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6-Shashth Ansh

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1-Dharm in Kali Yug

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Dharm in Kali Yug
3-Vishnu Puraan - 6-Shashth Ansh - p 423-430
See also  5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 12/2

Dharm in Kali Yug

Maitreya Jee said - "You told me about Creation of the Universe, Manvantar, various lineages, now I wish to hear about the end of the world in the end of the Kalp." Paraashar Jee said - "Listen now, how the living beings die in the end of the Kalp.

Human 1 month = 1 day and night of Pitar Gan
Human 1 year = 1 day and night of Dev Gan
2,000 Chatur-yug = 1 day and night of Brahmaa

There are four Yug - Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwaapar Yug and Kali Yug. All jointly are equal to 12,000 Divine years. Leaving the first Sat Yug and last Kali Yug of a Manvantar, all Yug are alike in their form. In the first Sat Yug, Brahmaa creates the Universe and in the last Kali Yug he destroys it."

Maitreya Jee said - "Please describe the form of Kali Yug in detail." Paraashar Jee said - "People do not behave according to Dharm in Kali Yug, nor they follow Ved. There are no relationships in husband and wife, Guru and disciple and among other relations. Whosoever is mighty becomes the Lord of all in Kali Yug. In spite of being born in any family, he will be worthy to marry a girl from any Varn. Braahman, Kshatriya, and Vaishya all will be trained with any kind of material and all kinds of activities will be considered as Praayashchit. Whoever will say whatever, it will be considered as Shaastra. All, even Bhoot (ghosts), Pishaach etc will be worshipped like Devtaa. Whoever will do whatever fasts, vows, Teerth according to his interests will be considered as Dharm.

A little wealth will be considered as riches and hair will be the standard of beauty in women, because gold, gems and valuable clothes will be scarce. Women will abandon poor husbands and will adopt rich men as their husbands. People will spend all their time in earning money and wealth. They will not donate anything. Their Buddhi (Intellect) will also be busy in earning wealth not in acquiring Brahm Gyaan. Whatever wealth they will earn, will be spent on themselves only. They will not be able to spend anything on guests etc. Women will be free with the desire of getting handsome husband and men will earn wealth by many means. People will not like to ask any help from their own friends, because it will seem to them as if they will be like begging to them for it. Shoodra will compete Braahman for respect and cow will be respected only for its milk.

All people will go hungry, there will be no rain so people will go hungry and stay with Muni in the expectation to feed on Kand, roots and fruits, or will commit suicide. They will eat without taking bath and will not worship Devtaa or guests etc. Women will be lusty and with smaller stature, will produce many children. They will disregard their elders, will first feed themselves, will be unholy and will tell lies. They will desire for bad character men and will misbehave with men.

Brahmchaaree will study Ved without regarding Ved vows; Grihasth people will neither do Havan, nor make donations to right people. Vaanprasth will accept Grihasth food leaving fruits, Kand, roots etc, thus they will still be attached to the world.

Kings will not protect their people, rather will take their money in the form of taxes. Whoever will have many elephants, horses and chariots will be king; and whoever will be weak will be their servant. Vaishya will not do their own work but will adopt Shoodra's work.

Five, or six, or seven year-old girl and an eight, or nine, or ten year-old boy will produce children. Hair will turn gray at the age of 12 years and people will not live longer longer than 20 years of age. Hey Maitreya, At whenever time Dharm seems to be less and less in people, wise people should consider it the sign of Kali Yug.

People will be Paakhandee (cheaters) and will not worship Vishnu and will ignore all kinds of daily religious chores. Rain will be less, crop will be less, and fruits will be less qualitative. People will wear the clothes made of San, mostly Shamee tree will grow and all four Varn will behave like Shoodra. Only in-laws will be men's Guru and their wives and wives' brothers will be their friends. They will say - "Who is whose father, who is whose mother, all men live and die according to their Karm." But still Dharm will be there in a somewhat scattered way.

But if a man will do a little effort in Kali Yug, he can attain the best Punya which is attained through severe Tap in Sat Yug."

Importance of Women, Shoodra and Kali Yug

Paraashar Jee said - "Whatever Vyaas Jee has said in this regard, now I tell you that. Once some Muni talked among themselves about "when one can get maximum results out of minimum Punya?" They came to Vyaas Jee to ask this question. There they saw him taking bath in Gangaa River, so they waited for him under the shade of trees to finish his bath. At that time he took a dip in Gangaa water and said loudly so that those Muni could hear - "Kali Yug is best, Shoodra is best." He again took a dip in the water and said - "Shoodra, You are the highest, You are blessed." He again took a dip in water and said loudly - "Women are Saadhu, they are blessed, who else is more blessed then them?"

When he came out of the water, Muni community approached him. Vyaas Jee asked them - "Why have you come to me? Tell me." Muni said - "We came to ask you about one doubt, but leave it now for the time being, and tell us the meaning of what you said during taking the bath- Shoodra is best, Kali Yug is best, women are blessed etc etc. After listening to that we will ask you our own question."

Vyaas Jee said - Listen to the reasons for that. Whatever fruits one attains after doing Tapasyaa, Brahamcharya or Jaap etc for 10 years in Sat Yug, the same fruit one can get after doing the same for one year in Tretaa Yug, and in one month in Dwaapar Yug and in one day and night only in Kali Yug. That is why I said "Kali Yug is best". Whatever fruits one attains by meditating in Sat Yug, the same fruits one can attain by Yagya in Tretaa Yug, by worship Devtaa in Dwaapar Yug, and by Keertan (chanting God's name) of Krishn. Thus in Kali Yug one can attain Dharm with very less efforts. That is why I am very satisfied with Kali Yug.

Dwi-jaati people first have to study Ved following Brahmcharya, then have to perform Yagya and sacrifices following their own Dharm. In this there are many hurdles like useless talks, useless food, useless Yagya etc, that is why they always have to control themselves. In all types of Karm they have to be careful. hey cannot take food and water according to their own desire, but he who has the right to do only Paak Yagya (Yagya without Mantra), that Shoodra attains the good fruits only by serving all the other Varn. There is no law for eatable or not-eatable food for Shoodra, that is why I said that he is the best.

Men should perform Yagya and make donations only from their own earned money and that also should be earned according to their Dharm. There are lot of troubles involved in earning the money, while women can attain higher Lok by serving their husbands only, that is why I said "women are blessed". What you wanted to hear from me, I told you that, now you tell me your purpose to come here."

Muni said - "Hey Muni, We wanted to ask you the same thing, you have already replied our question, we don't need to ask anything else." Vyaas Jee said smilingly - "I knew your question by my Divine sight that is why I pronounced all that while taking bath. Who have attained only a little qualities their little efforts can give them lots of fruits, Shoodra attain Dharm only by serving others and women by serving their husbands in Kali Yug. That is why all these three are best."

Paraashar Jee said - "Then those Braahman worshipped Vyaas Jee and went back to their places. Thus in this wicked Kali Yug, this is the only great quality that one can attain high status only by chanting Krishn's name. Now I will tell you about Praakrit Pralaya and Avaantar Pralaya."



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