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Udyog Parv
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Udyog Parv

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Description of Both Armies and Dhritraashtra is Sad-2

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "Tell me the strengths and weaknesses of our host." Sanjaya said - "I will not tell you this in secret because some ill feelings may arise in your heart. You call your father Vyaas and wife Gaandhaaree who are conversant with morality, are of keen perception and capable of arriving at truth. If there will be any ill feeling, they will be able to remove it. Then I will tell you what Keshav and Paarth intend to do." So Dhitraashtra called both of them there and they arrived there immediately. Then Vidur asked Sanjaya to tell Dhritraashtra everything he knew about Keshav and Arjun.

Sanjaya said - "Both Arjun and Keshav are equal in nature. They have taken birth of their own will. Keshav's Divine disc (Chakra) which is five cubits (approximately two and half yards) in diameter, is capable of being smaller or larger at the will of its user and it depends on illusion. Keshav has killed Kans, Narakaasur, Shishupaal etc. You have asked me about the strength and weaknesses of Paandav, now you listen to it in brief. If the whole universe is kept on one side of the scale and Keshav on the other, Keshav will outweigh the universe. He, at His pleasure can reduce the universe into ashes. making the Paandav the means, Keshav wishes to destroy sinners of the world. He is the Swaamee (Lord) of wheels of Time, Yug, and Universe and causes them to revolve indefinitely."

Dhritraashtra asked - "Hey Sanjaya, How come that you have been able to know Keshav as the Supreme Lord of Universe, and I am unable to know Him as such?" Sanjaya said - "You have no knowledge, while my knowledge is always increasing. He who has no knowledge or is ignorant cannot know Him. He is the creator of everything and everything will return to Him only."

Dhritraashtra asked - "Sanjaya, What is the nature of your faith by which you know Him as the union of the Gross, the Subtle and the Cause? Sanjaya said - "God bless you, I have no regard to His Maayaa (illusion) which are worldly pleasures; and I never practice the useless virtues. By obtaining purity of soul through Faith, I know Him by reading scriptures."

At this Dhritraashtra said to Duryodhan - "Take the refuge with Keshav. Sanjaya is our trustworthy friend." Duryodhan said - "Even if He is born to kill all mankind, I cannot take refuge with Him." Dhritraashtra said sadly - "This evil-minded son of mine is going to be doomed, he is not listening to any of his elders." Gaandhaaree said - "Oh, You are not listening to your father or me, remember his words that when Bheem will strike you you will lick dust." Vyaas said - "O Dhritraashtra, Krishn loves you very much. When Sajaya is your messenger, he will certainly good to you. He knos Keshav very well." Dhritraashtra said - "Then tell me the path Sanjaya, by which I can get salvation."

Sanjaya said - "A man of controlled mind cannot know keshav whose own soul is in perfect command. You should not deviate your intellect from true knowledge and restrain your heart from worldly temptations. Learned Braahman call the subjugation of senses as the true wisdom, and this wisdom takes you to your goal." Dhritraashtra said - "O Sanjaya, Please tell me Keshav's names so that I may know Him better."

Sanjaya said - "I tell you as many names as I know which I have heard before. He is called "Keshav" is because of being immeasurable above the power of speech to describe. he is called "Vaasudev" because of enveloping all creatures with illusion. He is Vishnu because of His all-pervading nature. He is called "Maadhav" because of His practicing as a Muni, and being Truthful. He is called "Madhusoodan" because of killing Madhu named Raakshas and the substance of all the 24 objects of knowledge. He is called "Krishn" because of uniting two words "Krishi" (means which exists) and "na" (means eternal peace). He is called "Pundreekaaksh" because of Pundareek (means who has high place for living) and "Aksh" (means indestructible). He is called "Janaardan" because He creates fear in the heart of all wicked people. He is called "Saatwat" because "Sattwa" is never disassociated from him and vice versa. He is called "Vrishabhakshan" - "Vrishabh" is "Ved" and "ikshana" is eye, it means Ved are His eyes, or through Ved He can be seen. He is called "Aj" which means "unborn", means He is not born by ordinary way.

He is called "Daamodar" because He has self-control. He is called "Hrisheekesh" because "Hrisheek" means "eternal happiness" and "ish" means "the six Divine attributes" - so this name means the union of joy, happiness and Divinity. He is called "Mahaabaahu" because He holds the Earth and sky with His two hands. He is called "Adhakshaj" because He never fall down or suffers any deterioration. He is called "Naaraayan" because He is the refuge to all beings. he is called "Purushottam" because "Puru" means "he who creates and preserves", and "shottam" means "he who destroys" so by the union of these two words His name means "He who creates, preserves and destroys". Since he has the knowledge of everything, He is called "Sarv". He is called "Govind" because He is the Truth's Truth and has knowledge of speech of every kind. He is called "Jishnu" because of His success. He is called "Anant" because He is eternal."

Hearing this Dhritraashtra said - "I envy those who have eyes and can see His beautiful body. All Kaurav will see Him. I put myself in the hands of that Eternal One. And I don't understand their request also of five villages, I can afford to give them to them, even I can afford to give them their half kingdom, but I don't want to give. His this request is ridiculous."

Vidur said to Duryodhan - "Yudhishthir is not a fool to ask for these four villages. He could have asked just any five, but he has not done so, why? This is just a reminder to you and elders for his sufferings. Take Baaranaavat - it is the reminder of the plot to kill Paandav with Kuntee. Indraprasth - it is the reminder of another injustice. Your father promised to give half the Kuruland, but they were given only barren land - Khaandavprasth. Jayant - you have not forgotten the hall where you won them by cheating and insulted Draupadee. Vrikprasth - the place adjoining the coppice Pramanaavat that is where Paandav spent their first night of their exile. Fifth one is of your choice. Now can you see how Yudhishthir can be sarcastic and angry if he wants to. In fact this is a way of saying "Even after this you want us to be patient?"

Dhritraashtra was terribly upset hearing Sanjaya's words. The request of these specific four villages was a poison which went directly to his heart, so he again tried to explain Duryodhan the greatness of Paandav - "Arjun's satisfying Agni Dev during the burning of Khaandavprasth, so he will help him in war too. All Devtaa - Indra, Vaayu, Yam and the Ashwinee Kumaar, will also help their sons against your Bheeshm, Drone  and all of you. Even Hanumaan is also with them as Bheem's elder brother. Let us not challenge them, let us call for peace."

Now Duryodhan's patience was just crossed the limit, he said - " They are not to be feared, so don't worry about them. I am a good king, and people speak good about me. Devtaa also cannot accuse me for anything." After saying this he walked out of the court, Karn followed him. All others also left after Karn. Dhritraashtra was left alone with Sanjaya. It was pathetic to see a father trying to make fruitless efforts to save his sons through the war.


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