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5-Udyog Parv
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Udyog Parv

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Krishn is Back to Paandav

Krishn came back from Hastinaapur, Keshav told everything what happened there and after long consultations with Paandav He went to His place to take rest. Then again in the evening they began to think as what they should do. Yudhishthir asked Krishn to tell him everything that happened there. Krishn said - "I addressed Duryodhan in the court and said which was true, reasonable and beneficial, but that wicked Duryodhan didn't listen to me." Yudhishthir asked - "Then what our grandfather said to him? And what others - Vidur, Drone, Dhritraashtra, Gaandhaaree said to him? You have already told me all the disagreeable words, they have gone out of my mind. Tell us what exactly happened."

Krishn said - "Listen, After I had spoken, Duryodhan laughed. At this Bheeshm said - "Listen to me then you do whatever you like best. Shaantanu was a very reputable king. I was his only son at first. Then a desire arose in his heart to have another son because the learned have said that "One son is not a son". Knowing his desire I procured Kaalee (Satyavatee) to become my mother. I took a vow which was difficult to observe, for the sake of my father. According to it I could not be a king and I could not marry, that you know about. I am not repenting for it, I am happy. It so happened that I got indulged in fighting with Parashuraam, my brother fled in fear of Raam. During that period he became more attached to his wives and became ill.

After his death there was no rain in the kingdom. People came to me and requested to become their king. All said to me - "Being you alive, will old Prateep sit on the throne?" I had to beg them not to put me in odd situation because I took that vow because of my mother and now I could not break it. Then I begged Maharshi Vyaas to beget sons upon the widows of your father. He produced three sons. Your father was born blind that is why he could not be installed king. Paandu was installed the king so his sons have the right to get their paternal inheritance. Therefore do not quarrel with Paandav and give them half the kingdom. When I am alive which other man is competent to reign? Do not disregard my words. What I have said just now is the opinion of your parents and Vidur also. Do not destroy yourself and Earth."

After Bheeshm had spoken, Drone also said - "Raajaa Shaantanu was devoted to welfare of his race, so is Devavrat, and so was Paandu. When Paandu along with his two wives went to forest, he placed Dhritraashtra on the throne. Vidur served Dhritraashtra as he was serving Paandu. Then Vidur took charge of finance, of gifts, over servants and the feeding of all. Bheeshm supervised war and peace etc other matters. Born to Dhritraashtra how can you bring disunion in the family? I am with Bheeshm, so obey Bheeshm. I am the Guru for both of you, even Arjun is dear to me as Ashwatthaamaa."

Then Vidur spoke addressing Bheeshm - "O Devavrat, When Kuru family was going to extinct, you saved it. In this family now Duryodhan is a problem. He is wicked, avarice and ungrateful. The Kuru family will certainly bear the consequences of his actions. O Raajaa, Act in such a way so that Kuru do not perish. If you cannot think of anything then go to woods along with Dhritraashtra and me, otherwise rule the kingdom with Paandu's sons. A great slaughter of Kuru, Paandav and other kings is at hand." saying thus his heart filled with sorrow and he sat down. Gaandhaaree also said some virtuous words but Duryodhan didn't listen to her also.

Then spoke Dhritraashtra - "Listen to me if you have any respect for your father. Chandramaa was the original forefather of Kuru family. Sixth in descent from Chandramaa was a king named Yayaati, the son of Nahush. Yayaati had five good sons. Among them Yadu was the eldest, youngest was Puru whose descendents we are and who himself was the son of Sharmishthaa (the daughter of Vrishparvaa). Yadu was born to Devayaanee who was the daughter of Shukraachaarya. Yadu was very proud, he insulted his father. He was all powerful on whole Prithvi. He inhabited this city on elephant's name (Hastinaapur). His father gave him Shaap and expelled him from his kingdom. Yayaati gave Shaap to his brothers also who were proud of their brother. He installed his youngest son Puru as the king. Thus the eldest son may be deprived of kingdom and the youngest son can get the kingdom.

My father's grandfather was Prateep who had three sons - Devaapi, Baahleek, and Shaantanu. Although Devaapi was the eldest and was very virtuous, but he had a skin disease. Since Devaapi had no other shortcoming, Prateep planned to coronate him as king but Braahman forbade him to do so. Prateep got extremely sad about his son. Thus Devaapi was excluded from inheritance also. Devtaa do not approve a king who is physically defective. Sad Devaapi went to forest. Baahleek also abandoned the kingdom and lived with his maternal uncle. Abandoning his father and brother he got the kingdom of his maternal grandfather. With Baahleek's permission Shaantanu became the king after the death of Prateep.

In this way, although I am the eldest but since I am physically defective I was also excluded from the kingdom and Paandu became the king. After his death this kingdom must pass to his sons. When I could not get the kingdom, how can you get it? You are not the son of a king and therefore you have no right on this kingdom. This kingdom lawfully belongs to Yudhishthir because he is the eldest son of the king. You are not a son of king. The how can you be the king over other's share? Give half the kingdom to Yudhishthir and live happily with your younger brothers."

Thus in spite of being advised by Bheeshm, Drone, Vidur, Gaandhaaree, and Dhritraashtra, Duryodhan could not be brought to his senses. Rather disregarding all he walked out of the hall. His followers followed him. He repeatedly said to his followers - "Today Pushya Nakshatra is ascendant, you march only today to Kurukshetra." Those ill-fated kings set out to Kurukshetra under the leadership of Bheeshm. Eleven Akshauhinee army was assembled. So keeping this in view you do whatever you like.

When the art of conciliation failed to make peace between you and him, then I mentioned your ordinary and extraordinary feats. But still Duryodhan showed no respect for them. Then I adopted the art of superhuman and manifested my superhuman form. That terrified Duryodhan, Karn, and Shakuni but of no use. In fact many of them had already started marching towards Kurukshetra. O Yudhishthir, It seems that they will not give you your kingdom without fighting."

Yudhishthir addressed all the kings came to help him - "You have listened to Krishn, you have seen all my attempts for peace. I still do not want war but there is no alternative. We have seven Akshauhinee army for our victory. These are the seven warriors at your disposal to be our Commander-in-Chief - Drupad, Viraat, Dhrishtdyumn, Saatyaki, Shikhandee, Chekitaan, and Bheem. You may assign them their duties, and appoint one of them the Commander-in-Chief. Sahadev, You are wisest among all of us, what is your opinion about appointing the Commander-in-Chief?"

Sahadev said - "They are all fit to be Commander-in-Chief, but in my opinion Viraat is the most fit for this position. He can face the army led by Bheeshm." Nakul named for Drupad - he was the friend of Angira's descendent Drone. Arjun named for Dhrishtdyumn since he was born to kill Drone and he had unbreakable armor to tolerate Drone and Bheeshm's arrows. Bheem voted for Shikhandee because he had vowed to kill Bheeshm and he could easily defy even Bhaargav himself. Yudhishthir then asked Krishn - "Let us decide soon about it, Krishn, what is your opinion? After selecting our leader, worshipping our weapons we will march towards Kurukshetra tomorrow at the daybreak." Krishn said - "Indeed all are able to be your Commander but I think Dhrishtdyumn will be the best."

So Yudhishthir announced the name of Dhrishtdyumn as the Commander of his seven Akshauhinee army. The whole army was divided under seven warriors - Bheem, Nakul, Sahadev, Dhrishtdyumn, Saatyaki, the sons of Draupadee, and Abhimanyu. Next day Yudhishthir set out to army camp to set for further course. There were many warriors - Kaikaya brothers, Dhrishtketu, Shreneemaan, Vasudhaan, Viraat, Shikhandee, Drupad, Sudharm, Kuntibhoj, Dhristdyumn, Andrishti, Chekitaan, Saatyaki, the Paandav and their sons, Abhimanyu and Krishn. Draupadee stayed at Upaplavya. There were 40,000 chariots, five times as much cavalry, infantry ten times more numerous, and 60,000 elephants.

They arrived in Kurukshetra and blew their conchs. Tents were set and a moat was dug around the camp near Hiranvatee River which flowed through Kurukshetra area. Hundreds of hundreds skilled mechanics, in receipt of regular wages, and surgeons and physicians were employed. Everything was in millions. Yudhishthir equipped every pavilion with all kinds of things as high as hills - bows, bow strings, uniforms,  clarified butter, honey, pounded lac, cattle, chaff, coals, heavy machines, breast-plates, bow staff etc. Each chariot was equipped with a hundred bows and a thousand arrows. They were all ready for war. Krishn with Arjun started moving about among Dhritraashtra's soldiers who were appointed in the outskirts.


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