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Names of Krishn

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Krishn's Popular Names

Krishn has 24 principal 4-armed forms, which are called Vaibhav-Vilaas.
Here are some popular names of Krishn. One of His names matches with Arjun's names also, for example Jishnu. It is because both were the same. Some of His names and their meanings have been taken from  MBH-G-5-Prewar/14.

Achyut - Which does not fall from its place (Chyut means fall, and A means not)

Adhakshaj   -  because He never falls down or suffers any deterioration

Aj   -  means "unborn", means He is not born by ordinary way.

Anant   -  He is called "Anant" because He is eternal.

Baankeybihaaree  -  "Baankey" means "enchanted", and "Bihaaree" means "wanderer". So Baankeybihaaree means "the enchanted one who wanders around".

Banseedhar, Muraleedhar, Vansheedhar  -  When Krishn grew a little and started going to forest to graze cows and calves, he started playing flute to call back His cows. Since then He was called Banseedhar. Bansee means "Flute" (Muralee and Vanshee also means flute), and "Dhar" means "the bearer", so Banseedhar or Muraleedhar, or Vansheedhar means "flute bearer".

Brijbhooshan  -  Who is the ornament of Brij

Brijbihaaree  -  Wanderer in Brij.

Chakrapaani  -  Who has Chakra (Sudarshan Chakra) in His hand

Daamodar - Name given to Krishn when He was tied by Daam (rope) by His mother Yashodaa at His Udar (stomach) to a pestle to stop Him going around. Its another meaning is - He has self-control

Devakee-nandan - Devakee was His mother's name, and "Nandan" means son. So Devakeenandan means "Devakee's son".

Giridhar, Giridhaaree - When Krishn lifted Govardhan Parvat, He was called Giridhar. "Giri" means mountain and "Dhar" or "Dhaaree" means "bearer". So Giridhar or Giridhaaree means "mountain bearer".

Gopaal - When Krishn lifted Govardhan Parvat to save Gokul from Indra's anger, later Indra asked His forgiveness for His action, then Kaamdhenu came to do His Abhishek with her milk. At that time she asked the boon from Krishn to take care of all cows. Since then He is called Gopaal. Gopaal means "Caretaker of cows".

Gopeenaath - The Lord of Gopee.

Govardhan Giridhaaree - Who lifted Govardhan Parvat, means Krishn.

Govardhan-dhaaree - Who bears Govardhan

Govind - Krishn, because He was Indra of cows, Indra gave Him this name when he came to see Him after He had lifted Govardhan Parvat. Its another meaning is - He is the Truth's Truth and has knowledge of speech of every kind

Gudaakesh  -  The conqueror of sleep, or He ho has curly hair - Gudaa means curly and Kesh means hair.

Hrisheekesh - Lord and Master of the senses. Its another meaning is - "Hrisheek" means "eternal happiness" and "eesh" means "the six Divine attributes" - so this name means the union of joy, happiness and Divinity. Who has won Dukh (sorrows).

Jagmohan - Who attracts the world

Janaaradan - Who relieves every person. Its another meaning is - because He creates fear in the heart of all wicked people.

Jishnu  -  He is called Jishnu because of His success.

Kaanhaa, Kanhaayee, Kanhaiyaa

Keshav - After killing Keshee Asur, Naarad Jee gave this name to Him. Its another meaning is because of being immeasurable above the power of speech to describe.

Krishn - When Maharshi Garg performed His naming ceremony, he said - "He cannot be named anything else other than Krishn." Krishn means "Dark complexioned". Its another meaning - because of uniting two words "Krishi" (means which exists) and "na" (means eternal peace).

Krishn Muraaree -

Kunj Bihaaree - Who enjoys strolling in Kunj (among trees)

Leelaadhar -

Maadhav   -  Because of His practicing as a Muni, and being Truthful.

Maakhan-chor - "Maakhan" means butter, and "Chor" means thief. So "Maakhan-chor" means "thief of butter". He used to steal butter from other cow-herd's houses, even if they kept it very carefully and out of His reach.

Madan Gopaal -

Madan-mohan - Madan means Kaam Dev and Mohan means who deludes Kaam Dev. Another name of Krishn.

Madhu-soodan - Madhu means honey or sweet like honey, and Soodan means giver of comfort. So Madhusoodan means whose Darshan is sweet. Its another meaning is that Madhu was a Raakshas, and Soodan means giver of comfort, so Madhusoodan means who gave comfort to Madhu Raakshas. And the substance of all the 24 objects of the knowledge

Mahaabaahu   - because He holds the Earth and sky with His two hands.

Manmohan - who attracts people's heart

Mohan - Who has he power of deluding others.


Murari - Mur + Ari = Mur was a Raakshas whom Krishn killed; and Ari means enemy. Since then He was known as Muraari.

Muralee Manohar - Who holds the Muralee (flute) and is beautiful in looking

Muraleedhar   see   Banseedhar

Naaraayan  -  because He is the refuge to all beings

Nand Kishore - Who is Nand's son

Nand-laal - Nand was the name of His father, and "Laal" means son, So Nandlaal means "Nand's son".

Nand-nandan - As "Yashodanandan".

Natavar - Superior dancer

Paarthaa-Saarathee - Who s the charioteer of Paarth (Arjun) - means Krishn

Peetaambardhaaree - Who wears Peeaambar (yellow cloth)

Paarthaasaarathee - Paarth means Arjun; and Saarathee means charioteer; so Paarthaasaarathee means "who is the charioteer of Arjun", and that is Krishn

Pundreekaaksh   -  means because of Pundareek (means who has high place for living) and "Aksh" (means indestructible). Its another meaning is - Pundareek means lotus and Aksh mans eyes, means whose eyes are like lotus.

Purushottam   - Purush means man and  Uttam means the best; so Purushottam means the best Man. Since nobody can be better than Bhagavaan that is why the best man is Bhagavaan. ts another meaning is - "Puru" means "he who creates and preserves", and "shottam" means "he who destroys" so by the union of these two words His name means "He who creates, preserves and destroys".

Raadhaaraman - Raadhaa was His beloved, and "Raman" means "loves". So "Raadhaaraman" means "Who loves Raadhaa"

Raadaavallabh - Who is Raadhaa's husband

Raajgopaal -

Saatwat   -  "Sattwa" is never disassociated from him and vice versa.

Sarv   -  Sarv mean "all". Since He has the knowledge of everything, He is called "Sarv"

Shyaam - Shyaam also means "Dark" - means who is dark complexioned

Shyaam Muraaree -

Shyaam Sundar - "Who has beautiful dark complexion".



Vaasudev - Vasudev was His father's name that is why He was called "Vaasudev"- his son. It is like that Karn's original name was "Raadheya". Because his mother's name was Raadhaa, that is why he was called "Raadheya". Its another meaning is because of enveloping all creatures with illusion.

Vansheedhar    see   Banseedhar

Vishnu   - because of His all-pervading nature

Vridaavanbihaaree - Who enjoys in Vrindaavan, means Krishn.

Vrishabhakshan   - "Vrishabh" means "Ved" and "ikshana" means eye, it means Ved are His eyes, or through Ved He can be seen

Yadu-nandan - Who is from Yadu's family

Yashodaa-nandan - Yashodaa was His mother's name and "Nandan" means son. So Yashodaanandan means "Yashodaa's son".

Yogesh - Who is the Lord of Yogee

Yogeshwar - Who is the Lord of Yogee

Balaraam's Names



Halaayudh - Whose weapon is plough

Haladhar - Who keeps plough

Rohinee-nandan - As he was Rohinee's son


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