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5-Pancham Ansh

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15-The End

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End of Everything
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 415-421

End of Everything

Paraashar Jee said - "Arjun did last rites of Raam, Krishn and other principal Yaadav family members. Krishn's eight wives entered Agni. Hearing this Ugrasen, Vasudev, Devakee, Rohinee all entered Agni. Arjun brought remaining Yaadav out of Dwaarakaa. As Krishn left this world, Sudharmaa Sabhaa and Paarijaat tree also went to Swarg. Kali Yug came on the same day when Krishn left this Prithvi. Unprotected Dwaarakaa sank in the sea. Only Krishn's palace remained there. Sea is not able to sink it even today, because Krishn always lives here.

Arjun inhabited all of them in prosperous place Panchnad Pradesh (Panjaab). At that time robbers got tempted to rob those people going with Arjun. So they attacked those people. Arjun laughingly said - "If you don't want to die then go back." But they didn't pay any attention to him and took away all the wealth and women. Arjun wanted to use his Gaandeev but he could not do it. Somehow he picked it up, but then he felt very weak and couldn't remember his weapons even after a hard effort. Then he started shooting plain arrows but they could pierce only their skin. Those arrows which were given by Agni became useless today.

Now Arjun felt that "I won all those kings because of Krishn. Those Aheer (a low caste of India) took away some of those women, and some ran away themselves. When his arrows were exhausted, he started to hit them with the tip of his bow. Seeing this those Aheer started laughing at him. Arjun couldn't do anything, "What should I do, what should I do?" saying thus he started weeping. "Oh, That Krishn has cheated me. He has robbed me. This is the same bow, they are the same weapons, this is the same chariot, they are the same horses, but all have become useless today. Destiny is most powerful. Only the Destiny has made such ordinary people won me."

Thus weeping Arjun came to Indraprasth and coronated Vajra. The he went to Vyaas Jee and he prayed at his feet for long time. Seeing Arjun praying for such a long time, Vyaas Jee said - "Why are you so graceless today? Have you committed any Brahm Hatyaa (killing of Braahman)? or you have lost some great hope? or has somebody defeated you in fight?" Then Arjun told him everything about the defeat and said - "Prabhu, who was my lone power, has left me alone. Because of whom wealth, grace and glory never left us, He is gone. Because of whom Bheeshm, Drone, Karn, Duryodhan etc all got defeated, He has left us alone. In spite of my all efforts, those Aheer took away all women. Only with sticks they have taken away all of them. And I am still alive like a shameless person."

Vyaas Jee said - "Don't feel like a shameless person. It is not proper for you to grieve like this. You should know that Kaal Gati is like this. Rise and fall of everybody depends upon Kaal. All things are created by Kaal, and are destroyed by Kaal, therefore know all this effect of Kaal and be patient. Hey Dhananjaya, Whatever glory of Krishn you have described of Krishn, He is indeed like that. He is Kaal. He took Avataar only to kill those people. His work is over, so He has gone. When you alone killed Bheeshm, Drone, Karn etc, was it not the effect of Kaal on their life? When your time was good then Kaal favored you, now your time is bad so Kaal is favoring your enemies. Who is going to believe that you alone killed so many brave mighty people like Bheeshm etc; in the same way who is going to believe that you got defeated even by Aheer. Hey Paarth, This is all Bhagavaan's Leelaa.

You are grieving for those women? I tell you its secret. Once, in earlier times, Rishi Ashtaavakra stayed in water for many years praying Prabhu. At the same time Devtaa organized a function with the desire to win Daitya. Many Apsaraa came to attend that function. On the way they saw Ashtaavakra Muni praying in water. They got impressed with him so they saluted him politely. They were doing it in the way that the Muni should be pleased with them.

Ashtaavakra got pleased, so he asked them - "You may ask me anything you wish for. I will fulfill even your most difficult wish." Apsaraa said - "If it is possible we want Purushottam as our husband." "Be it so." and Muni came out of the water. As he came out of the water, they saw his deformed body from eight places. In spite of trying hard to hide, they couldn't hide their smile so Muni gave them Shaap - "Even though you will be the wife of Purushottam, you will meet robbers." Apsaraa tried to please him, so he got pleased and said, "After that you will go to Swarg." Thus those Apsaraa became Krishn's wives, then met robbers, and then went to Swarg. So you should not worry about them at all because the same Hari has destroyed His Yaadav Vansh.

Your end is also near, that is why all your glory has gone. Whoever is born, is certain to die, who has risen, his fall is certain. Meeting ends in separation, and destruction is also certain after collection. Therefore, now you go to forest with your brothers. Go and tell all this to Yudhishthir and do so, so that you can leave for forest day after tomorrow." Arjun came back to Hastinaapur and all Paandav coronated Pareekshit and went to forest.

Hey Maitreya Jee, Who listens to Krishn's life account, he gets freed from sins and go to Vishnu Lok in the end.

Vishnu Puraan-Pancham Ansh Ends Here



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