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5-Udyog Parv

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Krishn in Kaurav's Court-2
Krishn's Shows His Vishwaroop

After leaving the court, Duryodhan straight went to Karn, Shakuni and Dushaasan and after consultation they came to the conclusion that they were planning to arrest four of them and hand over to Yudhishthir." Duryodhan said - "This Krishn is advising them to do that, so let us do this to Him before he does that to us. We will do it like Indra first seized Bali (Virochan' son). Hearing this Paandav will lose their heart and they will not be able to fight. Here to seize Krishn will be easy for us and then we can fight with Paandav easily."

Saatyaki was already prepared for such type of thing. As he guessed the intentions of these sinners, he said to Kritvarmaa - "Your friend and his friends are trying to capture Krishn, you must hurry up to bring our army and wait at the entrance of the court. Till then I am trying to inform Krishn about this." Saatyaki rushed to the hall and told Krishn about their plan, then he informed Dhritraashtra and Vidur about it. Then he said laughingly to Dhritraashtra - "Mahaaraaj, these people are going to commit an act here which is not appropriate from any kind of standard, but they will never succeed in their mission. They are like those foolish children who try to seize fire with their cloth." Vidur was horrified to hear this. He began to lament the fate of the sons of the king. He said to Dhritraashtra in the court - "O king, Your sons' time has come now. They are going to do something very wicked but they will  not succeed in their mission. Your sons are going to seize Krishn and in this process they will all perish. If Krishn wants He can send all of them to Yam's Lok, but He will not do such a sinful act."

Krishn smiled and pacified him. He said to Dhritraashtra - "Let him capture me. I dare him to capture me. And be assured that I will not do any sinful act. But your sons will lose their own share of kingdom. And if they will do this, Yudhishthir's purpose will be fulfilled easily because then I will seize them all and hand over them to Yudhishthir. There is nothing which is difficult for me. Let them do whatever they like to do."

Dhritraashtra got panic, he asked Vidur to send for Duryodhan. Duryodhan came. He said - "I never thought that you would fall to such a nasty act. You are trying to capture Krishn? How can you dare such a thing? You are more foolish than a child." After this Vidur said - "At the gates of Saubh, the mighty monkey Dwivid covered Krishn with stones. However mighty he was but he could not seize Him. So you want to capture that Keshav? When Krishn went to Praagjyotish (the capital of Narakaasur) Narakaaasur  also could not seize Him. After killing him Krishn brought 16,000 princess from there and married them all. Six thousand mighty Asur could not seize Him in the city of Nirmochan. Do you want to seize such Keshav? He has killed Chaanoor, Mushtik, Arishtaasur and Dhenukaasur. He has killed Vakra, Jaraasandh, Shishupaal. He has killed Madhu, Kaitabh and Hayagreev (horse-necked) like Raakshas. He has made everything but He Himself is made of nothing. If you will have a fight with Him you and your followers will burn like an insect in fire."

Krishn again smiled and said to Duryodhan - "Do you think that I am alone and you will capture me just like that. I am sorry for you and your insane thoughts. Everybody - Paandav, Vrishni, Rudra, Aaditya, Rishi, Muni, are here." And He laughed loudly. As He laughed, His body resembled a blazing fire. All Devtaa, no bigger than His thumb, started coming out on His body. Brahmaa on His forehead, 11 Rudra on His breast, Sankarshan and Dhananjaya on His two arms, Swaamee of directions (Indra, Varun, Yam, Kuber) on His shoulders. Arjun stood on His right and Parashuraam on His left, Bheem and Yudhishthir were at His back. All 12 Aaditya, eight Vasu, two Ashwinee Kumaar, 49 Marut and all the Devtaa of Swarg were seen in His form. Krishn's arms were many. They held all the weapons. Shankh (conch) called Paanchjanya; the Chakra (Divine disc) called Sudarshan; the Gadaa called Kaumodakee and the sword by the name of Nandan. From His eyes, nose, ears and every part of His body came out sparks of fire and smoke. Seeing this fierce form of Keshav all the kings closed their eyes except Drone, Bheeshm, Vidur and Sanjaya and Rishi whom Keshav gave them Divine sight on this occasion. Divine drums beating was heard and flowers fell upon Him. 

Then Krishn withdrew His Divine form and went out of the court arm-in-arm with Saatyaki on one side and Kritvarmaa on other. In the meantime Naarad and other Rishi left for their own places. Kaurav also followed Him along with kings. Krishn saw His Saarathee (charioteer) Daaruk with His chariot. He was about to ride His chariot that Dhritraashtra spoke - "O Janaardan, You have seen with your own eyes that how much power I have over my sons. Nothing is unknown to you, please do not have any doubt about me. I have no sinful feelings about Paandav. I tried my best to bring peace."

Krishn said to all present there - "You yourself have witnessed what has happened in this court, that how Duryodhan left the court without having regard for anybody and how Dhritraashtra described himself as powerless. With your permission now I go back to Yudhishthir." He mounted His chariot and moved on. Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Vidur, Ashwatthaamaa, Vikarn, Yuyutsu began to follow Him. Krishn left for Vidur's place, where His aunt Kuntee was staying.

Kuntee's Message to Yudhishthir

He told everything to Kuntee happened in the court. He took leave from Kuntee to go to Upaplavya asking her message to her sons. Kuntee said - "Tell him that he is losing his virtue. He should do his duties. Tell him this incident also which I heard from an aged. One time, Vaishravan (Kuber) gave this Earth to king Muchukund as a gift. But Muchkund did not accept the gift and said that he like only that sovereignty which was taken by the strength of his own arms. Kuber got very surprised as well as happy to hear this. Muchkund then ruled the earth won by himself. Then again a sixth part of virtue practiced by the public well-protected by king is obtained. Then Sat Yug set in. It is the king who causes Sat Yug to set in. It is the king who creates Sat, Tretaa, Dwaapar or Kali Yug. The king who causes Sat Yug enjoys Heaven exceedingly, the king who causes Tretaa Yug to set in he enjoys Heaven but not exceedingly. Thus the king who causes Kali Yug to set in earns sins exceedingly. King's sins affect the world, and world's sins affect the king. A Kshatriya should protect his public, so he should follow his duties - to protect people in distress. He should take his kingdom back by gift of money, or violence, or by well-directed policy. This is matter of great grief for me that I am living upon the food given by others. Fight according to the practice of kings."

Kuntee further said - "I tell you an old story in this reference - Vidulaa's dialog with her son Sanjaya. There was a highborn woman named Vidulaa who was known for her devotion to Kshatriya qualities. She was well-educated and was known among other kings. Once she rebuked her son after he was defeated by the king of Sindhu Desh. She said - "You are not my son, from where have you come? You cannot be counted as a man without some wrath. Do not lie in despair, get up. It is better to blaze up for a few moments than smoke for ever and ever. Show your power and get what is yours. Want of exertion and fear are destructive of prosperity. A man is called Purush because he is competent to trouble his enemy (Param)"

Hearing these words the son said - "If you do not look at me then what is the use of the ornaments, or even life?" The mother said - "Do not adopt the course of life that is adopted by wretched people. O Krishn, His life is not meaningful who depends on others for his sustenance. You should take the help of Sindhu's king's enemies to win him. Wait for good times to come when you can defeat him. Sanjaya means victory, so be true to your name. There is no more miserable state in which one is anxious for food from day to day. Poverty is a kind of death."

Hearing this the son said - "Mother, It seems that your heart is made of steel. Fie on Kshatriya practices on which you are urging me to fight, as if you don't know me. If I die then what will you do of this whole Earth?" The mother said - "You are right my son, still you fight for the sake of virtue and profit. Do not walk on that path which is prescribed by wise. The people who never do what is appropriate, do not get happiness here and hereafter. A Kshatriya has been created for battle and victory." The son said - "You should not teach all this to your son. You should teach kindness," The mother said - "I will only be happy when I will see you wearing crown over Sindhu Desh."

The son said - "But how will I get victory without money and allies? Knowing my limitations I did not want kingdom." The mother encouraged him - "Don't be so disappointed. Lost objects have been attained and attained objects have been lost. In all acts attainment of success is uncertain, people know this fact but still they exert. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes not. But if they never exert, they can't get success. In these two cases exertion is always recommended, so wake up and do your duty. Bring those that are angry with your foes, or those are weakened by them, or those that are jealous with them to your side, By this means you will able to win your enemy. Never be frightened from anyone. If a king is frightened, his whole kingdom is encompassed in fear. Even if a man has many friends, still he desires for kingdom. I know many treasure houses about which only I know, so I will place all of them at your disposal. Never come back from battlefield defeated." Hearing these words of his mother the son rose although he was not very intelligent. He said - "When I have you as my guide, I will certainly get back my parental kingdom."

So tell Arjun that when I was lying in a room with him, a celestial voice told me - "Hey Kuntee, This son of yours will rival Indra. Aided by Bheem he will conquer the whole Earth. With Vaasudev as his ally he will kill the Kuru in battle and recover his kingdom, and will perform three great sacrifices." So let that voice should be true. You may go now and protect my sons."

Krishn circumambulated her and left the place. He dismissed all Kuru headed by Bheeshm and left the house with Karn and Saatyaki on His chariot. After Krishn had left all Kuru talked about that day's wonderful event. Coming out of the city Krishn talked to Karn, then dismissed him also. He asked Daaruk to drive His chariot very fast and came to Upaplavya soon.

After Krishn had left Bheeshm talked to Duryodhan - "Did you hear Kuntee's words? Her sons will surely act upon them. Yudhishthir is not going to forgive you now. Arjun had already defeated all of us single-handed in Viraat Nagar battle. He killed Nivaatkavach also, He got freed you from Gandharv. Therefore you make peace with Paandav. Yudhishthir is righteous, sweet spoken, and learned. Then let all the people should be happy. Let all the kings should return to their homes safely. War and peace are under your control. If you will not hear your well wishers you will have to repent." Duryodhan contracted his forehead, cast a glance here and there but didn't say a word.

So Bheeshm and Drone once again spoke to him - "What can be a matter of more grief than we will have to stand against Yudhishthir who is always ready to serve his superiors, conversant with Brahm and truthful in speech." Drone said - "I love Arjun more than my son, and he also loves me very much. Alas, I will have to stand against such a person in battlefield. It is all your fault because of which this battle is coming up. Even Paandav alone are enough to defeat you. For the two of us, it seems that the time for our life has run out. Our work is done now. How can you defeat Arjun when Draupadee has prayed for his success? How can you defeat Arjun who has Janaardan at his hand? How can you defeat Arjun who has so good Braahman as his allies. I again tell you not to fight with them. Make peace with them for the sake of prosperity of yours."


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