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5-Udyog Parv
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Udyog Parv

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Balaraam and Rukmee

Janmejaya asked - "When Yudhishthir heard that Bheeshm was the Commander-in-Chief of Kaurav army, what Paandav and Krishn said about it?" Vaishampaayan said - "Yudhishthir knew what should he do at this point. He called his brothers and Krishn and said - "Go and take a round of your soldiers in your uniform. Our first encounter will be with our grandfather, so look for seven leaders for our seven Akshauhinee army." Krishn supported it.

When Balaraam came to know about this battle, he came to see Yudhishthir with many Vrishni people - Akroor, Uddhav, Gad, Pradyumn etc. All Paandav, Krishn and other kings welcomed them. Balaraam seated near Yudhishthir. Balaraam blessed all. After being comfortable, he said - "I have heard that a great war is going to be fought here. I wish that you all go through this without being harmed. I asked my brother, Krishn, to be impartial to both parties but He didn't listen to me. Since He loves Arjun very much He is with you. I know that you will win because when Krishn takes the reins of Arjun's chariot, nobody else can win. I cannot look at the world without Krishn that is why I have to follow Him. Both Bheem and Duryodhan are my disciples and my love is equal for both of them that is why I am going to Teerth Yaatraa to the banks of Saraswatee, because I will not be able to see the destruction of Kaurav." And Balaraam went away on pilgrimage. (read his pilgrimage account here)

There came then Rukmee (Raajaa Bheeshmak's son and Krishn's wife Rukminee's brother). Rukmee was very powerful. (see Bows here). He came there with his one Akshauhinee army. Yudhishthir welcomed him and received him with great honor. Rukmee said to Arjun - "You need not worry about anything. I have come to assist you. There is no great warrior like Rukmee today. I can kill all of them single-handed." Everybody knew that Krishn defeated him while abducting Rukminee. They were enemies. Arjun first looked at Yudhishthir and then at Krishn, but Krishn's face was without any expression.

Then Arjun said - "I, born in Kuru family, being the son of Paandu, having Drone as my Guru, bearing the bow Gaandeev, having Vaasudev as my ally how can I be afraid? When fighting for cattle who was there to assist me? When I burned Khaandav Van who was there to assist me? When I fought with Nivaatkavach and Kaalkeya, who was with me? I am not afraid at all, nor I need your assistance. You may stay or go as you like as it suits you." Rukmee went away with his army from there and came to Duryodhan and spoke similar words to him too. But that proud Duryodhan also refused to accept his help. Thus this great war was without Balaraam and Rukmee. After Balaraam and Rukmee had left, Paandav again sat down for consultation.

Then Dhritraashtra said to Sanjaya - "O Sanjaya, Tell me in detail as what happened in Kuru and Paandav's camps? Although I know that Kuru are going to ruin, still I couldn't stop my son. In spite of knowing everything, I could not do my own welfare. Indeed dying in battle field is the utmost duty of a Kshatriya." Sanjaya said - "You cannot put the whole blame on Duryodhan. The man who becomes evil by his own misconduct should not be blame the time or Devtaa. He who does every type of evil work deserves to be slain. Paandav tolerated everything in the dice game looking up at your face only. Man, like a wooden machine, is never the agent of his own acts - right or wrong. There three opinions in this regard - some say that everything is ordained by Bhagvaan, some say that our acts are the result of our free will, and some say that our acts are the results of our past lives. Now listen to about this evil that has come upon us.

After Paandav had camped by the side of Hiranvatee River, Kaurav also fixed their camp. Duryodhan first consulted Karn, then Karn, Dushaasan and Shakuni all together and then Ulook was called upon.

Ulook as Duryodhan's Ambassador

The River Hiranvatee became the dividing line of the two camps. Duryodhan called Ulook and sent him to Paandav. He said - "Go to Paandav and make sure that all Paandav are present there with Krishn and other great warriors and tell this, "The war for which we were thinking about is now there. The time has come to fulfill your words which you sent to me with Sanjaya. Do all that for which you have vowed. Tell Yudhishthir that being righteous how can he be unrighteous? How can you set on destroying the Universe when you are the caretaker of it? Whose good are always shown and sins are always concealed is called the behavior of cat. Here this story of cat is quoted.

A wicked cat, once upon a time, lived on the banks of a river. He spread this news that he has left his wickedness and has become very good. All animals trusted him. After some time a mice went to him and said, "By your virtue we want to roam freely under your protection." The cat said - "These two things, my being good and your protection do not go together. You should obey me always. I am very weak observing my Tap, I cannot move from place to place, so you should and take me everyday to riverside." The mice obeyed him and came to take him everyday. Gradualy the cat became fat and strong feeding on mice. One day mice came together and said to one another this cat is getting fatter while we reducing in number. An intelligent mouse named Dindik said to them, "You go to riverside I will follow the cat." All mouse obeyed him. The cat didn't know this, he ate up Dindik on that day. Another intelligent mouse named Kinkik said, "This cat is not our friend, he is our enemy. Dindik is not seen for eight days." Thus all mice ran away in all directions and the cat returned to where it came from." So you are of the same nature.

You asked for five villages, even that request was rejected by us. Remember, only because of you, Vidur was driven away by us. We tried to burn you in Baarnaavat house. You sent message through Krishn that "I am prepared for war or peace" so now the time has come for war. Tell Krishn, "What form you showed us in the court, you come to me in that form in battle field with Arjun. We are also competent by our powers of illusions. We can also display various forms in our body. Your fame is spread without any reason. It should be known that there many persons in the world that are really eunuchs in the bodies of men. I should not even face you since you are a slave of Kans. Tell Bheem, "You may be good at cooking but using a knife and using a Gadaa (mace) are two different things. Let me see how you carve my brother's heart. You should be awarded for cookery." Thus Duryodhan gave message to Ulook to tell to everyone of them - Nakul, Sahadev, Viraat, Drupad, Dhrishtdyumn, Shikhandee.

In the last he again gave message for Arjun - "Tell him, either you defeat us or lie down in the field. You have passed 12 long years in woods, and one whole years in Viraat's service, now is the chance to show your wrath. Show it in the battlefield. Without defeating Karn, or Shalya or Drone how can you recover your kingdom? I know that your Gaandeev is full six cubits (1 cubit = 17" to 21") long, I know that there is no warrior like you today, still I am retaining the kingdom. You were weeping in the woods for thirteen years while I was ruling, I will still rule it after slaying you. You got your kingdom back not because of Bheem or not because of your Gaandeev, but only by Draupadee. O Arjun, I am not going to give up the kingdom, if you want to take, take it after fighting me."

Sanjaya said - "Ulook went to Paandav's camp and went to Yudhishthir and said - "I have been sent by Duryodhan with the messages for all of you. But please assure me that you will not be angry with me." Yudhishthir said - "Oh no, Don't worry at all, say what do you want to say."

Ulook said - "Our king has said - "You became our slave because you lost the dice game. Who would tolerate his wife dragged in a court, so you are not brave enough to defy us. If you are a Kshatriya, then throw off the cloak of Dharm and fight with us.  Arjun, You are not even a man, you cannot think of fighting with Karn, let alone killing him. Nakul and Sahadev, You are fit to be where you were in Viraat's court, you can't do anything better than that leave alone killing my Maamaa and his son. Yudhishthir, Don't take it lightly, I am going to kill all of you." Ulook got silent after giving this message.

All sitting there got so furious at this message that nobody could utter any word. What to say and what not to say. Bheem's look was very terrible. Krishn pacified him as if to say - "Leave him, he is only a messenger." Then He spoke to Ulook - "You may go back to Duryodhan and say, "Your message has been received, we have understood it well. Let it take place which you wish." But Ulook provoked Arjun once more by repeating the words of Duryodhan. Hearing those words all kings sitting there jumped up from their seats. Arjun said - "By installing Bheeshm, Duryodhan thinks that we will not kill Bheeshm. It is my vow that I will kill Bheeshm as and when he will be seen in battle field. Except Drone I can slay the whole world."

Bheem also could not resist, he said to Ulook - "O ignorant fool, we have heard you enough. Now you listen to what we say to you and repeat it to Duryodhan in front of all. We regard our elder brother that is why we tolerate your all evil acts. Don't you consider Yudhishthir a great intelligent person who sent Krishn as peace messenger for your good? But it is your destiny that brought you here in the battle field. I am going to kill you and your all brothers, that is my promise."

Sahadev also said to Ulook - "First I will kill you then I will kill Shakuni." Arjun said to them - "Do not say anything to Ulook, he is only an envoy. He just has to convey what he is sent to say." Dhrishtdyumn said - "O Ulook, I will reply your words tomorrow in the battlefield." Krishn said - "You claim to be a man, but you were never a man. You are not afraid of me because you think that I am only a Saarathee (charioteer) of Arjun, I can burn the whole universe like a straw, you don't know me. Although I will not be fighting in this war, but you see how I will be driving his chariot. Wherever you will cast a glance you will see only Arjun's chariot with Hanumaan's (read Hanumaan and Bheem) banner. Thank Yudhishthir for this that I am not going to fight in this war. You will see helplessly Bheem drinking blood of your dear brother Dushaasan's heart with your own eyes. We will do everything what we have promised. You may have forgotten your promises but Paandav have not."

Thus all Paandav, Dhrishtdyumn, Shikhandee, Saatyaki, five Kaikaya Brothers, Bheem and Arjun gave their messages of fulfilling their promises to Ulook. Ulook returned to his camp. This last night was a night of great excitement for both armies. Duryodhan ordered Dushaasan, Shakuni and Karn to arrange the army before sunrise. Dhrishtdyumn also started to organize his army. He appointed Arjun against Karn, Bheem against Duryodhan, Dhrishtketu against Shalya, Uttamaujaa against Kripaa, Nakul against Kritvarmaa, Yuyudhaan (Saatyaki) against Jayadrath, and Abhimanyu against Vrishsen (Karn's son). He kept Drone as his own share.


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