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8-Reasons of Raam Avataar-2

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8-Reasons of Raam Avataar-2

Naarad Moh

Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "Hey Bharadwaaj Jee, There was a beautiful cave in a mountain, and near that cave Sursari (Gangaa Jee) used to flow. Naarad Jee was wandering around. Seeing that place he got very happy. Love towards Ramaapati arose in his heart, and he sat there in Samaadhi. When Suresh (Indra) saw him sitting in Samaadhi, he got scared lest Naarad Jee asks for his Swarg Lok, so he sent Kaam Dev to breakdisurb his Tap. Kaam Dev arrived there and spread his Maayaa. But his Maayaa didn't affect Muni Naarad Jee at all. Seeing this Kaam Dev got frightened, and he held Muni's feet and prayed for his life.

But Naarad Jee did not get angry at him, rather he consoled him and sent him to his Lok. Naarad Jee described his noble behavior in Devtaa's Sabhaa (court). All got very surprised to hear that and bowed to him in admiration. Then Naarad Jee went to Shiv Jee. Now he became proud of winning Kaamdev so he described this event to Shiv Jee also. Mahesh Jee took him as his dear person and told him not to tell this to Shree Hari. He told him that if even a reference comes up of this, you should never this to Him and you should hide this event as much as possible.

But Naarad Jee didn't listen to Shambhoo's words, because Hari's wish is very powerful, so he went to Brahmaa Jee's Lok also and told him about this event. Once playing on his Veenaa he went to Hari's Lok. There Hari welcomed him and asked his welfare. Then Naarad Jee told the whole story to him too even though Shambhoo Jee forbade him to do so. Bhagvaan thought, "Naarad Jee has got pride of himself in his heart, it is not good for him, it has to be destroyed, because he is my great devotee. I have to do something for this." After describing the event Naarad Jee went away.

Bhagvaan created a beautiful city which was extended up to one hundred Yojan, on the way of Naarad Jee. It was very beautiful and beautiful people lived in it. [As Naarad was on his way] Naarad Jee was very surprised to see it because he had never seen it before. He entered it. Asking the people there, he arrived in its King's palace. The King's name was Sheelnidhi. He had a beautiful daughter named Vishwamohinee. He was making the arrangements of her Swayamvar. The King paid him due respects, asked his daughter to greet him and asked Naarad Jee about his daughter's future.

When Naarad Jee looked at her, he continued to look at her without blinking. As he gathered himself, He looked at her hand, but did not say anything about it that her husband will be Immortal, and nobody will be able to win him in fight, everybody will serve him, etc etc. He said something else to the King and came out of the city. Now he thought that I should do something to get her in marriage. At this time my Jap Tap will not help me, then how can I have her. Then he thought that only Shree Hari was his real well-wisher, and he should ask for beauty from Him, so that as she sees him she puts her Jayamaalaa in his neck only.

The then he saw Bhagavaan coming towards that side. He got very happy to see Him that his purpose will be fulfilled now. So Muni told his whole story and requested Him to give His Roop (look) so that the princess accepts him as her husband. And that he was His servant and whatever was good for him Bhagavaan should do for him. Bhagavaan got very happy to see the great effect of His Maayaa. He said - "Hey Naarad Jee, Whatever is good for you I will do the same for you. If a patient asks for anything which is not beneficial for him, the Vaidya (doctor) does not give it to him because it is not good for him, in the same way I will also do your good."  And Prabhu disappeared after saying this.

Naarad Jee was under the spell of His Maayaa, so he could not understand the deep meaning of His  language. Immediately he went to the Swayamvar place and sat there. He was under the impression that Shree Hari has made him very beautiful, but in reality He made him very ugly. Nobody could know this secret except two Gan of Shiv Jee who were present there in disguise of Braahman. They said to Naarad Jee - "Bhagavaan has given you very beautiful face, now the princess will put her Jayamaalaa only in your neck." Naarad Jee considered their words true. But whatever Roop the princess saw, it was not seen by anybody else. She saw his monkey face and got very angry to see it and did not look back again towards him. Now Naarad Jee started looking at her repeatedly [maybe she had forgotten to see him properly]. Shiv Jee's Gan smiled seeing this.

Now in that Swayamvar, Shree Hari also came in disguise of a king. The princess put her Jayamaalaa in His neck and they got married. Seeing this Muni got very sad. Shiv's Gan said to him - "Hey Muni Raaj, Go and see your face in mirror." and ran away with fear. Naarad Jee went to a water pond and saw his face in water and seeing his face of monkey got extremely angry. In that anger he gave Shaap to both Gan - "Go and be Asur. And bear the results of your Karm." and then he started towards Kamalaapati, thinking that "either I will give Him Shaap today or die, He has made a good mockery of me."

After he went or a while, he got Him on the way along with Ramaa and the same princess to whom he went to marry himself. Bhagavaan asked - "Hey Naarad Jee, Where are you going so fast?" Hearing His voice Naarad Jee got very angry and said - "You cannot tolerate anybody else getting any kind of wealth. You become jealous of that man. When the poison came out of the Saagar Manthan, You gave that poison to Shiv Jee, and You yourself took Ramaa and Kaustubh Mani. Because You are independent and nobody controls You, that is why  You do whatever You like. But this time I am not going to spare You. With whatever body You have deceived me, You should also born with the same body (means born as a human being), and You gave me the monkey face so only monkeys will help you. You did not allow me to marry, so You will also be separated from Your wife."

Bhagavaan bowed to him and accepted his Shaap. Then He took away His Maayaa, so neither there was any Ramaa, nor the princess. Muni got frightened seeing this and fell on His feet. He asked for His forgiveness and said - "May my Shaap be lie." Hari said - "Do not worry, Naarad, this was all with My wish only." Muni said - "I have said to you many bad words, how can I destroy my Paap." Hari said - "Go and do the Jaap of Shankar's hundred names. Nobody is as dear to Me as Shiv Jee. You will get peace and My Maayaa will not affect you from now on."

So Naarad Jee headed towards Satya Lok. On the way he met those Gan. They fell on his feet and asked for his forgiveness. Naarad Jee said - "You will be very mighty Asur. You will win the world. When Hari will appear in human being's body then He will kill you in fight." So in one Kalp Prabhu took Avataar because of Naarad's Shaap. Thus Hari's births are many, Karm are many. In every Kalp He takes Avataar and people tell their stories in various ways."



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