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From  Vishnu Puraan, 5/8    See also  Kaalayavan-2 for Who was Kaalayavan?

Who was Kaalayavan?
According to   Harivansh    See also  Kaalayavan-1

Vrik Devee, the daughter of the King of Trigart, Deval, was married to Shaishiraayan of Garg Gotra (clan) who was the priest of Trigart kings. Shaishiraayan's brother-in-law Syaal was the priest of Yaadav Vanshee kings. He wanted to know whether Shaishiraayan indeed was a Man. Shaishiraayan was observing the celibacy at that time. And Syaal had been accusing him of being impotent in the King Raajanee's court. As he could not tolerate his false attacks, he went for Tapasyaa for Shiv for 12 years. He ate only iron throughout this period. Because of this his complexion started turning dark. After 12 years, Shiv appeared before him and bestowed a boon that he would have very powerful son who would defeat Vrishni and Andhak in battle.

In the meantime, a son-less Yavan King heard about this boon to him. He consoled the Rishi and  brought him to his palace and kept him among Gwaalaa (milkmen). Although Shaishiraayan did not have any desire to have a woman, but to prove his masculinity, he had a Gwaalin (cow-girl) and produced a powerful son from her, named Kaalayavan, at the command of Shool-paani (Shiv). Now this Gwaalin was an Apsaraa named Gopaalee.

Another Version of His Birth
Once Maharshi Gaargya's brother-in-law (wife's brother) called him eunuch in an assembly of Yaadav. All Yadu people laughed at it. Gaargya Muni got very angry at it, so he came to the shore of southern sea and did Tap to get a son who could frighten the whole Yaadav army. He ate only iron powder while worshipping Mahaadev. Shankar Jee got pleased in his 12th year of penance and gave him his desired Var.

There was a Yavan king who did not have any son. he came to know about this so he pleased Gaargya Muni by his sincere services, so Gaargya Muni produced a son of dark complexion like bumble bee from his wife. That Yavan king named him Kaal + Yavan, means "who is the Kaal (death) in Yavan people". He crowned his son Kaalayavan as the king of his country and went to forest. As Kaalayavan became the King, he asked Naarad Jee "who are the mighty kings on Prithvi?" Naarad Jee told him that Yaadav were the mightiest, so Kaalayavan prepared thousands of elephants, horses, chariots and foot soldiers (Mlechchh army numbering in millions) and attacked Mathuraa.

So Kaalayavan was brought up in inner apartments of that Yavan king, and thus after the king's death he became the king of Yavan. He wanted to fight with people so he started making inquiries from Braahman that who was the best person to fight with. Madhusoodan also heard about him but ignored him for the time being. Naarad Jee named him Vrishni and Andhak Vansh kings to fight with. He had lakhs and crores of elephants, horse, donkeys and camels. When they walked, a river used to be formed by their excreta and urine. It was named Ashwa-shakrit.

So he invaded Mathuraa with his 1 Akshauhinee army, and sent a messenger to Vrishni and Andhak kings' places. Vrishni and Andhak kings held a meting under the guidance of Krishn and decided to flee from Mathura thinking that if this was the desire of Shiv, they will fulfill it. Krishn put venomous snake in a pot and sent it to Kaalayavan to threaten him. The messenger told him that Krishn was just like this venomous snake. Kaalayavan did not get scared, he filled the pot with ferocious ants. The ants soon ate the snake. He sealed the pot and sent the pot back to Krishn.

Seeing His project failed, Krishn handed over the charge of Mathuraa to Balaraam Jee and walked away from Mathuraa from in between the soldiers of Kaalayavan's army empty-handed on foot.

Vishnu Puraan, 5/8 has a slight different story about this - "Syaal called this impotent Gaargya Braahman (Shaishiraayan) in an assembly of Yaadav who laughed at him. He got offended and went to Western sea-shore to do Tapas so that he can get a son who could kill these Yaadav. For 12 years he ate only iron and worshipped Mahaadev. Mahaadev bestowed him his desired boon.

A childless Yavan king heard about this boon. He extended friendship with him and this Rishi produced a son from the Yava king's wife. The boy's complexion was jet black, that is why he was named Kaalayavan. The King appointed him the king and he himself went to forest.

When Kaalayavan came to fight with Krishn, according to Vishnu Puraan, Krishn does not call the meeting, rather He thinks Himself - (1) Kaalayavan is coming and Yaadav will be weak if they will confront him; (2) Above that Jaraasandh should also be coming, he will easily overcome Yaadav. So He asked the Sea to give Him some land, 12 Yojan, and built a fortified Dwaarakaa. He transferred all Mathuraa people there, and He himself came back from Dwaarakaa to wait for Kaalayavan.

Kaalayavan and Krishn: how Kaalayavan was killed?
Kaalayavan was killed by Krishn in Dwaapar Yug. How he was ,killed is also an interesting story.

How Kaalayavan attacked Mathuraa and how he was killed by Krishn is given in Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u2 also. When Jaraasandh had attacked Mathuraa 17 times and he could not defeat Krishn, he decided to send Kaalayavan Raakshas to attack on Mathuraa. Kaalayavan attacked Mathuraa with his 10 million (one Crore) Mlechchh army. Krishn had already vacated Mathura because of Jaraasandh's attacks, so He walked passed through Kaalayavan's army unarmed. As described by Naarad, Kaalayavan immediately recognized Krishn and followed Him. He was really surprised to see Him going like this through the battlefield without any weapon in His hands. He challenged Krishn, but Krishn didn't listen to him and just continued running away from him. And Kaalayavan also followed Him.

He got surprised that Krishn like person was running away from the battlefield. But he was not going to leave Him, so he followed Him. Krishn continued to run and took Kaalayavan towards a cave. Krishn entered the cave and Kaalayavan also entered the cave behind Him. Krishn saw a man sleeping there so He spread His Peetaambar over him and hid Himself behind a pillar there. As Kaalayavan entered, he did not see Krishn, but he saw a man sleeping on the floor of the cave covered with Krishn's yellow cloth. He thought that he was Krishn sleeping there to hide from him, so he challenged him - "You Coward, You have come here and are sleeping? You cannot escape from me like this." And saying thus he kicked that man. The man woke up and as he cast a glance at Kaalayavan, Kaalayavan got burned to ashes. That sleeping man was King Muchukund.

The man found himself covered with a yellow cloth. He looked around to find out as who had covered him with that cloth. At the same time Krishn appeared there. He asked Him - "Who are you? and who was this who got burnt to ashes?" Then Krishn gave His Darshan to him in His Chaturbhuj form and said - "This man was Kaalayavan Raakshas. He has got burnt by your look only. It all has happened because you asked for such Var." Muchukund got very happy to see Krishn, he prayed Him and went to Vaikunth the King asked Var from Devtaa before.

Three Reasons to Do This --
Krishn ran away from the battlefield because of the following three reasons --

(1) To fulfill the wish of Raajaa Muchukund - One Muchukund helped Raajaa Indra to fight with Daitya and defeated them. Indra got very pleased with him and asked him to ask for any Var. Muchkund told him that he wanted to see Bhagavaan's Chaturbhuj Roop. Indra said - "You may see Him in Dwaapar Yug when He will incarnate as Krishn." "What should I do till then?" "You can go to a cave and sleep there till then." "And if somebody woke me up, then?" "I give you Var that he will turn to ashes as soon as you will look at him." And Muchukund came here to sleep. So Krishn came here to fulfill his wish.

(2) Muchukund's wish could be fulfilled by some other means also, but he had the Var from Devtaa that whoever would awake him from his deep sleep, he would burn to ashes by his one angry look, that is why it was necessary to bring somebody else before Muchukund so that when he casts his angry look at him, he should be burnt, that is why Krishn brought Kaalayavan to be burnt there.

(3) Kaalayavan also had the Var that he could not be killed by any Yaadav, so this was the only way to kill him.



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