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Krishn Poses a Problem for Raajsooya Yagya

[2-14] Yudhishthir had all the doubts that he could do this Yagya, but Krishn said - "You have all the qualities to perform Raajsooya Yagya, still I want to tell you something. There is a problem, and the problem is Raajaa Jaraasandh. Today all kings are the descendents of either Raajaa Yayaati or Raajaa Bhoj. And all respect Jaraasandh. Even Chedi Raaj Shishupaal considers his pride in being his army chief. Rukmee the son of Bheeshmak, Bak (the King of Karoosh) and Paundrak Vaasudev are also allied to him. Even Bheeshmak who is a friend of Indra is also a great friend of his. Dantavakra, Karoosh, Meghvaahan also wait upon Jaraasandh. He also who bears on his head that gem which is known as the most wonderful on Earth, that king of the Yavan, who has chastised Mur and Narakaasur, whose power is unlimited, and who rules the west like another Varun, who is called Bhagadatt, and who is the old friend of thy father, has also bowed his head before Jaraasandh, by speech and act.

He has two big supporters of his. They are like immortals, because they cannot be killed by any weapon - Hans and Dimbak. Since he has joined them, he is no invincible in the three worlds. And not only I think like this but others also think in the same way. There lived a King named Hans to whom Balaraam killed after a fight of 18 days. Dimbak could not live without Hans, so after hearing that Hans has been killed, he committed suicide by jumping in Yamunaa River. Hearing this we were very happy and continued to live in Mathuraa. But the widow of Hans and the daughter of Jaraasandh went to her father crying and said to him - "Kill the killer of my husband." Hearing this we got worried and fled away from Mathuraa towards West to Kushsthalee. We rebuilt its fort so strong that it was impenetrable even for gods. Now we are living there and we are fearless. Still we had to go to Gomant mountains which was 3 Yojan long (27 miles), to save ourselves from Jaraasandh's oppressions. Within each Yojan there are 21 posts of armed men; and at intervals of each Yojan, there are 100 gates guarded properly.

In our race, there are 18,000 brothers and cousins. Aahuk had 100 sons and all are like gods in might. Chaarudeshn with his bother Chakradev, Saatyaki, myself, Baladev, and Saamb - these seven are Atirathee. [Sorry, only these six names are given, not the seven.] Kritavarmaa, Anadrishti, Shameek, Samitinajaya, Kank, Shanku and Kuntee - these seven are Mahaarathee. Although you are able to do Raajsooya Yagya, but it is my view that you will not be able to do it as long as mighty Jaraasandh is alive. He has won many kings with their troops and has brought all of them in his city. He needs 100 kings to sacrifice to Shiv. At one time we also flee away to Dwaaraavatee from fear of Jaraasandh. So if you wish to do Raajsooya Yagya you should try to free those kings and then to kill Jaraasandh. o taking note of these points do as you think proper.

[2-15] Yudhishthir said - "You have said right. To achieve the title of Emperor is difficult. As experience cannot be gained unless one travels outside home, salvation cannot be achieved unless one acts on high principles; but I regard peace of mind ore than anything. I am also afraid of Jaraasandh. I am doubtful whether even you, Balaraam, Bheem or Arjun can kill him." Hearing this Bheem said - "Krishn is good in policies, I am mighty and Arjun always wins, so we three can kill him."

Krishn said - "Who are immature they cannot see their future properly, and nobody forgives for immature understanding. In Sat Yug, Yuvanaashwa brought his subjects under his control by abolition of all taxes, Bhageerath brought them by his kind behavior for them, Kaartveerya by his Tap, Raajaa Bharat by his strength and valor, and Raajaa Marutt by his prosperity - all these five became Emperors. And, O Yudhishthir, you have all these qualities, not one. Hundreds of kings have not been able to oppose Jaraasandh, so he may be regarded to become an Emperor, but he is not kind enough. he has imprisoned those kings in Shiv temple, just imagine what they might be thinking about him. A Kshatrya is he who dies in battle, so let us fight with him. He has already brought 86 kings, he needs only 14 more. As soon as he gets these 14 kings more, he will begin his cruel actions. Whoever will stop him from doing this, he will surely be renowned.

[2-16] Yudhishthir said - "Driven by the selfish motive can I send you for this purpose? Both Bheem and Arjun are my eyes and you are my mind. How can I live without my eyes and mind? When even Yam cannot defeat Jaraasandh, my opinion is that we should not do this Yagya. I feel that this Yagya is difficult to complete." Arjun who had recently got new bow, quivers, chariot said - "I have acquired a chariot, bow and quivers which are difficult to acquire. If we will not undertake this task, people will call us incompetent. So we will fight with our enemy."

[2-17] Krishn said - "Arjun, You have said very rightly, apt for a Kshatriya. We don' know when our death will come, nor we know that if we will not fight we will become immortal, so it is the human duty to attack the enemy. It, at least, gives satisfaction to heart. If one follows good policy, and he is not frustrated by destiny, he will surely get success. So we should proceed with a good policy. If we fight the enemy hiding our weaknesses and taking the advantage of his weaknesses, what may be the reason that we will not succeed? The good policy is that one should not fight openly with the enemies who are exceedingly powerful. Although he is very powerful, but I can see his destruction."

Story of Jaraasandh

Yudhishthir asked - "O Krishn, Who is this Jaraasandh, by the way? How much powerful he is that after fighting with you he has not burnt like an insect?" Krishn said - "Listen to about his powers and why has he been spared by us? There was a king named Brihadrath. He had 3 Akshauhinee army, he was handsome, he was rich, he was powerful, and he had performed many sacrifices. He was like second Indra. In glory he was like Soorya, in forgiveness he was like Earth, in wrath he was like Yam, and in prosperity he was like Kuber. He married to two twin daughters of the King of Kaashee and promised them that he would love them equally. Life passed happily but without any heir for the kingdom. He tried many Hom and sacrifices etc, but to no avail.

One day he heard that Muni Chandkaushik, the son of Kakshivat, has come to his kingdom and was staying under a certain mango tree. So he went to him along with his two wives and presented him lots of jewels. The Rishi, pleased with him, asked him to ask for any boon from him. Desperately he said - "I wish to go to forest leaving my kingdom. I have no so so what I will do of my kingdom or any boon?" Hearing this Muni meditated and a clean mango fruit fell in his lap. Muni picked it up, read certain Mantra over it, and gave it to the King and blessed him with an incomparable son. He said - "You may go back, and your wish will be fulfilled, just don't go through the forest." The King came back and gave that one fruit to both of his wives. Those wives cut it in half and ate their own share. They both got pregnant.

When the time came, both gave birth to a divided body, from head to toe - even half an anus. Both sisters got frightened seeing them so the two midwives threw those pieces outside and came back quickly. A little while after a Raakshas woman Jaraa came there and picked those pieces with the intention of eating them. For the ease of carrying, she joined them; and as soon as she joined them the baby came to life. Jaraa got very surprised and was unable to carry the baby as he was very strong and had a very hard body. After he had come to life, he started crying with a great noise. Hearing the noise people of the palace came out. Even the sad queens came out of the palace with their breasts filled with milk.

The Raakshas woman thought when his mothers want this child, the King also want this child, let me not kill this child. She immediately assumed the form of a human being and said to the King - "O King, This is your child. I give it to you. It is born from your two wives. It was thrown away by the midwives, I have protected it." The King got very happy to get his child back, he asked the Raakshas woman - "Who are you who gives me this child? It seems that you wander around at your wish."

[2-18] The Raakshas woman said - "I am a Raakshas woman named Jaraa. I can assume any form at my will. I live happily in your house. Brahmaa has created me out of old (Jaraa means old) and named me Grih Devee. I am very beautiful and sent to destroy Daanav. Who paints a picture of mine in the midst of the children on his house wall and always lives in prosperity. Since I live in your house, I always think to do something good for in return. When I got these pieces of your child, they got united and they came to life. It is because of your good fate only, I am just a means. I can swallow even the Meru mountain, what of this small child. Since you have been worshipping me, I bestow you this child." And Jaraa disappeared immediately. The King brought the child home, performed his Sanskaar and celebrated the birth of the son. He named him Jaraasandh (united by Jaraa) and he started growing up nicely."

[2-19] Krishn continued - "After a while Muni Chandkaushik came again to Magadh. So the King went to welcome him along with his wives, people, son etc for his grace. Muni got pleased with his worship and said to him - "I knew it before, but now you hear about your son's future. He will be very prosperous, and very mighty. As other birds cannot be compared with Garud, no king will be equal to him in valor and might. He will support all the four orders of men. He will see Rudra with his mortal eyes." and he sent the King back. The King came back to his kingdom installed Jaraasandh on the throne and went to forest along with his two wives.

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After some time Brihadrath went to Heaven with his wives. After Jaraasandh's father had left for forest, he started ruling over many kings. After a while Kans was killed by Vaasudev. At tat time Krishn was living in Mathuraa So Jaraasandh hurled his mace from his capital Girivrij towards Mathuraa. That mace fell 99 Yojan from Girivrij. The plac where the mace fel was near Mathuraa and is called Gadaavasan. Jaraasandh had two supporters - Hans and Dimbak. Both were not to be killed by any weapon. They two and Jaraasandh are more than a match for the three worlds. That is why Andhak an Vrishni etc did not fight with him."

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