut, 11 Rudra and I, in spite of being Sat Gunee, all are subordinate to His Maayaa. When Bhagavaan wants to do what, we don't know. He is the Swaamee (Lord) of all, and is independent of anything. His Paarshad roam around in this Lok. They keep Bhagavaan's devotees safe from their enemies, Agni and me.

Bhagavaan Himself has set the limits of Dharm; neither Rishi know it, nor Devtaa, nor any Siddh Gan know it. Then how human beings, Chaaran, Asur etc can know about it. The secret of Bhaagvat Dharm is known to only 12 people - Brahmaa Jee, Devarshi Naarad, Bhagavaan Shankar, Sanat Kumaar, Kapil Dev, Swaayambhuv Manu, Prahlaad, Janak Jee, Bheeshm Pitaamaha, Raajaa Bali, Shuk Dev Jee, and I (Dharm Raaj). For Jeev this is the only Dharm that they should take His name or do Keertan of His name.

Did you notice the importance of just pronouncing the name of Bhagavaan, that a sinner like Ajaamil also got released from death. It is so sad that even the great intelligent people do not know the importance of Bhagavaan's name. Thinking thus intelligent people establish themselves in Bhagavaan Anant with all their heart and such people are not under my punishment. Bhagavaan's Gadaa always guards such people. You also don't go to them, because neither Kaal, nor I can give them any punishment. Today my Paarshad have committed a crime against Bhagavaan Himself by insulting His Paarshad. May Bhagavaan pardon us. We are A-Gyaanee and always stand in order to receive His orders. I greet Him."

Shukdev Jee Further said - "Hey Pareekshit, so now you should understand this that the Praayashchit of the highest Paap is that Bhagavaan's Leelaa should be praised and sung. When Yam Raaj's Paarshad heard the importance of Bhagavaan, they never go even close to Bhagavaan's Paarshad. This story is very secret. Agastya Jee told me this on Malaya Parvat at the time he was worshipping Shree Hari.



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