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8-Krishn's Death

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8-Krishn's Death

It is believed that Bhagavaan Krishn lived on Earth with His brother Balaraam for 125 years. The first 14 years of his life were spent in the towns of Gokul and Vrindaa Van. The following years beginning in the 11th year of Lord's life till the age of 28 were spent in Mathuraa. Krishn later established Dwaarakaa, a city in Gujarat and lived the rest of his life there with his wife Rukminee and sons.

Everybody knows Krishn was killed by the hands of a Vyaadh (hunter) named Jaraa. How come that the Vishnu incarnate was killed at the hands of an ordinary Vyaadh? Normally all Vishnu incarnations are self destructive - whether it is Fish, Tortoise, Narasinh, Mohinee, or Raam. Then why only Krishn was killed like this? To do this we don't have simple and straight answers and proofs, but we will have to prove it through other sources and events. Let us take some examples from the sources of Krishn's life and prove that how He self-destructed Himself ---

Harivansh says that Jaraa was Krishn’s brother (born of Vasudev’s Shoodra wife), thus Krishn is killed by his own blood.

It is said that son is the father is reborn from his wife’s womb in the form of his son. So is Saamb. Saamba is the cause of Yaadav's destruction and that is why he is also Krishn’s Self-destruction. Earlier, Jaambavatee requested Krishn to have a son like Him. Upamanyu too prophesied - "you will get a son like yourself" and Shiv and Paarvatee granted that. So He Himself destructed Himself through His son Saamb.

From the above analogy - Jaraa kills Krishn with iron-tipped arrow – and the iron piece was the remaining piece of iron Moosal  that was born from Saamb’s ‘womb.’ According to Bhaagavat Purana (11.30.33), Jaraa fashioned the arrow with which he pierced Krishn’s foot from the remaining iron fragment of Saamb's Moosal. The Moosal ‘born’ of Saamb’s ‘womb’ is in a way Krishn’s own blood – and His death blow thus, in a way, comes from Saamb – a double-effect, so to say. In Vishnu Puraan (5.37/13-14), Jaraa made the arrow from that iron piece. That ‘Iron’ is "Yaadav's blood" and therefore Krishn’s own "Blood".

When Krishn did Tapas for Shiv to get a son, he granted the boon. It might mean that Shiv himself could be born to him to destroy krishn's Vansh. So he was born in the form of Saamb and destroyed Krishn's Kul, as it was not proper to destroy one's own Kul for anybody.

Krishn is killed by his own name! Krishn’s own name carries the significance of Iron in two ways. First, Krishn himself explains the etymology as Iron-related: "I cultivate the earth by being Black Iron (Kaarshnaayas); or, as I am Black in color, I am Krishn (12.330.14)." secondly, Naaraayan becomes Krishn-black in hue in Kali Yug (Maarkandeya Puraan : 3.187.31) and Vishnu assumes Krishn color (3.148.33). If Krishn as Naaraayan assumes Black to destroy Black, he is destroyed by a Black Nishaad with Black Internal Reality with an arrow tipped with Black-Metal.

If Vishnu-Incarnate is killed by a Nishaad-Vyaadh, then it is yet another Rotation of Wheel. Vishnu is Nishaad’s ‘forefather’ (12.59) and he has the most prominent Nishaad-Aspect. Nishaad sprang from Vishnu’s seventh generation Vane’s right thigh, as a short-limbed person resembling a charred brand, with blood-red eyes and black hair (dagdh sthaanuprateekaazo raktaakshah Krishn Moordhajah). The Rishi told him “sit here (nishheedety)”, and thus he came to be known as Nishaad. From Nishaad sprang the tribe of Nishaad, who were ‘krooraah zailavanaazrayaah’ and they started living in the forests of Vindhya mountain with Mlechchha. The Brahm Puraan too narrates a similar origin of Nishaad (4.43-47). Thus, Krishn-Vishnu is again killed by His own progeny.

Some sources say that this Jaraa was the incarnation of Vaanar Raaj Baali. When Raam killed Baali from behind the trees, He granted him a boon too that when He will incarnate next, Baali would kill Him from a distance. That is what happened when Vishnu incarnated as Krishn. Baali incarnated as the Vyaadh and killed him from a distance.

In Braahman Text, Praan enters the body through the Foot … so, Krishn’s Praan also has to exit through His foot … and that is why His foot must be grounded on Earth … that’s why, Krishn must be on Earth … having transformed into Bhaar Himself, He must be the last Bhaar to go in the Bhoo Bhaar Haran Project …

Bhaar does not connote only Weight, but also War …
So, it is cessation of War (both Internal-External) in that way …

Vishnu Puraan, 5/14, gives His Param Dhaam Gaman incident like this -- Krishn sat in Yog position keeping His foot on His thigh to respect Durvaasaa's words. At the same time that Jaraa named hunter came with that arrow which he made with that pestle piece. He pierced Krishn's foot with that arrow, but as he came there he saw a 4-armed man. He immediately fell on Krishn's feet - "Please be pleased with me. I have committed this crime in the delusion of deer. I am burning with my own sin, please forgive me." Krishn said - "Lubdhak, Do not fear at all. You immediately go to Swarg Lok." Immediately a Vimaan (airplane) appeared there and that hunter went to Swarg Lok riding in that Vimaan. Krishn left His own body there.

There is also the legend that Jaraa was the Vaanar king Baali reborn. His killing of Krishn is thus Karmik retribution for Raam's killing of Baali. This legend is mentioned in the 17th century classical Malayaalam retelling of Mahaabhaarat by Tuncatt Ezhuttachchan.


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