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Chapters 4-5

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4-Daksh's Prayer and Appearance of Bhagavaan

Pareekshit Jee asked - "Bhagavan, You described briefly the birth of Devtaa, Asur, human beings, Sarp (snakes), animals, birds etc. in Swaayambhuv Manvantar (in Skandh 3). Now I want to hear it in detail." Shuk Dev Jee said - "When the ten sons of Raajaa Praacheenbarhi - Prachetaa Gan - came out of the sea, they saw that the whole Earth was covered with trees. They got very angry and they spit air and fire to burn the trees. Then Chandramaa said - "These trees are very pitiable. Don't be angry with them. Shree Hari has produced them for medicines and as food. In the world, flying birds eat non-walking fruit and flowers; walking animals' food is non-walking grass and straw etc; who have hands they can take their food from trees and creepers and for the 2-feet human beings the food is rice, wheat etc. Four-feet bullocks, camels etc help in growing grains. When your father ordered you to produce children, and you did Tap for that, in this situation burning trees is not justified. Calm down and protect your public like a Raajaa. All are Bhagavaan's places, therefore do not burn these trees, rather take care for these trees. This girl has been brought up by these trees. Accept her as your wife."

Thus the King of trees Chandramaa calmed down Prachetaa Gan and gave Pramlochaa Apsaraa's beautiful daughter to them. She gave birth to Prajaapati Daksh whose descendents were spread in the three Lok. He loved his daughters very much. How did he create many different living beings with his intentions only and with his semen too, that I will tell you now."

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Hey Pareekshit,  First Prajaapati Daksh created Devtaa, Asur, human beings etc. who live in water, land and sky, with his will only. When he found that this creation is not growing to his satisfaction, then he went to hills, close to Vindhyaachal Parvat and did very hard Tap. There is a Teerth named Aghmarshan. Prajaapati used to take bath in that Teerth three times a day and meditate Bhagavaan. He prayed Bhagavaan with "Hansguhya" Stotra [here it is given in 12 Shlok]. Then Bhagavaan appeared before him. Seeing Him Daksh was filled with joy, he bowed to Him but could not speak anything. Bhagavaan knew everything, so He said - "I am very pleased with you. Brahmaa, Shankar and Prajaapati like you are all my Swaroop. Tapasyaa is my heart, knowledge is my body, Karm is my figure, Yagya are my parts, Dharm is my Man (mind), Devtaa are my Praan. First in the beginning, when nothing was there, only I was there and that also in unconscious form. Then Kshobh appeared in three Gun, then only this Brahmaand Shareer (body) appeared from me, from which appeared Brahmaa Jee. He first created you nine Prajaapati. This is the daughter of Prajaapati Panchjan, Asiknee. You take her and then grow the population. Till now there was only Maanasee creation (by will), but now on there will be only sexual creation and that creation will always be ready to serve me." And Bhagavaan disappeared from there after saying this.

5 - Vairaagya in Daksh's Sons and Daksh's Shaap to Naarad Jee

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit,  Daksh was now able to produce children. He produced 10,000 sons from Asiknee, named Haryashwa. All sons were of same nature and behavior. When Daksh ordered them to produce children, they went to do Tap in west direction. There is a Teerth named Naraayan Sar (Sarovar or pond) at the place where Sindhu River meets sea. As they took bath in Naraayan Sar, they became very pious and they were attracted towards Bhaagvat Dharm. But still, being bound to their father's orders they started doing their Tap.

When Devarshi Naarad Jee saw that even though Daksh's 10,000 sons were attracted towards Bhaagvat Dharm, they were still ready to produce children, then he went to them and said - "Although you are Prajaapati but actually you are fools. Tell me, when you have not seen the end of Prithvi, then how will you do the creation. Look, there is only one Desh (country) in which there is only one Purush (man). There is a burrow which does not have a way out. There is a woman who can take many forms. There is a man who is a husband of an ill-character woman. There is a river which flows both sides - up and down. There is a strange house which is made of 25 elements. There is a Hans (swan) whose story is very strange. There is a Chakra which is made up of knives and Vajra and it revolves itself. Fools, until you understand your father's orders fully and see all those things yourself, you will not be able to create anything."

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Hey Pareekshit, Haryashwa were very intelligent since birth. They started thinking on Naarad's complex puzzle and thought "Yes, this is true. This minute body which is called Jeev is Prithvi and this is the unending binding of soul. Until we see its end (destruction) there is no use to continue the work which is not capable of giving us Moksh. Eeshwar is one. He is the Aashray (resting place) of all. He is the burrow where once the soul enters, does not come out in this world. This wisdom is like an ill-character woman. Living with her ends the freedom of Jeev-form Purush. Maayaa is the river which flows both sides. This creates the things and destructs them as well. Who seek Tapasyaa and Vidyaa (Gyaan or knowledge etc.) banks to come out of this river, this river flows faster to stop them doing so in the form of Krodh (anger), Ahankaar etc.

The 25 elements are a wonderful house. Purush (He) is their Aashraya. Who does not know this, he is not liberated and whatever Karm he does, it is useless; because all Karm are done with the idea of false liberation. Shaastra are Hans which tell you the Gyaan which can separate milk from water. They can separate bondage and Moksh, conscious and unconscious. There is no use of doing any Karm leaving such Shaastra. We should follow Shaastra. There is no use to do Karm beyond the Shaastra. This Kaal is the Chakra. It revolves continuously. Its edge is very sharp. Nobody can stop it. Who do not understand this they do Sa-Kaam Karm (Karm with desire) because they think that their results are indestructible, while it is not so. Shaastra is like father, because the Shaastra give you new life and their order is not to do Karm but to end Karm." Thinking thus Haryashwa circled around Naarad Jee and adopted the Moksh path from which one never returns."

Hey Pareekshit, When Daksh Jee heard about this incident, that Naarad Jee has misguided his obedient sons, he got very sad. Brahmaa Jee calmed down him, then he produced 1,000 sons more from Asiknee. There name was Shabalaashwa. They also went to the same Teerth with the intention of producing children at the order of their father. After taking bath they also became pious and started doing Tap with this Mantra (see this Chapter for Mantra). Devarshi Naarad again came there and said the same things to them and asked them to follow their elder brothers' path. They also understood it and followed the same path, because the Darshan of Naarad Jee does not fail.

When Daksh Jee came to know about this incident, he got extremely angry and when he saw Naarad Jee, he gave Shaap to him - "You have done very bad to us. They have not yet paid the Rishi Rin  (see Rin), through Brahmcharya, Dev Rin through Yagya, and Pitra Rin through producing sons, and you have destroyed their pleasures of both Lok. Once you have done this before also, we tolerated it, but this time I will not tolerate it. You also wander in all Lok and you will not stay at one place."

Hey Pareekshit, Naarad Jee accepted his Shaap an since then he has been wandering in al Lok and does not stay at one place. Nobleness is the name of such behavior that in spite of being capable of taking revenge, one tolerates other's ill behavior."



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