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Udyog Parv
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Udyog Parv

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Krishn as Peace Messenger in Hastinaapur

In Hastinaapur, Bheeshm and Drone etc were worried about the aftermath of war, but could not do anything. In Upaplavya Nagaree, Yudhishthir also knew that even Sanjay will not be able to do anything about Peace, so he called Krishn and asked His help to go to Hastinaapur as Peace Messenger. He said - "You heard our Great uncle's message. He has no thought of right and wrong, what I felt from his message that war is inevitable. But as you know we are not interested in war. I am sure Sanjay will not be able to convince Dhritraashtra or Duryodhan for peace. So go with the Peace Message to them and try for that. It is extremely sad for me that I cannot maintain even my mother and friends. I pray for five villages only - Avishthal, Vrikasthal, Makandee, Baaranaavat, and any other as the fifth one where we five can live happily because we do not want any destruction of Bharat family. O Krishn, A tree which bears neither shade nor fruits is abandoned by birds, all my relations and friends will also abandon me. When somebody doesn't have the money to maintain himself, he robs, and by robbing others he not only kills the robbed person but also destroys his own virtue, profit and pleasure. When people don't have money, then some retire to woods, some leave cities, some choose death, some become mad, some take shelter with their enemies, and many become others' servants. O Krisn, A man poor since birth is not so miserable who is born in a highly rich family is deprived that prosperity. We cannot lawfully abandon our prosperity. 

Although many of our people and elders have joined our enemies, still we do not want to kill anybody. Even killing one's enemies is not agreeable to heart, then those people are our own people. Killing them is not good for me. Confidence in one's own power troubles one's heart like an incurable disease. To bring peace, it should either be renounced or one should die. Neither we wish to give up our kingdom nor we wish to kill our people. In this situation peace through even by humiliation is the best. When all our efforts to bring peace will fail then war will be inevitable and then it will be the time to display our powers."

Krishn said - "I will surely go to Kaurav's court and will try my best to bring peace without sacrificing your interest, and if I could do that the glory will be mine." Yudhishthir said - "I am afraid to send you there because you are our most valuable possession and Duryodhan may even harm you. And that is not acceptable to us." Krishn said - "I know Duryodhan. But by going there we will escape the blame of all the kings. If they had done any mischief with me, I will not wait even for the war to happen, I will kill all of them then and there only. I know this also that my efforts for Peace will not work, but still my going there will not be fruitless."

Yudhishthir said - "Blessed be you. Go and do whatever you think best for us. Do something that all Kuru can live happily." Krishn said - "I have heard Sanjaya, and now I have heard you. I know both parties' intentions. 'Being a Kshatriya, you have to seek victory or death in  battlefield', so be prepared for that because it is very difficult to bring peace with Duryodhan like person. He can never be for peace for any reason. In the presence of many elder people he did not feel ashamed playing tricks with you in dice game. He did not feel bad while sending you in exile. Dushaasan didn't feel anything while dragging that princess by hair in the court as if she did not have any protector. In fact that evil-mind Duryodhan should be killed at the hands of everyone. So kill him without any hesitation. I know that I will not succeed in my mission; I am going only to tell everybody the truth about everyone. Let them know about the goodness of everyone for whom they are going to fight. I am going to Kuru with the mission of peace, but I have all the doubts that I will be successful in my mission, so be prepared for war that is inevitable. I will come back soon, I see the omens for war. Be prepared for war, because it is certain that as long as Duryodhan is alive he will not give your kingdom back."

Bheem said - "Krishn, Talk in the way that there can be peace. Do not threaten them with war, do not behave roughly with Duryidhan, treat him mildly. Duryodhan is sinful by heart without foresight, cruel in speech, susceptible to advice, so I doubt very much that the peace agreement will be possible. Well-known are eighteen kings who are born to destroy their relatives at the end of each Yug, they are: Kali in Asur, Udaavart in Haihaya Vansh, Janmejaya among Nepaa, Baahul among Taaljangh, Vasu among Krimi, Ajavindu among Suveer, Rushardhik among Suraashtra, Arkaj among Valeeh, Dhautmulak among China, Hayagreev among Videh, Varaayu among Mahaujas, Baahu among Sundar, Pururavaa among Deeptaksh, Sahaj among Chedi and Matsya, Vrishaddhaj among Praveer, Dhaaran among Chandra-batsya, Beegahan among Mukut, and Saam among Nandeeveg. In the same way Duryodhan is born among Kuru in the end of this Yug. That is why you should treat him mildly and sweetly. Discourse him on the matter fully to attract his heart so that we may live as strangers with them. Tell him that Yudhishthir and Arjun are against this war, because there is a great compassion in him."

Hearing such mild words from Bheem, Krishn laughed loudly and said - "Peace? Peace doesn't suit you, you are a Kshatriya, you cannot live in peace. At other times you were for the war? How many nights you have passed sitting face downward? People who did not know you, thought you were insane. And now you desire for peace? What has happened to you today? These words are unexpected from you." Bheem immediately said - "Hey Krishn, I wish to behave in a certain way. You mistook me. I am not a coward. let the war start, and the people will see me and my anger. I was overcome by the pity for humanity only, otherwise I am not a coward." Krishn smiled and consoled him that He knew that he was not a coward; and He just said this with affection not with any other feelings.

The actions like hunger and thirst are not the results of his past lives, one can get rid of all those actions begun at his pleasure, No one can live without actions, so one should act only knowing its purpose and that purpose should be achieved by a combination of both Destiny and Exertion. Whoever acts thus never feels pain at its failure or joy at its success. Tomorrow I will go to Dhritraashtra and plead for peace, and if they make peace the fame will be mine. And if the war will happen I will be the charioteer of Arjun''s chariot."

Arjun also said to Krishn - "It seems that you are not very hopeful for peace. But nothing should be considered impracticable, so if properly proposed, it mmight be possible. So do for us what you think right for us. If you think that Duryodhan should be treated in any other way, treat him in that way." Krishn said - "Although I am going for peace, but

I know that fate is more powerful than all the efforts of man. I know that I cannot achieve anything Divine with them, because they have no reasoning, they are not sorry for their deeds. Duryodhan is not going to surrender the kingdom and Yudhishthir is also not going to give up kingdom submissively. Still I will try my best to do what is possible with my speech or act. Duryodhan is not ready to part even with the smallest portion for the shortest period of time."

Nakul also supported Arjun to plead for peace, He said - "When you are speaking, and Vidur is listening, what subject is there that cannot be explained smooth and plain. But Sahadev protested - "Do not propose peace for war even if Duryodhan requests for peace. There must be war. Who can tolerate all these injustice and insult, so even if they propose for peace you should not opt for peace. I desire to see Duryodhan in battle" Saatyaki supported Sahadev's words and all other warriors presented there cried with joy.

Now it was Draupadee's turn, she supported Sahadev and said - "I can see only two Kshatriya here - Sahadev and Saatyaki. But you must not plead for Peace o them. They must all be punished. I want war." She showed her loose hair to Krishn and said - "See it, I have not dressed it since the day Dushaasan dragged me by it in that court. Till I see that jeweled hand of Dushaasan cut from his body and lying on the ground, my mind cannot is not at rest. You know very well that how they behaved with Paandav and me. I am for war." She further said with tearful eyes - "O Krishn, if you support Bheem and Arjun then my father, brothers and my sons will take the revenge for me." Then Krishn assured her of war. Arjun again said - "You should do whatever is beneficial to us." At this Krishn said - "Yes, I will go to Dhritraashtra and will try to accomplish what is desirable and beneficial for both of us - Kuru and Paandav."

Next day Krishn, in the month of Kaumud Kaartik, under the constellation of Ravatee, during the hour called Maitra, after taking bath, worshipped Sun and Fire, touched the tail of bull, bowed to Braahman, walked round the sacred fire, asked Saatyaki to get His chariot ready along with all His weapons, offensive and defensive. Because He did not trust Duryodhan, Shakuni and Karn at all. So His chariot was ready yoked with Meghpushp, Shaibya, Valaahak and Sugreev named horses. Garud was on His flagstaff. Saatyaki was with Him.

Vashishth, Vaamdev, Bhooridyumn, Gaya, Krath, Shukra and Kaushik and Bhrigu all Rishi sent off Krishn. All Kshtriya followed Him in His honor. Yudhishthir said to Krishn - "O Krishn, Please ask welfare of our mother and console her over and over. Tell her as soon our bad days are over we will try to make her happy. Embrace all our elders before your message." Arjun said - "If they can return our kingdom without any hitch, they will greatly please me." And Krishn started His journey towards Hastinaapur. Parashuraam expressed his desire to hear their talks in Hastinaapur.

When Krishn set out for Hastinaapur, 10 mighty chariot warriors, 1,000 foot soldiers, 1,000 horse riders and hundreds of attendants followed Him. When Krishn arrived in Vriksthal, the Sun was setting. So He ordered to loose the horses and take rest there. The attendants prepared food and Krishn took rest there.


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