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Shaalv, Raajaa

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Shaalv, Raajaa

Raajaa Shaalv is a very important character of Mahaabhaarat  who appears several times on the scenes in various contexts. First he is shown there as the lover of Kaashee's princess Ambaa. He was a friend of Shishupaal also, so when Shishupaal was going to marry Rukminee, he was also present there.

Shaalv and Bheeshm
He then appears when Kaashee's King organizes his three daughters' (Ambaa, Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa) Swayamvar. When Bheeshm heard about their Swayamvar, he went there and declared that he had come there to take those three princesses for his step brother, if anybody wanted to stop him, he was free to do so. Most people were afraid of him so they kept quiet, but since Shaalv loved Ambaa and wanted to marry her, he followed him. Seeing following him, Bheeshm stopped his chariot and fought with him. He only defeated him, if he wanted to kill him he could have killed him too, but he did not, and came back home.

Shaalv and Krishn
From  Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u16

Another time he is seen with Rukmee etc people when they followed Krishn to stop Him to abduct Rukmee's sister Rukminee. Krishn fought with Rukmee, Jaraasandh and others, defeated them and came back home. Since Shaalv was a good friend of Shishupaal, he did not like Krishn's abduction of Rukminee  and then his defeat, so he vowed to himself that he would kill the whole Yaadav race. And then this fool started worshipping Pashupati Naath (Shiv Jee). He used to gulp only a handful ash a day only in those days.

Shankar Jee is very liberal in giving Var, but since he knew his intentions, he delayed him for some time. He got pleased after one year. He asked Shaalv to ask for any Var. Shaalv asked for a Vimaan which could not be broken by Devtaa, Raakshas, human beings, Gandharv, and Naag; can go anywhere and should prove unfortunate for Yadu Vanshee. Shankar Jee said "So be it." So with the permission of Shankar Jee Maya Daanav built an iron Vimaan named Saubh and gave it to Shaalv. It was almost a city. It was so dark that it was difficult to catch or see it. It was wish-driven. So as Shaalv got this Vimaan, he attacked Dwaarakaa Puree. At that time Krishn had gone to Indraprasth to attend Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya.

That Vimaan was also very Maayaavee (with Maayaa). Sometimes it was seen, sometimes not, sometimes seen as one sometimes as many. Yadu Vanshee couldn't know where it was. Sometimes it came on earth, sometimes it flew in the sky. It had been very difficult for Dwaarakaa people to fight with him. He was very mighty also. He hit Pradyumn with his strong Gadaa and pronounced, "I killed him, I killed him". Pradyumn Jee got hurt. Daaruk's son was his driver so he took Pradyumn Jee away from the battlefield. After getting all right, he again came in the battlefield. This war continued for 27 days.

After Krishn had attended Raajsooya Yagya, and killed Shishupaal, He felt that something bad is going to happen, so He came back to Dwaarakaa and saw Shaalv attacking on Mathuraa. He appointed Balaraam to take care of Dwaarakaa and came out in His own chariot and started fighting with Shaalv. Once Shaalv succeeded in felling Shaarng bow from Krishn's hand. After this Shaalv played his Maayaa with Krishn.

A man came and greeted Krishn and said to Him - "Your mother has sent me to tell you that Shaalv has taken away your father tying like an animal." Krishn pretended to be human and said - "Nobody can win my brother Balaraam. He is very careful, and Shaalv is not as mighty as him, then how did Shaalv win him and took my father. It is true, fate is very powerful." At the same time Shaalv came there with a Maayaa human being-like Vasudev Jee and said to Krishn - "O Fool, See, he is your father, who has produced you, for whom you are living. See, just now I will kill him, if you are brave then come and save him." And he cut Vasudev's neck with his sword and sat on his Vimaan in the sky with that head. Seeing this Krishn got very sad for two Ghadee, but then He knew that this was all Shaalv's Maayaa. So when He came to His senses, He found no messenger, no father's body, as if He dreamed only, and Shaalv was sitting in his Vimaan in the sky. So they again started fighting and in the end Krishn used His Chakra to cut his neck.



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