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Shishupaal, Raajaa

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Shishupaal, Raajaa
[From Mahaabhaarat]

Shishupaal is a Mahaabhaarat character. He was the Prince and King of Chedi Desh. After Krishn had killed him, his son Dhrishtketu was appointed as the king of Chedi Desh. MBH, 2/38 gives Shishupaal's another name as Suneet.

[MBH serial gives his son's name as Maheepaal when Yudhishthir announces after his killing that he crowned his son Maheepaal as the King of Chedi desh.]]

Birth and Death of Shishupaal
Shishupaal was the son of Krishn's paternal aunt (Vasudev Jee's sister Shrutshravaa and Raajaa Damaghosh of Chedi Desh). He is said to be the third and last incarnation of those Jaya and Vijaya to whom Sanakaadi Muni gave Shaap to be born as Asur. First he was born as Hiranyakashyap, second time he was born as Raavan and the third time he was born as Shishupaal. When Shishupaal was born he had three eyes and four arms. Seeing this his mother got scared and she wanted to throw him. The then a Bhavshya Vaanee (Divine Voice) said to her "Do not throw him. He is very fortunate boy." Still his mother asked - "How he will he die?" The Bhavishya Vaanee said - "In whoever's lap his extra eye and hands will fall, take him as his killer."  Hearing this she got quiet. Now whoever came to their house, she used to give the boy in his or her lap just o check who was his killer.

One day Devakee, Balaraam and Krishn also came to her house, so she gave that boy to them also. Devakee took him, kissed him, blessed him and returned him to his mother; Balaraam also took him, kissed him and returned to his mother; when she wanted Krishn to take him, He refused to take, then both Devakee and her sister insisted Him to take him as he was his little brother, so He also had to take him. As He took him his third eye and two arms fell on the ground. His mother got frightened. Krishn was also young, He also got scared. Shishupaal's mother asked - "So will you kill my son? your brother?" Krishn could not speak anything but - "If his destiny says this, what can I do?" Then He promised His aunt that He would tolerate his 100 mistakes or abuses which will need death sentence and then He will kill him if need be."

Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya and Shishupaal's Vadh
Now the days passed, children grew up, they became Raajaa of their respective countries. When Yudhishthir did Raajsooya Yagya, he invited all kings, his relatives - including Shishupaal, Duryodhan, Krishn etc. All were assigned some work to perform. Krishn's job was to remove unclean utensils after people had taken food. Duryodhan was the in-charge of treasury. Bheem was in-charge of Kitchen. Draupadee was the in-charge of women's food etc etc.

At the time of Yagya all were thinking who will be worshipped first? When all could not reach on any conclusion, then Sahadev got up and said - "Bhagavaan Krishn is the only person who should be worshipped first, because the whole universe is in Him and He is in the whole universe." Sahadev was telling Krishn's qualities in detail to convince people that He was the only person worthy to be worshipped first.

Now Shishupaal was also there and was watching all this. He was crossing his limits hearing Krishn's qualities, so at one point he got very angry and stood up from his Aasan. He started abusing Krishn in the court itself - "Shruti are right to say that Kaal is Eeshwar and whatever you do, it does its own work. We have seen this here, that hearing immature people's suggestions, mature people also get confused.

I agree that you are capable of selecting the person to be worshipped first, but Sahadev's suggestion is not agreeable that only Krishn is worthy of the worship first. So many Tapaswee, learned people, Maharshi etc are present here. They can even point out the mistakes also in Yagya, so leaving them aside, how this Gwaalaa (milkman) can be worthy of the first worship. Neither He is of any Varn, nor Aashram, nor His family is very respectable. He does whatever He likes. You know that Raajaa Yayaati has given Shaap to His Vansh (Yadu Vansh), therefore noble people have prohibited even His family."

Shishupaal continued with his abuse, but Krishn also continued to listen to him quietly and patiently. He was counting his abuses. People were surprised as why Krishn was not taking any action on or punishing him for his misbehavior with Him. Why was He tolerating his abuses. Krishn gave him a couple of warnings also in between that he should stop here otherwise He will have to do which He didn't want to do. Krishn said - "I am waiting for your 100th abuse, because I have promised your mother that "I will tolerate your 100 abuses, and no more." As soon you will complete them, I will kill you."

Some people in the court didn't believe this, at the same time they did not like his abuse to Krishn also, so they went outside because they didn't want to listen Shishupaal's abuses to Krishn. Some took but their weapons to kill him. But Shishupaal was not scared of anything. He also took out his sword and shield and called people for fight. As soon as he completed his 100th abuse, Krishn again warned him - "Shishupaal, No more abuse now. If you abuse me one more time, I will kill you." Everybody was looking at both of them holding their breath. But Shishupaal did not stop and as soon as he abused Krishn further more, Krishn rose from His Aasan and cut his neck with His Chakra. A light came out from Shishupaal's body and entered in Krishn's body. Shishupaal's enmity had been increasing since his three lives and thus with the end of this last enmity he again became the Paarshad of Bhagavaan.

All agreed to this that Krishn should be worshipped first so Yudhishthir worshipped Krishn first. He washed His feet along with his family, then offered Him yellow silken clothes and precious jewelry.



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