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5-Udyog Parv
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Udyog Parv

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Krishn, Kuntee and Karn

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "Tell me what did Keshav say to Karn when He left the city? His words were mild or fierce?" Sanjaya said - "O Dhritraashtra, I repeat those words which Krishn said to Raadhaa's son.  He took Karn in His chariot along with Saatyaki. He said to Karn - "You are a good man, Karn. You are a worshipper of Braahman, you know Ved's sayings. It is said that there two types of sons - Kaneen and Sahod that are born to a maiden, have him as their father who wedded the maiden. You are of that kind of son. So you are morally the son of Paandu. So come and be a king. You have Kuntee's sons and Vrishni race at your side. Come with me and let Paandav know that you are their eldest brother. All will worship your feet. Draupadee will be your wife too. We all will install you as king. Enjoy the sovereignty of the earth."

Karn said - "You are right, Krishn, I know that whatever you have said to me that I am morally the son of Paandu and Kuntee bore me when she was a maiden through her connection with Soorya. At the command of Soorya she abandoned me as soon as I was born without thinking of my welfare. Soot Adhirath found me and took me home. There his wife Raadhaa brought me up with all her affection. Adhirath gave me the name Vasusen. When I grew up, I married the wives according to his selections. I have now sons grandsons through them. My all rites and religious duties are performed with Soot. With Duryodhan I have enjoyed sovereignty for over 13 years. Now when Duryodhan has decided to fight with Paandav considering me as against Arjun, I cannot go back because of fear, death or bloodshed. If I do not indulge with Arjun in single combat, it will be an insult to both of us.

I am sure that Paandav will do whatever you have said but for now, you must hide this for the benefit of both of us. Let Yudhishthir be king for ever. He has collected a great crowd of warriors. I am repenting for what I said to Paandav. Duryodhan is going to do a Yagya. When you will see me slain by Arjun then Punachiti of this Yagya will begin, when you will see Bheem drinking the blood of Dushaasan's thigh then the Som drinking of this Yagya will take place, and when the two sons of Drupad - Shikhandee and Drishtdyumn will overthrow Bheeshm and Drone, then this Yagya will be suspended for interval. When Bheem will kill Duryodhan then the Yagya of Duryodhan will be concluded. When all Kuru women will lament for their husbands and sons in the battlefield without their protector, it will be the last bath of this Yagya.

I just pray you that don't let these Kshatriya be perished miserably for thy sake. Let them die by weapons in the most sacred place among the three worlds. Whatever you have in mind, accomplish it on this spot only. Till I face Arjun in the field, keep our talks secret."

Krishn said - "O Karn, Don't you wish to rule over the whole world? You know that Paandav's victory is certain. Divine Bhaum has set up Hanumaan banner like Indra's banner. Extended for one Yojan it will never be obstructed by any thing. When Arjun will twang his bow then the signs of all Yug (Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug and Dwaapar Yug). All kings will get excellent state after dying for Duryodhan in the battlefield." Karn worshipped Krishn and said - "Knowing everything why do you want to baffle me? This war is going to happen. The great fierce planet Shani (Saturn) is afflicting the Nakshatra Rohinee which indicates the destruction on Prithvi. Mars is coming to Nakshatra  Anuraadhaa through Jyeshthaa indicating a great a slaughter of friends. Certainly a great calamity will come over Kuru family when the planet Mahaapat will afflicts the Nakshatra Chitraa. Moon's position has changed and Raahu is also proceeding towards Soorya. A black circle surrounding the solar disc appears to view."

Krishn said - "Yes, The destruction of the world is at hand but you are not agreeing for it." Karn said - "If we have come out of the war then we will meet here again, otherwise we shall surely meet in Heaven." and embraced Krishn very hard. Keshav dismissed him and he came back with us."

After Keshav failed to convince Karn, and He had left for Upaplavya, Vidur came to Kuntee and said sadly - "You know that I am for peace, but Duryodhan has not been listening to me. Yudhishthir is still at Upaplavya with all his allies. Dhritraashtra, though old could not persuade Duryodhan for peace. Upon return of Krishn Yudhishthir will certainly prepare for battle and the great destruction will take place." Kuntee said - "This is very sad that Paandav etc have to fight with Bharat family just for wealth, but otherwise if we don't fight we will be poor. I know that Bheeshm and Drone will not fight with Paandav willingly but this Karn hates Paandav. He is very powerful that is my worry. I think I will have to disclose the truth to change his heart towards Paandav. When I was living in Kuntibhoj's palace, pleased with me Rishi Durvaasaa gave me a Mantra to invoke any Devtaa. With my girlish innocence I invoked Soorya Dev. Why shouldn't he obey me who has kept him in her womb? This will be for the welfare of his brothers."

And with these thoughts she made up her mind. She went to Gangaa River where she heard Vedic mantra chanting by her son. Karn was standing facing east, so Kuntee stood waiting behind him burning in hot Sun. Then she shifted under the shade of upper cloth of Karn. And Karn continued his prayers until his back was very hot with Sun. Then he turned back and was surprised to see Kuntee standing there. He saluted her properly and bowing his head Vrish (Karn), the son of Vikartan (Adhirath), said to her - "I am Karn, Raadhaa and Adhirath's son. Why have you come here and what can I do for you?"

Kuntee said - "You are Kuntee's son, not Raadhaa's, nor your father is Adhirath, nor you are born in a Soot family. I bore you when I was a maiden. You were born in the palace of Kuntibhoj. I gave you birth in my father's house along with Kavach and Kundal on your body. You stand in Duryodhan's camp not knowing your brothers, is not proper. Duryodhan has wickedly snatched Yudhishthir's wealth. You take that wealth back from them and enjoy it. Let people call you like Raam Balaraam. If you both are united what is in this world which cannot be accomplished?"

As Kuntee finished, Karn heard a soft loving voice coming from Soorya - "What Prithaa is saying is true. Follow her words, it is for your good." Karn could not answer immediately because his heart was following only truth. He said - "I cannot accept what you have said to me. Although I should obey you as you are my mother. You abandoned me as soon as I was born. This was the greatest injury you did to my life and fame. Thus I was deprived of all the rights of Kshatriya. You have never thought about my good before this and you are telling me something for my good today? Who is not afraid of Arjun? And if I go to Paandav today, people will say that "I did so because of fright". Just to fulfill my own desires how can I leave Duryodhan's friendship? They always respect me, bow down to me and wait on me. I will surely fight with Paandav. However except Arjun, your other four sons will not be slain by me. I will fight only with Arjun. Whether he will be slain, or me, in both cases my life will be glorified and your five sons will always be alive."

Kuntee embraced Karn and said - "Kaurav will definitely be slain. Destiny is like that. You have vowed not to kill my four sons, remember it in the field. Blessed be you and let health be yours." Karn replied, "Be it so" and both went into opposite direction.


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