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5-Udyog Parv, 1-186
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From "Plans to Send Peace Messenger"   to   "Before Reaching in the Kurukshetra"

5-Udyog Parv (199 Chapters)

1.  Plan to Send a Peace Messenger to Dhritraashtra (1-) - Yudhishthir send peace messenger to Dhritraashtra, but Dhritraashtra has so much conflict in his mind that he himself cannot decide anything and so he sends him away only with his blessings.

2.  Help From Krishn (1) - Both Kaurav and Paandav foresee the war so both Duryodhan and Arjun got to Dwaarakaa to ask Krishn's help; Since Krishn sees Arjun first and Arjun is younger to Duryodhan, Krishn asks him to choose between two - Himself or His Naaraayanee army; Arjun chooses Krishn and Duryodhan is happy with Krishn's army; Daaoo is not happy with all this development.

3.  Raajaa Shalya is Misguided - Hearing that Shalya is coming Duryodhan makes a very good arrangement of their stay and comfort on their way; Shalya is very pleased to see that arrangement and wishes to meet the person in-charge of that and give reward to him; People in those camps do not know what to do so they report this to Duryodhan; Duryodhan comes to greet Shalya, Shalya is very surprised to see him but according to his promise he asks him to ask anything; Duryodhan requests him to fight from his own side; Shalya is in a fix but helpless so agrees to it; He sees his nephews with a heavy heart, but Yudhishthir takes a promise from him that when Karn and Arjun will fight, and he will be Karn's Saarathee, he will try to protect Arjun; Both armies are described.

4.  Dhritraashtra Sends Sanjaya to Paandav - Dhritraashtra sends Sanjaya to Paandav saying that they should live happily wherever they are; But Sanjaya indicates that he sees war on the corner; Vidur also tries to convince Dhritraashtra to return Paandav's kingdom to them, but he cannot do so.

5.  Sanjaya Goes to Yudhishthir - Dhritraashtra sends Sanjaya with the message of blaming Yudhishthir eager to fight; Yudhishthir denies that referencing the past events; He requests Sanjaya to tell Dhritraashtra that he is not for fighting, he is only for his kingdom; And if he does not want to give him his kingdom, then he tells Sanjaya to ask for only five specific villages for them as the last resort; Sanjaya inspects his army and goes back to Hastinaapur; He sees Dhritraashtra but doesn't give his message saying that he was very tired both physically and mentally, so he will see him next day in the court and goes away.

6-11.  Vidur Neeti - Since Sanjaya does not tell him any thing from Yudhishthir, Dhritraashtra cannot sleep in worry and calls for his brother and advisor Vidur to relieve him; Vidur comes and tells him about what ethics says. It is given here in six pages.

12.  Sanjaya in Kaurav's Court - Next day Sanjaya comes in the court and tells the message of Yudhishthir that they are ready for war; Duryodhan describes his own army and tries to pacify Dhritraashtra but he is not satisfied, he is still for peace; 

13-14.  Description of Both Armies and Dhritraashtra is Sad - Sanjaya describes Paandav's army and Duryodhab describes his own. Dhritraashtra counts several strong points of Paandav but Duryodhan is not ready to give up; Duryodhan is too confident of his victory while Dhritraashtra is not in the same proportion; Karn lays down his weapons till Bheeshm is alive.

15.  Krishn as Peace Messenger - Yudhishthir doubts that Sanjaya will be able to change Kaurav's minds for Peace; So he calls Krishn and requests Him to go to Hastinaapur as his Peace Messenger; All Paandav and Draupadee give their messages to Him.

16.  Krishn is Welcomed in Hastinaapur - Hearing that Krishn is coming to Hastinaapur Dhritraahtra plans for His grand welcome: Vidur explains him that His real welcome will be to agree with Him; Duryodhan has something else in his mind; Krsihn is welcomed in Hastinaapur, but He stays with Vidur; He discusses the purpose of His coming there.

17.  Krishn in Kaurav's Court - Krishn appears in court, explains the situation and requests for peace; Dhritraashtra shows his inability to convince his son and request Krishn for it; Krishn also tries to talk to Duryodhan but he walks out of the court; Gaandhaaree also calls him back and talks to him but he doesn't listen to anybody and walks out of the court.

18.  Krishn Shows His Vishwaroop - Duryodhan plans to arrest Krishn but Saatyaki guesses it before and informs about this to Krishn; Krishn shows His Vishwaroop (Great form) in assembly hall; Krishn comes back to Vidur's house; Kuntee gives her message to her sons; Krishn leaves for Upaplavya and Duryodhan declares war.

19.  Krishn Kuntee and Karn - While returning from Hastinaapur, Krishn takes Karn at some lonely place and tells him about his birth; Karn becomes very sad hearing all that and considers himself most unfortunate; He takes a promise from Krishn that He will not tell this secret to Paandav until his death, which Krishn gives; Karn is very very sad; Kuntee also goes to Karn with the expectation that she would ask a Var from her son and he would not refuse her and she would be able to stop the war; But events take a turn there, Karn respects her, but cannot grant her wish, still he gives her a Var from himself; Kuntee and Karn part away with each other in tears.

20.  Krishn is Back to Paandav - Krishn comes back to Upaplavya and tell everything happened in Kaurav's court; Yudhishthir understand everything and prepares for war; He organizes his army under the commandership of Dhrishtdyumn and arrives in Kuru Kshetra.

21.  Bheeshm - Commander of Kaurav Army - Duryodhan also organizes his army under the commandership of Bheeshm and arrives in Kurukshetra.

22.  Balaraam and Rukmee - Balaraam comes to give his blessings to Paandav and show his inability to participate in war; Rukmee comes to both, first to Paandav and then to Duryodhan, to offer his help but both refuse his help; Duryodhan sends Ulook as his emissary to Paandav to remind them their vows; Yudhishthir sends him back with their own messages.

23.  Counting of Warriors - Bheeshm tells Duryodhan about the warriors of both sides; He refuses to fight with Shikhandee and gives his reason for it.

24-26.  Story of Shikhandee - Bheeshm tells all about Shikhandee and his previous life as Ambaa in support of "why he will not fight with Shikhandee".

5-Udyog Parv Ends Here - 6-Bheeshm Parv G-6-War


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